Randy McGrath

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Published: April 13, 2018 10:38 am

Last Modified: June 23, 2018 9:13 pm

Randy McGrath

GYM: Nothing to report at this time, all is well in the fitness room.
Clubhouse: The lighting on the rear of Clubhouse Patio has started. All new LED bulbs have been purchased and the installation will begin on Monday 4/16


The pool pump is operating fine at this time. The two stenner pumps which are responsible for slowly allowing the chlorine to be pumped into the holding tank (reservoir). The pool pump then circulates the water from the reservoir to the pool. These stener pumps Operated 24/7 and Simply were no longer functional'. The motors were completely worn out. The average life expectancy for these units it about 9 months. I saved the old stenner unit, to use for spare parts if needed. All chemical' readings in the pool tested spot on.

IRRRIGATION [Updates provided by Insight Irrigation LLC.]

Irrigation pumps: We Inspected both pump stations and all 4 controllers and found no alarms. Alex has completed his Inspection on PS#2 and once the paperwork ls completed it will be sent to the COO and HQA for approval. Alex. Christian and Brad have been working on the irrigation upgrades for the new enhancement projects at both entrances and monument signs.
We responded to the following; A broken 6" popup spray head at 157 Montecito drive which was flagged by Alex during his inspection.
683 Ventura drive reported the rotor zone in the backyard wasn't working~ upon arrival the irrigation ran from the controller. It'$ programmed to run Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 11pm. 619 Monterey was reported to have water running for several hours~ When we arrived onsite the solenoid was found to have been manually opened. 615 Mission Bay reported rotor zone on for 24111"$, Upon arrival we found the valve w8sstuck open and will not close automatically. The valve was throttled ctoaed and proposal for replacement submitted and approved. This will be replaced next week, 644 Mission Bay reported water not running in the backyard .. Upon arrival the zone (SO) ran from the controller. this home has 1 valve which supplies water to the front and the back. Irrigation runs Wednesday and Sunday at 2:05am.


Street lights: All of the street tights are functioning fine at this time, nothing to report.


The ponds are still low, even though we had some small amounts of rainfall here and there. The artisan well for pond #4 was shut off because the total dissolved solid levels were elevated somewhat. On the recommendation of Mike Knapp (our pond water specialist) that we shut the wen off for now as a precaution because of possible saline Intrusion. Thanks Mike for your expertise in this matter.


We continue to wait for Cascade Fountains schedule to free up soon to that they can service and clean fountain #a jets (acid wash). In doing this we expect a better more uniformed dIsplay. The #4 fountain, directly behind the pool has a direct short. Immediately after energizing the breaker. the breaker trips, it won't stay energiz.ed. Cascade will also service this fountain #4 when they arrive here on site.


Nothing to report at this time.


The gates are turned off and cropped open during the Montecito Landscaping Enhancement project taking plate both of the entrance and exit areas. Once the scope of work is completed the gates will be put back into service. Please use driver safety while this work is being completed. Thank you kindly.


Nothing to report at this time.


We received the quot.es/estimates from Melbourne Pump (1) f,or total rewind of one 10 hlp irrigation pump motor, beatings. shaft seal. shaft sleeve, and dean and paint $1145.00
{2} treadmi!! motor: repJa<:e bearings a~d repair bearing housing tal New bearings 1.repla~) upgraded ~iz~ cooling fan. clean and paint. Both 10 hlp motors are TEFC Total enclosed fan cooled _____ , 100.00 TOTAt 390.00 $1635.