Irrigation System Information

The irrigation system is comprised of three (3) pump stations and is separated into three (3) irrigation controllers (as of September 2020) for all common areas and residential homes. The irrigation system is supplied water from onsite ponds. As of January 2019, irrigation is monitored by Insight Irrigation. Issues found are turned over to landscaper to correct issue and respond back.

Pump #1 supports irrigation area West. Pump #2 supports irrigation area Clubhouse and Pump #3 supports irrigation area East.

Controller West, controls 162 zones with 10 programs.

Controller Clubbhouse, controls 68 zones with 4 programs; Program A – 20 zones; Program B – 18 zones; and Program C – 18 zones.

Controller East, will control about 55 zones at build out with 3 programs; Program A – 22 zones; Program B – 15 zones; Program C – TBD.

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Irrigation Map

P1 – Pump 1
P2 – Pump 2
P3 – Pump 3

Controllers & Area Irrigated

A – Controller A and irrigated area
B – Controller B and irrigated area
C – Controller C and irrigated area
D – Controller D and irrigated area
E – Controller E and irrigated area

Controller Schedules

A – Tue/Thu/Sat
B – Mon/Wed/Fri
C – Sun/Wed/Fri
D – Mon/Wed/Fri
E – Mon/Wed/Fri

Controller Schedules

SUN – C | P1
MON – B, D, E | P1, P2, P3
TUE – A | P1
WED – B, C, D, E | P1, P2, P3
THU – A | P1
FRI – B, C, D, E | P1, P2, P3
SAT – A | P1

2-Wire Irrigation System

Montecito uses am industry standard two-wire decoder system. Troubleshooting the two-wire decoder system can be time consuming and requires strict schedule adherence by the landscaper. Beginning in January 2019, Irrigation Insights began electronically monitoring irrigation issues via new software controllers acquired by the District. This should eliminate most of the time consuming troubleshooting. Irrigation Insights provides weekly reporting of issues found to the landscaper for correction. Issue type and location are provided.

CDD Irrigation Responsibilities & HOA Irrigation Responsibilities

Areas shaded in blue are the areas under the CDD landscaping and irrigation contract. All other grassy areas are under the HOA landscaping and irrigation contract.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Irrigation & Landscaping

Recent Updates on Irrigation System

Report Irrigation Notes

We have had issues with PS#2, the metal clamps that hold the filters assemblies in tact fell victim to the elements causing the filter covers to separate (FAIL) and cause a leak and the low pressure alarm from massive flow sensors to cause the system to shut down. Hoover came out this week 10-13-20 and make the necessary repairs to the filter manifold. We then had a leak occur in the 6"main line in the proximity behind 710 Ventura Drive. This leak was located and repaired ASAP Unfortunately the cure time on such a mainline break is 24 hours. While the PS#2 pump station was not functioning a water truck was brought in by Paradise Lawn & Irrigation to water all of the areas of concern that PS#2 normally waters.


There are two zones not functioning from the clock. Zone 2 on the East clock and zone 18 on the West clock.
We are continuing to water new sod twice daily and established sod 3x a week. Let us know if there are any questions or concerns.
Wet check clock D

Repairs found during clock D wet check

addressed work orders


Dear Board Members,

Staff has determined that due to an electrical issue, likely a lightning strike, we have a need for new irrigation controllers on Pump Station 1. We currently have no irrigation available until these controllers are replaced. We solicited quotes from both Irrigation Insight ($5,500 for 1 new controller that can replace the three that are down) and one from Paradise (either $10,900 or $12,350). I am attaching both proposals. We have sufficient funds in our FY 20 operating funds to cover the repair costs, as we have only spent through July $10,080 in irrigation repairs out of a budget of $35k.

It is our recommendation to immediately proceed with Irrigation Insight due to their expertise on repairs like this, and the considerable cost savings. We would like to authorize the expense, but wanted to see if the Board has any objections to staff proceeding with Irrigation Insight. Although we have been getting rain, we would like to restore service to the SF side ASAP. Let me know if you have any questions, and if we do not receive any objections, we will proceed with authorizing this tomorrow. Thanks and have a good day. Unfortunately I was left out of the loop on the irrigation issues and I have nothing to report This is what I did find out : Randy McGrath (DFS)


Repairs found on clock B wet check

Addressed work orders

Diagnosed clock D power issue

The latest irrigation map can be seen at We weren’t able to test clock D this week. That clock had a blown fuse that Paradise is replacing today.

The irrigation has been off the last two nights due to rainfall. Let us know if there are any questions or concerns.

Rainfall last few days

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