Randy McGrath

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Published: May 22, 2020 5:04 pm

Last Modified: May 22, 2020 5:04 pm

Randy McGrath

The Clubhouse East office entrance had new crash bar and lock assembly installed by CDA Solutions recently 5/20/20. The West entrance to the Clubhouse great room was also fitted for a new lock assembly and crash bar installation. Scope of work was also completed by CDA Solutions. The Clubhouse is scheduled to have the new access points installed on Tuesday next week 5/26/20 The West great room entrance door and the rear patio door next to kitchen door will be outfitted with access card readers to make the Clubhouse more versatile on different type options that will become available for different functions. The FIRE monitoring system will also be installed as part of a package type bundle that we've contracted with Sonitrol / Redwire. Again this will make the Clubhouse much more versatile in the different options that will become available to us once this system is installed.


The pool was opened 0n Monday May 18th 2020. There is a percentage of persons permitted to occupy the swimming pool. !6 persons are permitted to swim at one time, This number will change according to the recommendation of the County / State. The pool pump is operating at 359GPM, which is spot on . The chemicals levels are ideal and the water temperature is perfect for avid swimmers.

IRRRIGATION [Updates provided by Insight Irrigation LLC.]

Wet check of clock C

Wet check repairs found on clock C

Addressed work orders

Capped sprinklers were stone was added outside the wall

Added sprinklers for better coverage 4 in total

Serviced irrigation valve at 314 Point Lobos


Nothing to report at this time.


The 6 Lakes in the Community continue to be drought type conditions as we wait for the afternoon rains to start. This is always a bad scenario waiting on mother nature to do her thing. The option of using the Artisan wells to help supplement the water levels is a NO as we're unable to draw water through the well meters. This option will have to be discussed by our engineer Rey Malare in the future. We'll have to wait to here from him.


All 6 fountains and the fountain lighting is operating fine at this time. The Shearwater entrance fountain has a broken auto-fill valve as it was struck by a fallen palm prong. Such a freak occurrence to happen, but it did. Spies pool & Fountain was notified last week Monday of this mishap as we wait for repairs going forward. All fountains are operating with display, but the auto-fill feature is not operating on the Shearwater Parkway entrance fountain. The water supply was shut off due to overfilling this catch basin. Waiting on SPIES to schedule maintenance.


Nothing to report at this time.


All of the entrance gates are operating fine at this time.


The Playground was recently opened again after being shut down for over a month. The Temporary fence was removed and the children can now use this facility .once again.


The round about at the entrance just inside the Shearwater Parkway entrance had broken and loose tiles removed and had a vendor reinstall a complete NEW top cap in place as needed, approximately 120 new tiles were installed in this scope of work. The vendor Cocoa Handyman Inc. told me that they would be completed today 5/22/20 . This scope of work will be inspected on Tuesday May 26.2020