Randy McGrath

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Published: May 8, 2020 5:54 pm

Last Modified: May 8, 2020 5:56 pm

Randy McGrath

The work continues as the LED lighting gets changed out on the Clubhouse patio and pool deck. The Clubhouse doors are getting painted where needed as I continue to work on each door one at a time. there are several done and several left to be completed..


The pool pump operating at 350 GPM and all the chemicals are spot on. The pools appearance is preteen. And very inviting.

IRRRIGATION [Updates provided by Insight Irrigation LLC.]

The latest irrigation map can be seen at https://www.easymapmaker.com/map/Montecitocdd. There was some concern expressed about ClockD wet check

Repairs found on clock D

Replace four station decoder on clock A

Addressed work ordersthe lake levels. Let us know if we need to shut the irrigation off temporarily.


Nothing to report at this time.


The 6 Community lakes are very low. We recently purchased a new TDS meter and checked it against our old one, only to find out that our TDS levels were not as bad as we thought. The Artisan wells aren't as salty as we projected, and actually usable for our irrigation needs. After speaking with Rey our engineer, He advised us to opened the Artisan wells 1/2 open to allow some of the well water to assist in our quest in raising the water levels of our LAKES. We have a CUP allowance of 43.000 gallons per day if needed set up with the Saint Johns Water Management personnel We are going to allow the Artisan wells to flow 1/2 capacity and monitor the TDS levels weekly. All of the 6 lakes are interconnected with each other, so as one fills up they all fill up We have used these 2 Artisan wells in the past during drought type conditions, and it is to our advantage to utilize this feature.


All 6 lake fountains are operating fine at this time. Although the fact that the water levels are low, we're having issues with debris being sucked up into the fountain intakes causing the fountain motors to heat up and trip the breaker. This happens every now and again. The small fountains at the entrances and exits on South Patrick and Shearwater Parkway are all functioning at this time Now that we have the water feeds plumbed directly from the irrigation lines going directly to the chlorinators first they'll auto fill upon demand of the flow switch and irrigation schedule working together.


The latch assemblies for 5 pedestrian gates were purchased and picked up to be installed by William V. and myself on Monday May 11,2020 first thing


The entrance and exit gates were put back into service yesterday 05/07/20 after being out of service for a month due to the CORONA Virus pandemic. The gates were taken out of service on the recommendation of Larry Bradshaw our CDD Chairman because the chance of transmitting any germs from the key pad for those who don't have gate fobs. We are gradually / slowly going to ease the Community back into some type of normalcy. One step at a time. our 1st step was putting the gates back into operation.


The playground was brought into discussion at our last BOS meeting May 6th,2020 for perhaps / maybe reopening soon, remember baby steps back into normalcy. This is being carefully planned by our very own CDD Chairman Mr. Larry Bradshaw, who's main concern is always for the residents of the Montecito Community. Thank you Mr. Chairman.


Nothing to report at this time.