Irrigation System Information

The irrigation system is comprised of three (3) pump stations and is separated into three (3) irrigation controllers (as of September 2020) for all common areas and residential homes. The irrigation system is supplied water from onsite ponds. As of January 2019, irrigation is monitored by Insight Irrigation. Issues found are turned over to landscaper to correct issue and respond back.

Pump #1 supports irrigation area West. Pump #2 supports irrigation area Clubhouse and Pump #3 supports irrigation area East.

Controller West, controls 162 zones with 10 programs.

Controller Clubbhouse, controls 68 zones with 4 programs; Program A - 20 zones; Program B - 18 zones; and Program C - 18 zones.

Controller East, will control about 55 zones at build out with 3 programs; Program A - 22 zones; Program B - 15 zones; Program C - TBD.

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Irrigation Map

P1 – Pump 1
P2 – Pump 2
P3 – Pump 3

Controllers & Area Irrigated

A – Controller A and irrigated area
B - Controller B and irrigated area
C – Controller C and irrigated area
D – Controller D and irrigated area
E – Controller E and irrigated area

Controller Schedules

A – Tue/Thu/Sat
B - Mon/Wed/Fri
C – Sun/Wed/Fri
D – Mon/Wed/Fri
E – Mon/Wed/Fri

Controller Schedules

SUN – C | P1
MON - B, D, E | P1, P2, P3
TUE – A | P1
WED – B, C, D, E | P1, P2, P3
THU – A | P1
FRI – B, C, D, E | P1, P2, P3
SAT – A | P1

2-Wire Irrigation System

Montecito uses am industry standard two-wire decoder system. Troubleshooting the two-wire decoder system can be time consuming and requires strict schedule adherence by the landscaper. Beginning in January 2019, Irrigation Insights began electronically monitoring irrigation issues via new software controllers acquired by the District. This should eliminate most of the time consuming troubleshooting. Irrigation Insights provides weekly reporting of issues found to the landscaper for correction. Issue type and location are provided.

CDD Irrigation Responsibilities & HOA Irrigation Responsibilities

Areas shaded in blue are the areas under the CDD landscaping and irrigation contract. All other grassy areas are under the HOA landscaping and irrigation contract.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Irrigation & Landscaping

Recent Updates on Irrigation System

Report Irrigation Notes

The irrigation system was turned back on after being shut off from extremely low water levels of 2'10". The rainfall that was received over the weekend last week 04/11/21, and by utilizing the Artesan wells sparingly, the water levels were at 3'6" on Monday April 12, 2021 and the TDS levels were appropriate levels to be able to irrigate throughout the Community once again. The weather reports throughout next week are favorable for rainfall. We can always use more rainfall. There was no irrigation report turned in by Paradise Lawn & Irrigation Company Not certain what or if any repairs were done?


The Irrigation system has been temporarilly been shut off, due to the lakes water levels being drawn down below the recomended 3' water levels to all 6 of the interconected lakes, using Lake Catalina as our reference point / benchmark of all of the lakes here in the Community. The Artisan well were half open in order for us to help maintain the water levels of 3'. When we realized that we simply could not maintain the 3' benchmark, the decission was made to shut the irrigation pump stations OFF period, or until we received some or enough rainfall to begin watering once again. The Artisan wells were shut off as well because the TDS levels were getting elevated beyond the recomended irrigating water levels. There is no irrigation repairs report this week from Paradise Irrigation Manager Brandon Detrick because after his return from vacation, he simply made the decission to resign his position at Paradise Lawn & Irrigation. This decission set us all back a step or two, Brandon will be missed and after speaking with Sean Flaherty there will be a new irrigation manager in place by Monday April, 2021.


Nothing to report from Paradise Irrigation Services, Brandon Deitrick was on vacation this week. Rain Report for March 2021 total 1".04


Finished wet checking single family homes

Completed work orders

Made adjustments for hotspots
Addressed work orders.

Wet check pump station 2

Made repairs found during wet check.

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