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Information about The Vue development project
ALERT CATEGORY: General   |   ALERT EXPIRES: January 31, 2020
District Engineer, District Counsel, District Staff, and CDD Board of Supervisors are aware of the project and are monitoring the process. All concerns and issues will be addressed in accordance with the Settlement Agreement. At this stage, we have no specific updates on the impact to the Montecito CDD. Please monitor CDD Agendas and Minutes for continued updates.

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ALERT PUBLISHED: 12/05/19 11:22 am  |  Larry Bradshaw (Site Admin)   |   ALERT LAST MODIFIED: 12/05/19 11:22 am  |  Larry Bradshaw (Site Admin)
Limited Clubhouse Office Hours 12/16 to 12/20
ALERT CATEGORY: General   |   ALERT EXPIRES: December 21, 2019
There will be limited clubhouse hour availability during this week of 12/16 to 12/20. Randy will be out of the office. District Supervisors will be providing some office hours as listed below:

Monday – 12/16 – 10am – 2:00 pm – Tanya Glynn
Tuesday – 12/17 – Roger Weinreb
Wednesday – 12/18 – 10:00 am – 2:00 pm – Ed Henson
Thursday – 12/19 – Catherine LeCense
Friday – 12/20 – 11:30am – 2:30pm – Larry Bradshaw

ALERT PUBLISHED: 12/04/19 4:51 pm  |  Larry Bradshaw (Site Admin)   |   ALERT LAST MODIFIED: 12/06/19 6:37 am  |  Larry Bradshaw (Site Admin)
Upcoming Pool Closure (2/3/2020 to 2/21/2020)
ALERT CATEGORY: Pool & Pool Deck   |   ALERT EXPIRES: February 22, 2020
Pool will be closed as part of the capital improvement project to resurface the inside of the pool and add LED lighting.
ALERT PUBLISHED: 11/13/19 9:22 am  |  Larry Bradshaw (Site Admin)   |   ALERT LAST MODIFIED: 11/21/19 9:25 am  |  Larry Bradshaw (Site Admin)

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