Randy McGrath

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Published: July 17, 2020 4:27 pm

Last Modified: July 17, 2020 4:27 pm

Randy McGrath

The front entryway door of the Clubhouse has been stripped of paint, to be able to bring the door to its original finish. This is a vert tedious and time consuming process, and we appreciate everyone's patience by using the other entrances to enter the Clubhouse.


Installed some hardware to the main equipment housing cabinet in order to allow the lid to crop open while the tech services the pool equipment. The pool chemicals were checked and were found spot on. The pool pump is operating at 350 GPM, which is normal. The Tech (Daniel ) from Brevard Pools explained to me that the filtration tank is becoming harder and harder to drain the pool filtration tank, due to the build up of suntan oils and sun-block oils, causing difficulties draining the filtration tank., as the oils mixed with the sand brought into pool by beach goers not rinsing off before entering the swimming pool. after a trip to the beach. The combination of oils / sand / and debris have made there way into the drainage pipe becoming a sludge type blockage material. If this continues, we will be forced to have Brevard Pools to generate a work order to remove the filtration grids and completely back-flushing the filtration system. This report is to make everyone aware of the this issue because this will put excessive strain on the pump motor. This draining and service should be done several times each year in order to maintain a clean free-flowing pool equipment system.. This is a recommendation of myself Randy McGrath (DFS) and the pool Tech of Brevard Pools (Daniel)

IRRRIGATION [Updates provided by Insight Irrigation LLC.]

Irrigation wet check on clock A

Repairs found on clock A wet check

Shut of 314 point lobes that was stuck on


Nothing to report at this time.


All 6 lakes have gained water levels in the 4'2" range. This is due to the rainfall that we received recently.


All 6 fountains are operating at this time, although Cascade Fountain Company has ordered parts for the fountain at Lake Sonoma because the display is awkward looking. evidently there is a strainer part missing from the head of the fountain and the jets to this fountain are in need of replacement. The Fountain at Lake Pace Dina lighting assembly is not functioning, this was reported to Cascade Fountains over a month ago by William V. We continue to wait on Cascade Fountain to Schedule this scope of work. The Fountain at Lake Catalina had an issue with tripping the breaker periodically., The intake was cleaned out on Lake Catalina the last visit from Cascade Fountain Company. The breaker continued to trip periodically still. Suspect weak breaker, replace breaker on 7/15/20 and the breaker has not tripped since the replacement. I will continue to monitor this fountain / breaker activity. Per Randy Mcgrath (DFS).


Nothing to report at this time.


Anchor Painting Company have started their scope of work, pressure washing and painting of the interior side of exterior wall is continuing (IN PROGRESS) of the Montecito Drive properties.


Nothing to report at this time.


Pedestrian Gate at Shearwater Parkway entrance: Made repairs, prime and paint / (RE-FASTEN) catch bar to gate. Clean up gate framework, Masked off the framework, primed and painted the framework antique bronze color. Remove masking tape The Bollards were installed by GMS (William V.) today 07/17/20 in the 600 block of Ventura Drive and Redondo Drive area