Randy McGrath

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Published: June 4, 2021 2:25 pm

Last Modified: June 4, 2021 3:30 pm

Randy McGrath

Cleaned and polished the bike racks with stainless steel treatment spray, around the Clubhouse. (1) in front of the game room entrance in the very front of the Clubhouse, and (1) at the East side gate of the swimming pool, (1) at the West side gate of the swimming pool. (1) as noted in the playground info. just outside of the playground. Per Randy McGrath (DFS).


The pool re inspection passed 06-03-2021 after the ladder repair was made by Brevard Pools LLC. The Chemicals were checked and found to be spot on, and the pool pump is operating at 350 GPM. The Phosphate treatment was successful and also done by Brevard Pools Company LLC. The only issue to report about the pool & pool deck is that one of the umbrellas was damaged by winds gusting from one of the rain storms that happened over the Memorial day weekend. This umbrella was removed from the pool deck on Sunday afternoon 05-30-2021 and was taken to have a new umbrella frame installed , at Palm Casual on South US 1 on Tuesday 06-02-2021. I opted to purchase a new frame without the tilt capability because the tilt nuckle simply won't handle the elements of salt air exposure, or the bursts of winds that sometimes accompant afternoon rain storms. This umbrella also had issues with the tie-straps being frayed. so the canopy will need new tie-straps sewn into the umbrella canopy as well at N/C to us because of warranty protection. Palm Casual will contact us when the repairs are complete and the umbrella is ready to put back into service. Per Randy McGrath (DFS).

IRRRIGATION [Updates provided by Insight Irrigation LLC.]

1 Repaired broken wire for zones 29-44/wire will be buried monday 6/7
2 Repaired bad 2 station decoder zones 43-44
3. wet checked 50 zones clubhouse clock repaired work orders for zones that were wet checked.
4. We will be there Friday to re connect zones 29-32 /no charge
5. We will continue wet checks on clubhouse clock until complete.
6.. we will have someone at Montecito every day until all wet checks are complete and all
work orders have been final out.


Nothing to report at this time.


The water level of Lake Catalina is at 3'1" as of 06-04-2021. Water was drawn from all 6 retension lakes and ready to be tested. A proposal was given to Montecito CDD through GMS office for the replacement costs of the weii #1 water meter at the PS#1 Artisan well from Paradise Irrigation Department.


All 6 of the fountains and lighting are functioning fine at this time 06-04-2021 and all 4 of the entrance & exit fountains at Shearwater and South Patrick are also functioning fine at this time 06-04-2021.


Nothing to report at this time.


The damaged Shearwater vehicle entrance gate half was removed by FDC on 05-28-2021. They will install the new vehicle entrance gate half after FDC finishes fabricating the new gate. GMS maintenance crew installed the new hydraulic control arms on the South Patrick pedestrian gates North and South on 06-02-2021. However they also raised the pedestrian gates at Shearwater and installed new spring type hinges where needed. Then they installed the new hydraulic control arms on 06-03-2021. There is one latch remaining to install. For North Gate, the aluminum panels (kick-plates) needed to complete the North pedestrian gate have been ordered from Smitty's Welding Supply of Melbourne; These panels were (cut to fit) and will be ready for install when completed.


Checked the playground for safety on 06-03-2021 and found there were issues / evidence of wasp and hornet manifesting on the underside of the playground equipment slide platforms. Treated the playground area with wasp & hornet spray as needed. Per Randy McGrath (DFS). Cleaned and polished the bike rack at the playground area with stainless steel cleaner/ polish.


Gms came out on 06-03-2021 and presure washed the wall in Lake Catalina North side closest to the swimming pool.