Randy McGrath

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Published: April 20, 2018 10:49 am

Last Modified: May 17, 2018 11:02 am

Randy McGrath

Gym: All equipment is functioning safely and there is nothing to report at this time.
Clubhouse: Patio lighting is continuing, replacement of old style bulbs with the long~life LED type.


The pool pump is operating fine at this time. nothing to report. All chemical levels are spot on.

IRRRIGATION [Updates provided by Insight Irrigation LLC.]

Irrigation pumps~ This week both pump stations were inspected on Monday and no alarms ware found on alarm controller.
We had 2 irrigation techs working on the irrigation retro-fit for the enhancements and those are completed. The March irrigation inspection repairs for PS#1 and PS#2 have been approved and are scheduled to be accomplished next week. Alex, returned today and upon inspecting Controller A he found several alarms He reinspecting now and I'll let you know what his findings are.


All street lights are functioning just fine at this time, there Is nothing to report.


All of the ponds are extremely low, we're in drought type conditions and we are in dire need of some rain. Artisan well #2 has been shut off because of TDS levels (saline) are elevated. Bring on the rain!


Cascade fountain Company recently cleaned the lets on #3 fountain (acid washed) for a better display. Fountain #4 had troubles with tripping the braker instantly after energizing tbe breaker. It seems that a lizard (Gecko) had breached the control box cover and had gotten caught in the contacts of the relay causing direct short which tripped the breaker. Once the lizard was removed the fountain #4 was functioning okay. $eve",1 months back the control boxes for fountains #3 and #4 were recommended for replacement, however this was before cascade had become our fountain vendor. AES was our vendor and they simply did not follow up on this recommendation (they dropped the baU) $0 to speak-We are confident that cascade Fountains Company Will do a fine job for us overseeing our fountain repair needs. They will be installing the new control boxes on fountains #3 and 1#4 once the proposal has been authorized.


The entrance gates at Shearwater Parkway and South Patrick had issues with gates staying open. After checking the operation of these gates, they were found to be out of sync with each other. The master opener I stave operator simply had lost one another. J powered down each operator for five minutes With the gates in dosed position. I then powered up and reset (energized) both operators.. Checked operation of each set of gates continuously. approximately ten times to try to locate any chances of this problem happening again. The Shearwater Parkway entrance gate opening against the slave operator. Made adjustments to the am at the top of the operator and installed a stop pin In plate to stop the gate travel. I checked operation, all is okay (good). Applied grease to all Zurek fittings on gate hinges to stop chatter.


Used grinder to remove the rusted pivot bearing assembly from the playground equipment superstructure (Green). capped off with Zit PVC. I completed painting the superstructure .as needed (GREEN). Also ground off pivot ball type assembly ground level and capped off with 2"pvc cap to remove the trip hazard.. (painted cap florescent orange). Blew off debris/mulch off of the playground decking as needed.


I disassembled and discarded the rusted bench on Shearwater Parkway Just east of the Shearwater Parkway entrance. Ground off the support legs of this bench flush with pavers ground level. Left these 2 holes for possible anchor strategy for new bench replacement in the future. Drilled hole in sewer (;()vet offset the very front sidewalk of the Clubhouse. I'lI need a diamond bit to be able to complete this task o·f drilling at least 8 other sewer lids in the Community to alleviate standing water problems in the area of these particular sewer covers.