Irrigation System Information

The irrigation system is comprised of three (3) pump stations and is separated into five (5) irrigation controllers for all common areas and residential homes. The irrigation system is supplied water from onsite ponds. As of January 2019, irrigation is monitored by Irrigation Insights. Issues found are turned over to landscaper to correct issue and respond back.

Pump #1 supports irrigation areas A, B and C. Pump #2 supports irrigation area D and Pump #3 supports irrigation area E.

Controller A, controls 56 zones with 3 programs; Program A – 19 zones; Program B – 19 zones; and Program C – 18 zones.

Controller B, controls 56 zones with 3 programs; Program A – 20 zones; Program B – 18 zones; and Program C – 18 zones.

Controller C, controls 50 zones with 3 programs; Program A – 18 zones; Program B – 16 zones; and Program C – 16 zones.

Controller D, controls 68 zones with 4 programs; Program A – 23 zones; Program B – 23 zones; Program C – 11 zones; and Program D – 11 zones.

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P1 – Pump 1
P2 – Pump 2
P3 – Pump 3

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Controllers & Area Irrigated

A – Controller A and irrigated area
B – Controller B and irrigated area
C – Controller C and irrigated area
D – Controller D and irrigated area
E – Controller E and irrigated area

2-Wire Irrigation System

Montecito uses am industry standard two-wire decoder system. Troubleshooting the two-wire decoder system can be time consuming and requires strict schedule adherence by the landscaper. Beginning in January 2019, Irrigation Insights began electronically monitoring irrigation issues via new software controllers acquired by the District. This should eliminate most of the time consuming troubleshooting. Irrigation Insights provides weekly reporting of issues found to the landscaper for correction. Issue type and location are provided.

CDD Irrigation Responsibilities & HOA Irrigation Responsibilities

Areas shaded in blue are the areas under the CDD landscaping and irrigation contract. All other grassy areas are under the HOA landscaping and irrigation contract.

Watering Restrictions & FAQs

It is important to note Montecito is NOT impacted by the lawn watering restrictions of Brevard county, as they do not apply to retention ponds, nor do they apply to homeowners hose-watering. Please call St. Johns Water Management District at (321)-984-4940 if you have further questions.

It’s raining, why is the irrigation system running?
Each of the three pump stations contain rain sensors. Rain sensors are typically set to 1/2” of rain. The water collects in the sensor and shuts the system off once it reaches the set point.

It just started raining but the sprinkler system is running, the sprinkler system will not shut off until the rain sensor has collected the 1/2″ of rain needed to shut it off.

If it rained a short while prior to scheduled irrigation, the irrigation will still run unless shut off by the rain sensor.

Rain sensors may fail and need to be replaced once the malfunction is identified. Please take time to report the issue by submitting an online ticket.

A sprinkler is gushing, what should I do?
A gushing sprinkler may be unsightly and annoying, however, it is not an emergency. Montecito is on a system where the water is recycled back through to the ponds and re-used. Please take time to report the issue by submitting an online ticket. Please contact Richard Maguire-Gonzalez, HOA Community Association Manager, if you have questions regarding the sprinkler schedule for your individual property.

Recent Updates on Irrigation System

Report Irrigation Notes

: The PS #2 was turned off because of a mainline break at the North east corner pond #6 in the undeveloped area Clemente Drive / towards Simeon Drive. This repair was made by Brightview and PS #2 was turned back on after the correct curing time of the repair. I was adjusting the timer for fountain #4 lighting because of time change, when I noticed water coming out of the PS #2 housing. Evidently parts were ordered by HOOVER pump company, and we await the arrival of the parts. A plastic covering was installed over the electrical components by Brightview. Although PS #2 has this leak issue, this PS #2 can continue to operate until the repair takes place.


: Pump station #3 ZONE #24 clock E not communicating with Insight programing. After investigating this issue, it was indicated to me by Tyler Salas that a control box on the North side of Redondo Drive, approximately from 104 Redondo Drive all the way to Carlsbad Drive were affected. The control valve had been screwed down for reasons unknown. Once the valve was opened and ZONE E was programed to the watering cycle, all is well now ZONE 24 is now functioning fine.


: The only thing to report is the main line was relocated at the Wilson residence rear of property 689 Monterey to be able to excavate for swimming pool installation. The irrigation system for the SFH was (SHUT-OFF) during this procedure / curing of pipe as well.


Nothing to report at this time.

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