Areas shaded in blue are the areas under the CDD landscaping and irrigation contract. All other grassy areas are under the HOA landscaping and irrigation contract.

A gushing sprinkler may be unsightly and annoying, however, it is not an emergency. Montecito is on a system where the water is recycled back through to the ponds and re-used. Please take time to report the issue by submitting an online ticket.

Each of the three pump stations contain rain sensors. Rain sensors are typically set to 1/2” of rain. The water collects in the sensor and shuts the system off once it reaches the set point.

It just started raining but the sprinkler system is running. The sprinkler system will not shut off until the rain sensor has collected the 1/2″ of rain needed to shut it off.

If it rained a short while prior to scheduled irrigation, the irrigation will still run unless shut off by the rain sensor.

Rain sensors may fail and need to be replaced once the malfunction is identified. Please take time to report the issue by submitting an online ticket.

It is important to note Montecito is NOT impacted by the lawn watering restrictions of Brevard county, as they do not apply to retention ponds, nor do they apply to homeowners hose-watering. Please call St. Johns Water Management District at (321)-984-4940 if you have further questions.

Please report irrigation issues to using the Submit Community Issue Online form. If you are having trouble using the online form, you may contact Jason Showe, District Manager for any irrigation issues on CDD property, at jshowe@gmscfl.com or (407) 841-5524 ext 105.

If the irrigation issue is on your own property, please report it to Sherrie Roberts-Spears, Community Association Manager, Leland Management at sspears@lelandmanagement.com or (321) 549-0721.

Use this image to help gauge if the issue is on CDD property or HOA property.

Picture of Land Areas that CDD is Responsible for in regards to Irrigation and Landscaping

Issues need to be reported directly to the proper organization so that they can submit work orders to the landscaping vendor to have items remediated.

Refrain from putting yard waste on any part of the community’s grass. If yard waste cannot fit into your green-lid recycle container, please place it on the curb in front of the grass or on your driveway next to your recycling bin. Yard waste is picked up on Monday’s only.

  • Tree limbs and palm fronds must be cut in a four-foot (4) length.
  • Tree limbs shall not be more than 12″ in diameter.
  • Trimmings, leaves, pine needles, shrubs must be in a container.
  • Piles exceeding six (6) cubic yards (equals two (2) standard pickup truck loads) requires bulk garden waste – claw truck service.

More information can be found at: Brevard County Solid Waste Management Website.

April 2019: Supervisor Henson, Field Manager William, and managers of Paradise Lawn are currently developing an overall master landscaping plan for Montecito. One the plan has been received and reviewed by the Board. The Board will make plans to begin implementing the master plan over the course of the next few years. This master plan will cover all CDD areas including, common areas, amenity areas and our lake banks. Both sod and landscaping ornamentals will be covered. Details will be shared with residents when available.

For areas within your own backyard or front yard please contact your HOA via Leland Management for information / resolution.

Areas shaded in blue are the areas under the CDD landscaping and irrigation contract. All other grassy areas are under the HOA landscaping and irrigation contract.

April 2019: Our new landscaping vendor, Paradise Lawns will be putting together a schedule that will be shared with residents within the next 90 days. As a new vendor they will need some time to get things under control and onto a regular schedule. Please stay tuned.

Beginning in January 2019, the CDD contracted with Irrigation Insights to monitor our irrigation system and report issues to the landscaper for correction. Issues are reported weekly to Supervisor Henson, Field Manager William, Onsite Facility Center Manager Randy and to Paradise Lawns.

Please remember they are unable to tell if sprinkler heads are actually working or rising up, they can only verify that water is being delivered to the sprinkler head.

Working with our vendor, Insight Irrigation, they have developed a map that shows the three different irrigation schedules within Montecito.

Link to the map: https://www.easymapmaker.com/map/montecito

On the irrigation map you will see three colors of pins, each color representing one of the three schedules. The three schedules are:

  • Red - Monday/Wednesday/Friday
  • Blue - Sunday/Wednesday/Friday
  • Green - Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday

Irrigation schedules begin each evening at 6pm and continue through the night until each zone on that schedule has been irrigated. It can take up to 12 hours to finish a cycle, and irrigation runs into the next morning hours.

An example if where you live contains a red pin, then sometime after 6pm on Monday evening your property would receive irrigation, this could be anywhere between 6pm and 6am the next morning. Then your property would get irrigated again sometime Wednesday evening after 6pm into the next morning. The sane would happen Friday evening into Saturday morning.

Exact times can not be pin pointed because the firing of zones varies based on numerous factors, so the exact time will not be the same each night. Our vendor, Irrigation Insights controls the clocks and the schedule.

Residents should never try to tamper with any of the irrigation controls. This would be considered a violation and could result in loss of access to the Amenity Center and possible reimbursement of costs to damaged equipment.

If you are having an issue with your irrigation system, please create a ticket in our Online Ticket System (OTS) so that District Staff working with our vendors can investigate the issue for you. The Ticket System can be accessed here, by clicking “Report Community Issues”.

Visit the Brevard County Property Assessors website, search for your property and then click on the map link. You will see your property lines outlined in black as shown in the example below. In this example the shrubs and trees that have a red border around them as the example appear to be on the homeowners property, therefore are managed by the HOA and not the CDD. The CDD would be responsible for property outside of the homeowners lines. This is just one example.

This is listed as a Capital Improvement Project and may be prioritized as part of an over Master Landscaping plan. The plan is currently being developed by Supervisor Henson, Field Manager William and Paradise Lawns. Anticipated date for plan is 2nd quarter 2019.

This has been a very slow process. Yes we hope to get these repaired in 2019. The Shearwater Entrance Fountains were running but the water source (lake water) was causing clogging and smell issues. These were shut back off and Randy is working with the City to get permission to have a fresh water source for them.

The South Patrick Fountains did not have any water source going to them except for the irrigation line, so they would only run when the sprinkler ran for homes on the same zone. A new water line is needing to be constructed, again we will want to have fresh water as the source.

The Board recently obtained a commissioned study on the levels of our six lakes. The study stated that the lakes only appear low but are within line to where they should be. Working with the District Engineer, the following plans are being developed:

  • Landscaping around the edges of the lake will be addressed in the upcoming Montecito Master Landscaping plan
  • District Engineer will be implementing the ability to obtain monthly pond depth measurements during the monthly Total Dissolved Sampling water testing process.
  • District Engineer will be providing solution to have a water control valve to prevent drainage into the canals to artificially increase water level during certain time periods. UPDATE: JUNE 2019 this valve has been installed.