Randy McGrath

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Published: June 1, 2019 10:17 am

Last Modified: June 1, 2019 10:23 am

Randy McGrath

The signage explaining to NOT crop doors open in the fitness room was installed several weeks ago. Evidently this ticket was not closed out, The painting of the exterior of the shed continues, the exterior walls are nearly completed, but the roof will need to be done. In order to complete the painting of the roof I will need to pick up scaffolding needed to complete this scope of work safely.


The flowering pot areas of the pool deck have been cleaned of any plant life and root systems. The Stenner pump that feeds the Chlorine to the pool system went bad and the chemical tubing that transfers the Chlorine to the system was clogged with calcium deposits. I replaced the bad Stenner pump and pulled a new tubing chlorine feed line though one inch diameter housing pipe that runs from Stenner pump to the outer chlorine reservoir well. I adjusted the chlorine feed amounts according to the desired flow needed to disperse the chemicals (CHLORINE) properly.

IRRRIGATION [Updates provided by Insight Irrigation LLC.]

This week we did A wet check on clock d which is the new construction area. A few broken heads and clogged nozzles.
Noticed a lot of hot spots on the property and Tyler informed me of a couple of “ no flow zones” 279 Montecito . The timer showed some alarms on certain zones so I’m checking to see if it’s a wire issue and if those zones are running automatically. I will be there today, Friday, to evaluate the issue further. I will try and catch up with you before I leave and let you what the findings are. PS#2 has a bad #1 motor (bearings are shot) HOOVER would not install refurbished 10 h/p motor because they did not want to install a rebuilt unit (motor). I contacted American Pump Company and they agreed to do the install. American Pump Company should be here Saturday June 1, 2019 or at the latest Monday June 3,2019 to do the #1 pump motor at PS #2.


Street light needs replaced entrance of Shearwater Parkway East side closest to roadway. Gualt Electric was notified of this and we await their scheduled service call.


All of the ponds were treated for vegetation (HYDRILLA) and algae this day Friday May 31, 2019. Now that the overgrowth of plant life has been removed from around the transfer well at Pond #1 I can retrofit a 2" or 3" control valve to allow us to hold more water in our ponds accordingly to rainfall amounts allowable. When closed it will allow us to contain more water in ponds and when opened we can lower water levels accordingly to run off. I believe this is what we're trying to achieve. I will attempt this next week now that I can see the pipe fittings. Pond samples were taken this day 5/31/2019 and recorded and the TDS readings are stabilized to have stayed the same.


#5 fountain is still out of order, and we await Cascade Fountain Company to schedule the replacement of pump motor and capacitor power control box as needed.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.