Randy McGrath

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Published: April 15, 2019 7:58 am

Last Modified: April 15, 2019 8:00 am

Randy McGrath

: Measurements were taken by William V. for evaluation of replacement cost of carpeting in fitness room. This will incur having to moving the fitness equipment from their positions, replacing specialty carpeting specifically designed for fitness room applications, and re-positioning of equipment. I put in a call to Browns Fitness Room & Equipment Services to get a bid to break the equipment down and moving the equipment and re-poisoning / placement of the equipment.


: The Chemical levels are spot on and the pool equipment is functioning fine at this time.

IRRRIGATION [Updates provided by Insight Irrigation LLC.]

: The concrete reinforcement project was formed up, poured, and finished this week on Pump Station #1. On 4/12/19 at 9:00 pm. there was a major vertical line break reported in the SF homes section at 678 Monterey Drive (rear) of property control box area. This repair was made by Paradise Lawn & Irrigation company promptly and professionally. The status of the geysers on Carlsbad Drive is ongoing, I received no report?


: There was a report made that two street lights were OUT OF ORDER, (1) at the South Patrick entrance NE front and (2) Simeon Drive Across from model home. Gault came out and replaced the bulb / retro-fitted over to LED type bulb. The street light on Simeon however, the conduit that feeds that particular street light had been severely damaged by the Blue H2O crew when they were doing enhancement work in that area on Simeon. Gault Electric LLC will have to schedule this scope of work in the near future. This project will have to be reconfigured by installing a junction box, new conduit run to street light pole, and completely rewire from junction box through light pole itself. When the damage took place it completely destroyed the existing wire. I spoke with the developer Chip Jones on 4/12/19 and explained this dilemma. He agreed to pay for these damages going forward.


: The ponds were recently treated for hydrilla vegetation in all 6 ponds on 4/12/19 by American Ecosystems, and they will re-visit us in 2 weeks and treat again if needed.


: All of the fountains were serviced this week by Cascade Fountain Company and all 6 fountains have a nice display at this time. Fountain #4 behind the pool was the worst of all and was though rally cleaned.


The sidewalks that had been damaged from the construction on Carlsbad Drive have been replaced. The park bench that was purchased for Shearwater Parkway was picked up by William V. and was put together by Randy McGrath. It is fully assembled and ready to be installed once the area that it is to be installed is cleaned up by Paradise Lawn &Irrigation Company.


The FDC company ordered the wireless loop assembly and will schedule / install ASAP


Nothing to report at this time.


: The kiosk at South Patrick has been struck by a vehicle, after watching many hours of film I still can not determine who stuck the kiosk? Or when it was struck?