Randy McGrath

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Published: November 8, 2019 3:43 pm

Last Modified: November 8, 2019 4:04 pm

Randy McGrath

There are 2 bike racks installed recently at the West and East ends outside of the pool gates. There are 2 more bike racks yet to be installed as the concrete finishes curing, they will be put into service in front of the fitness room area in front of Clubhouse, and one to be installed just outside of the playground area.


The pool chemical levels are spot on even though we had that much needed rainfall the chemicals held steady. The pool pump is pumping 350 GPM, which is spot on.. I let the pool water level down twice this week due to an adequate amount of rainfall. Pool plant life is thriving on and around pool deck. The pool lighting has been back into service per codes of County & State requirements, also the City of Satellite Beach codes as well.

IRRRIGATION [Updates provided by Insight Irrigation LLC.]

The latest irrigation test results can be seen at https://www.easymapmaker.com/map/Montecitocdd. This week Insight tested clock E. All zones on clock E are functioning from the timer.
Addressed work orders and repairs
Irrigation renovation around the clubhouse
2 wire installation along north and south wall on clock D
Addressed work orders and repairs
Wet check inspection on clock A
Wet check repairs found on clock A
Irrigation renovation Along south wall


All of the street lights are functioning properly as I did a night sweep of the Community. The lights in front of the Clubhouse needed the timer to be adjusted to the new time change. All is well now.


All of the lakes received some much needed rainfall. This is always great news, and this helps the saline count in the lakes as we irrigate out of 3 of the 6 lakes that we have here at the Montecito Community. The TDS levels were checked earlier this month 11/1/19 and the TDS levels have been stabilized, and these steady down pours of rainfall are very welcome.


All of the lake fountains are functioning properly and the lighting timers were adjusted accordingly to the new time change as needed. The fountain in Lake Valencia has been tripping the breaker periodically, but nothing to be alarmed about. I'll continue to monitor this fountain but it only tripped the breaker once this week, this could have been from a power surge of some sort. My eyes are on this issue, last week it had tripped twice in that week. Only once this week? Subject a weak breaker in need of replacement. We're at a wait and see juncture. The entrance / exit fountains at Shearwater parkway & South Patrick had service this week, the chlorinators internal strainers were cleaned and (4) 3 chlorine pucks were added to the chlorinators as needed. Also a splash of liquid chlorine 16 ounces and a small amount of marantic acid 1/3 cup was added to each fountain reservoir / basin


Nothing to report at this time.


All of the gates are functioning properly and I continue to see a need for a bumper post to protect the kiosk at the South Patrick entrance that has been struck twice already this year. The SWATCHES for the colors of the wall interior were painted on the back side of wall Shearwater Parkway entrance. There are 4 colors to pick from.


The bike rack for playground will be installed next week .


A small walkway (PAVERS) was installed. to the right front office entrance bordered with 4 X 4 PT timber, to keep mulch and dirt debris from tracking into office. The fence project is underway to help mask some storage belongings such as light poles / ladders / ect… This area will become an organized area for such items once completed. Thank you Larry Bradshaw for your oversight of this issue, I won't let you down going forward. (Randy) (DFS).