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When reporting issues, please consider whether the issue is a CDD issue or if it is an HOA issue. Below are some common examples of typical issues and where you should report them.

Please read the FAQs before Submitting a Ticket
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The Montecito Online Ticket System (MOTS) should be the first tool to report community issues. Using the MOTS ensures the submitted ticket is routed to the correct individual or individuals to be addressed. An overview of how the MOTS works: 

  1. Go to:
  2. Log into the system with Guest login, type your name and email address, for correspondence regarding the reported issue.
  3. Select the Create New Ticket tab. Complete the ticket form by selecting and entering pertinent detailed information. Based on the selected Category additional questions may appear.
  4. Be sure to add photos in the Description box to illustrate the reported issue or attach them in the Attachment field.
  5. Click on Submit Ticket.
  6. Once received, the MOTS sends a copy of the ticket to the submitter’s email. Then the MOTS will assign and route the ticket to one or more of the appropriate designations, such as the District Manager, Onsite District Facilities Supervisor, District Field Manager, and/or the Board Member with oversight.
  7. The submitter will receive STATUS UPDATE emails as the ticket progresses and a CLOSED TICKET email when resolved.

By using the MOTS, Montecito is able to more efficiently track any community issue and make sure that they are being worked appropriately.

Summary Instructions

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You will use the Guest Login by entering your name and email address for correspondence regarding the issue you are reporting.

The Please sign in area is used only for District Staff.

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