Randy McGrath

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Published: June 1, 2018 9:08 am

Last Modified: June 12, 2018 9:32 am

Randy McGrath

Clubhouse: The lighting fixtures on the rear patio of Clubhouse are in dire need of refurbishment. It seems that the elements are taking Its toll on these fixtures. t recommend removmg these fixtures and wire wheeling and cleaning these fixtures up/priming and painting as needed and re-installing them accordingly.

GYM: We just had our quarterty maintenance done on all of the fitness equjpment on 05/31/2018. I also instructed the tech Mike from Brown's Fitness LLC to tighten all of the free weight dumb-bells. It seems that these pieces of equipment loosen up from being dropped on the floor while people do their work outs. They are all tight and safe now.


Pool: There is nothing to report at this time. The pool chemicals are spot on and are in the safe parameters set up by the State of Florida. The new pooI license was posted on bulletin board on patio wall next to kitchen entrance. The pool motor and themical feeders are all funttfonfrrg properly at this time.

IRRRIGATION [Updates provided by Insight Irrigation LLC.]

Irrigation Pumps: The weak theinigatlon controllers at both pump stations have remained off. The repairs listed on our May irrigation inspection were approved. Alex has started making those repairs and they will be completed by next week.


Street Lights: same report as last week, only one street light not functioning at the Intersection of Palos Verde Drive and Point Lobos. Need two or more must be out of order before Gault Electric LLC would be notified for repairs.


Pond samples were taken recently and all six ponds TDS levels were good and actually went down from last months reading due to the rainfall that we received recently. The pond levels from ponds #2 and #4 are at 3'8" and 4'1". This is great news because these are the ponds that we irrigate from.


All six fountains are operating fine at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Gates: All of the gates are operating fine at this time, However. I will continue to monitor the South Patrick entrance gate for intermittent issues of not opening after a storm. I believe every time this happens I have to reset this gate. All is well at the present time.

Gate Fountains: The fountains at the entryways/exits are being worked on and will be in service very soon. I worked with the tech Dennis from Spies fountain repairs finding the water supply situation figured out. The irrigation zones in the entry's / exits are how these fountains are fed the water needed to operate. Dennis, Spies tech informed to me that the one pump he had working the last time he visited us, had quit operating. (BAD PUMP). He explained that they will have to send a proposal to replace this particular fountain pump.


Nothing to report at this time.


The wall around pump station #2 is also on the list for pressure washing and a paint job as well. Finding time to accomplish all of these tasks is difficult as I only have one set of hands. I will get it done. Thank you, Randy McGrath (FMCA).