Increased Irrigation Schedule
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Irrigation has been bumped up to 3 days a week.
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Irrigation System Information

The irrigation system is comprised of three (3) pump stations and is separated into five (5) irrigation controllers for all common areas and residential homes. The irrigation system is supplied water from onsite ponds. As of January 2019, irrigation is monitored by Irrigation Insights. Issues found are turned over to landscaper to correct issue and respond back.

Pump #1 supports irrigation areas A, B and C. Pump #2 supports irrigation area D and Pump #3 supports irrigation area E.

Controller A, controls 56 zones with 3 programs; Program A – 19 zones; Program B – 19 zones; and Program C – 18 zones.

Controller B, controls 56 zones with 3 programs; Program A – 20 zones; Program B – 18 zones; and Program C – 18 zones.

Controller C, controls 50 zones with 3 programs; Program A – 18 zones; Program B – 16 zones; and Program C – 16 zones.

Controller D, controls 68 zones with 4 programs; Program A – 23 zones; Program B – 23 zones; Program C – 11 zones; and Program D – 11 zones.

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Irrigation Map

P1 – Pump 1
P2 – Pump 2
P3 – Pump 3

Controllers & Area Irrigated

A – Controller A and irrigated area
B – Controller B and irrigated area
C – Controller C and irrigated area
D – Controller D and irrigated area
E – Controller E and irrigated area

Controller Schedules

A – Tue/Thu/Sat
B – Mon/Wed/Fri
C – Sun/Wed/Fri
D – Mon/Wed/Fri
E – Mon/Wed/Fri

Controller Schedules

SUN – C | P1
MON – B, D, E | P1, P2, P3
TUE – A | P1
WED – B, C, D, E | P1, P2, P3
THU – A | P1
FRI – B, C, D, E | P1, P2, P3
SAT – A | P1

2-Wire Irrigation System

Montecito uses am industry standard two-wire decoder system. Troubleshooting the two-wire decoder system can be time consuming and requires strict schedule adherence by the landscaper. Beginning in January 2019, Irrigation Insights began electronically monitoring irrigation issues via new software controllers acquired by the District. This should eliminate most of the time consuming troubleshooting. Irrigation Insights provides weekly reporting of issues found to the landscaper for correction. Issue type and location are provided.

CDD Irrigation Responsibilities & HOA Irrigation Responsibilities

Areas shaded in blue are the areas under the CDD landscaping and irrigation contract. All other grassy areas are under the HOA landscaping and irrigation contract.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Irrigation & Landscaping

Recent Updates on Irrigation System

Report Irrigation Notes

Clock C is functioning once again. I have it set up to run extra over the weekend.

Worked on clock c 2-wire

Replaced solenoid on clock D

Repaired lateral line break in common area

Made work order repairs in the system
Insight was on property this morning cleaning up the repairs performed on Wednesday. Let us know if there are any questions or concerns.


Wet check inspection on clock B

clock B repairs found on wet check

Troubleshooting wiring issues on clock C I have been communicating with Brandon today. Clock C is currently down with some type of wiring issue. Paradise will be out there to address later this week.


Pump Station #1 was off over the weekend due to a repair. Paradise found a mainline leak that was causing issues on Pump #1. This is good news because it means much less wear and tear on the pump; however, we are still seeing some cycling from the pump when left open (although much less than before). This means there is probably still a small leak somewhere on Pump #1. Wet check inspection clock A

Wet check repairs found on Clock a

Repaired two main line breaks on pump station one


Wet check inspection on clock C

Made repairs on clock C found during wet check

Inspected 4 valves that were reported by Insite on clock D

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