Irrigation System Information

The irrigation system is comprised of three (3) pump stations and is separated into five (5) irrigation controllers for all common areas and residential homes. The irrigation system is supplied water from onsite ponds. As of January 2019, irrigation is monitored by Irrigation Insights. Issues found are turned over to landscaper to correct issue and respond back.

Pump #1 supports irrigation areas A, B and C. Pump #2 supports irrigation area D and Pump #3 supports irrigation area E.

Controller A, controls 56 zones with 3 programs; Program A – 19 zones; Program B – 19 zones; and Program C – 18 zones.

Controller B, controls 56 zones with 3 programs; Program A – 20 zones; Program B – 18 zones; and Program C – 18 zones.

Controller C, controls 50 zones with 3 programs; Program A – 18 zones; Program B – 16 zones; and Program C – 16 zones.

Controller D, controls 68 zones with 4 programs; Program A – 23 zones; Program B – 23 zones; Program C – 11 zones; and Program D – 11 zones.

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P1 – Pump 1
P2 – Pump 2
P3 – Pump 3

Controllers & Area Irrigated

A – Controller A and irrigated area
B – Controller B and irrigated area
C – Controller C and irrigated area
D – Controller D and irrigated area
E – Controller E and irrigated area

Controller Schedules

A – Tue/Thu/Sat
B – Mon/Wed/Fri
C – Sun/Wed/Fri
D – Mon/Wed/Fri
E – Mon/Wed/Fri

Controller Schedules

SUN – C | P1
MON – B, D, E | P1, P2, P3
TUE – A | P1
WED – B, C, D, E | P1, P2, P3
THU – A | P1
FRI – B, C, D, E | P1, P2, P3
SAT – A | P1

2-Wire Irrigation System

Montecito uses am industry standard two-wire decoder system. Troubleshooting the two-wire decoder system can be time consuming and requires strict schedule adherence by the landscaper. Beginning in January 2019, Irrigation Insights began electronically monitoring irrigation issues via new software controllers acquired by the District. This should eliminate most of the time consuming troubleshooting. Irrigation Insights provides weekly reporting of issues found to the landscaper for correction. Issue type and location are provided.

CDD Irrigation Responsibilities & HOA Irrigation Responsibilities

Areas shaded in blue are the areas under the CDD landscaping and irrigation contract. All other grassy areas are under the HOA landscaping and irrigation contract.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Irrigation & Landscaping

Recent Updates on Irrigation System

Report Irrigation Notes

Montecito, controller B
Day 2.
I diagnosed there were multiple shorts along the two wire path and no power going to the zones across from the pump.
I found a broken wire at zones 34, 35. Power is now going across the street. I found there’s shorts across the street zones 36 to 54.
Also located one short within the loop, zones 7 and 8.
Day 3
I replaced the decoder zone 7 and 8. I’ll have to replace the solenoid for zone 7.
Across the street zones 43, 44 and 45.
System Inspection for clock C.
Diagnosing wire issues for clock B. Found the the wire crossing under the road is bad and will need to be replaced.
Went to clock D and found no power to the clock.
Day 5
Repair the main line break caused by another landscaping company.
Diagnose the reason why clock D has now power

The mainline break on Monterey in the back yard has been repaired and paid for by party the did the damage..


Nothing to report at this time. No report given by Paradise Lawn & Irrigation this week. Irrigation Manager is not in the office today.. Sorry for the inconvenience, Paradise will not be able to send this weeks report today..

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions..


This week we did A wet check on clock d which is the new construction area. A few broken heads and clogged nozzles.
Noticed a lot of hot spots on the property and Tyler informed me of a couple of “ no flow zones” 279 Montecito . The timer showed some alarms on certain zones so I’m checking to see if it’s a wire issue and if those zones are running automatically. I will be there today, Friday, to evaluate the issue further. I will try and catch up with you before I leave and let you what the findings are. PS#2 has a bad #1 motor (bearings are shot) HOOVER would not install refurbished 10 h/p motor because they did not want to install a rebuilt unit (motor). I contacted American Pump Company and they agreed to do the install. American Pump Company should be here Saturday June 1, 2019 or at the latest Monday June 3,2019 to do the #1 pump motor at PS #2.


This week we ran our wet check on pump 2 clock d. No real issues with that part besides a few heads and nozzles.
Also we concentrated on Shearwater Dr. Several broken off heads and several clogged nozzles. There is 2 1/2” stub up on the road side of the sidewalk that was broken off, I fixed it. The pots were also redone after the the new plants were installed with micro sprays.
Guysers along Carlsbad were fixed, we fixed the pipes under the porch at 131 redondo and rerouted some broken lateral lines under a bird of paradise plant at 304 point lobos. HOOVER came out and checked out the noise coming from PS#2 and found that one of the motors was bad (NEED of REPLACEMENT). I explained to tje Tech Jason from HOOVER that we have a rewound & rebuilt pump motor in storage ready to install. Due to the fact it was late in the day, Jason told me he would have to schedule this pump motor swap early next week. The PS#2 can operate with the one pump motor until the replacement takes place.

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