Randy McGrath

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Published: October 19, 2018 4:11 pm

Last Modified: October 19, 2018 4:12 pm

Randy McGrath

Nothing to report at this time.


The pool filtration tank had a fiberglass repair done on the bottom of shell of the reservoir. a three coat application of gel-coat was applied which is normal on this type of repair. After this gel-coat was applied there was an extra time for this finish coat to cure properly. This explains the extra time needed for this scope of work to be completed. Once the adequate time of curing time was accomplished, the new rectangular type grids were installed. Initially they were going to install the rounded type of grids were supposed to be installed, but these type grids are no longer available. So we had the rectangular type ones installed.as needed. Not all of the grids were bad, so we kept the salvageable ones for back ups if we ever need to replace any grids down the road if need be. The system was put back into service, new DE powder was saturated amongst the new grids and the system was purged of any trapped air / which is normal procedure on start up of system. The pool equipment is up and properly functioning at this time 11:30 am. on 10-18-2018.

IRRRIGATION [Updates provided by Insight Irrigation LLC.]

On Monday we inspected both pump stations and all 4 controllers. Controller C had an alarm on every zone which indicated a 2 wire splice out in the field. We located the wire splice which was over 1,100ft away from the controller at a depth of 5’ deep. It was a small nick in one of the strands that had corrosion. A new section of 2 wire was installed with a splice box.

We have started making the approved irrigation repairs from our September irrigation inspection and will be working on our October irrigation inspection.


Five street lights were (Out of order) Throughout the Community, One at the corner of Point Lobos Drive / Monterey, One at Palos Verde / first in off Palos Verde Drive off of Point Lobos Drive South side of street, One at 700 block of Ventura Drive West side of street, one at 138 Montecito Drive, and one at the corner Clemente Drive / Carlsbad Drive . The one at Clemente Drive / Carlsbad turned out to be a loose bulb. All of these other street lights had NEW LED replacement bulbs installed by Gault Electric LLC. All of street lights in the Community are functioning properly now.


Pond water levels are considerately low, Which is normal this time of year, we could use some help by Mother Nature to deliver us some much need4ed rainfall. Amen!


We recently had the NEW riser post installed at Pond #1 power supply / control boxes / timer /capacitor housings were all raised for safety reasons and maintenance purposes Scope of work was done by Gault Electric LLC. Pond # 5 recently was not functioning, Checked this out and found the breaker had tripped. Re-energized the breaker, and it has been working properly as I personally inspect daily and make sure that all of the fountains are working and giving the Community a great display. Due to the fact that the ponds are very low at this time of year, I use the display to determine correct water flow. any vegetation can be drawn in the intakes and cause a bad display. All fountains seem to be functioning fine at this time.


The sidewalks TRIP HAZARDS were being addressed today 10-19-2018. The necessary grinding and concrete assessment replacement project is underway. Another Thanks to GMS for staying on task and making things happen to this wonderful Community.


Soon the exterior wall painting project will be kicking off.


This goes to show that anything is possible, First thing this morning I received a phone call from a good Friend of mine who happens to live in the Community. It went like this RANDY, ARE YOU IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD? It just so happens that I was just entering the Community. Yes Sir I just pulled in WHY? He stated that was a PIG running loose in the Community. I could not believe my eyes ? BUT yes there was a little piglet running loose in around at the corner of Redondo / Ventura. I called the Police Dept. and they were already on their way. What a start to my day. It goes to show (JUST WHEN YOU THINK YOU'VE SEEN IT ALL) ??? Never a dull moment at Montecito Beach Club! From DUCKS in the pool to pigs roaming the streets! HEEEE Heee he Amen.


The street light poles / traffic signs / street signs painting project continues and should be done by sometime next week. Another GMS task that has been running smoothly. Thanks again Jason Showe / William / Alan