Randy McGrath

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Published: September 20, 2019 2:52 pm

Last Modified: September 20, 2019 2:52 pm

Randy McGrath

William V. and I met with the Concrete vendor and discussed where we need concrete pads for the bike racks playground / front of Clubhouse fitness room / game room / around the area of existing bollards near mail boxes on Redondo Drive. The concrete sidewalk from shed to side entrance of Clubhouse door sidewalk pad. We are waiting for the proposal going forward.


Installed fresh top-soil and fertilizer on and around (HIBISCUS) plants in large pots on pool deck. I also treated these plants for ARMY worms as needed. These HIBISCUS plants are responding well to treatments given. The pool chemicals are spot on and the pool equipment is working fine at this time. The pool looks great and very inviting to our residents and their guests.

IRRRIGATION [Updates provided by Insight Irrigation LLC.]

Irrigation work performed week of 9/20/19
Completed wet check inspection on clock B.
Completed Repairs found on wet check inspection .
Serviced stuck open valves 334 Point Lobos.
Filled the last fountain and connected it to near by zone (all 4 fountains are running)
Installed temporary battery timers on clock E homes that are not running.
Inspected clock E wiring, proposals will be sent as soon as I have all information from Subs
Clock D 2-wire installation has been started.


There is still one street light out of order on Clemente Drive, Gault Electric LLC was unable to make repairs on this street light last Wednesday Sept. 18 th 2019 because both of their bucket trucks were in use on their other jobs, so we had to re-schedule for one day next week when availability of a bucket truck becomes available.


William and I were supposed to meet up with American Eco-Systems Tech Randy Michelle to discuss the hydrilla and general clean up of our LAKES /shores. He was unable to keep his appointment with us last Monday Sept, 16th,2019 due to a family emergency but, he assures us that he will be here this coming Monday Sept. 23rd.


On Tuesday morning, 8:00 am. 9/17/19 I noticed that Lake Pasadena fountain was not displaying. I checked the power source to that particular fountain and found that the relay bus-bar was burnt up. I then notified Johnathan the Tech from Cascade Fountain and explained my findings. He told me that he would come out the next day 9/18/19 and make the necessary repairs. At 4:00pm on Wednesday 9/18/19 Johnathan arrived and made the repairs, because of the condition of the relay bus-bar he had to replace the whole relay strip /box and all. He contacted me at 6:30 pm. when his job was complete and to report that the Pasadena fountain was up and operating fine with great display. All of the other fountains are operating fine at this time. The South Patrick entrance / exit fountains had new water proof power supply GFI type receptacles / boxes installed on Wednesday 9/18/19 by Gault Electric LLC.


A sidewalk will be poured soon from Maintenance shed to front side door entrance of Clubhouse.


The gates are operating fine at this time


A BIKE rack will be installed soon in an area very near the playground.


The street sweeping is taking place here at Montecito Community on Wednesday Sept. 25th and Thursday Sept. 26th. I made up signage for this event and it will be posted on Monday Sept. 23rd 2019 as a reminder for folks be aware of this service taking place mid week.