Traffic Calming Measures being Implemented
ALERT EXPIRES: October 31, 2019
The following item(s) are being implemented on Montecito Drive to slow traffic down

  • Stop signs along with painted stop bars are being installed at the intersection of Palos Verde Drive and Montecito Drive, Vehicles traveling either east or west on Montecito Drive will be required to STOP at Palos Verde Drive.
  • Stop signs along with painted stop bars are being installed at the intersection of Simeon Drive and Montecito Drive, Vehicles traveling either east or west on Montecito Drive will be required to STOP at Simeon Drive.
  • Montecito Drive will have crosswalk stripping painted on the street at the Shearwater pedestrian entrance sidewalk that leads to Montecito Drive in the townhome area.
  • The City of Satellite Beach Police Department will be monitoring for traffic violations as part of the STEP (Selective Traffic Enforcement Program) Program. Tickets will be written for violations.

Upon completion of the STEP Program, results will be provided back to residents. Sgt. Eric Fuller has requested that residents please contact the SBPD non-emergency number at 321-773-4400, ext. 148 to report continued violations that resident has witnessed.

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Welcome to Montecito in Satellite Beach, Florida.

You’ve reach the Montecito Community Development District official website! We are very proud of our community and have established this website as a means of communicating to our current and future residents. Please look through our site and learn more about the Montecito CDD. If you have questions that require further assistance please see our Contact page. Please note this is NOT the website for any of the three Homeowners Associations (HOAs) within Montecito, please see our Contact page on how to reach any of the HOAs.

Next CDD Meeting

Montecito CDD Board Meeting

The Board of Supervisors of the Montecito Community Development District ...
28 Oct 2019
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Montecito Beach Club Amenity Center
208 Montecito Dr, Satellite Beach, FL 32937
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Community Development District Overview

The Montecito Community Development District (the District) is an independent local unit of, special-purpose government, created pursuant to and existing under the provisions of Chapter 190, Florida Statutes, and established by Ordinance 904 adopted of the City of Satellite Beach, Florida which became effective on July 20th, 2005.

The District currently encompasses approximately one hundred two (101.98) acres of land located entirely within Brevard County, Florida. As a local unit of special-purpose government, the District provides an alternative means for planning, financing, constructing, operating and maintaining various public improvements and community facilities within its jurisdiction.

A District provides the “solution” to Florida’s need to provide valuable community infrastructure generated by growth, ultimately without overburdening other governments and their taxpaying residents. Community Development Districts represent a major advancement in Florida’s effort to manage its growth effectively and efficiently. This allows a community to establish higher construction standards, meanwhile providing a long-term solution to the operation and maintenance of the community’s facilities.

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CDD Organization

The Montecito Community Development District (the “District”) is organized similar to other local governments in Florida, in that the legislative body is composed of a five-member board known as the Board of Supervisors. The Board establishes the policy of the District in accordance with Florida law.

The Board, by law, must hire a District Manager and District Counsel. Staff members operate utilizing the same formalities as a County Administrator and County Attorney. The Board, through review of advertised Requests for Qualifications, ranks and selects a District Engineer to perform the engineering needs of the District. The District staff administers the operations of the District and implements the Board’s policies and contracts.

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