Randy McGrath

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Published: April 2, 2021 4:26 pm

Last Modified: April 29, 2021 8:16 am

Randy McGrath

The A/C filters were changed this week in all (4) air conditioning systems and cleaned out the drain lines and they were flushed with comercial grade vinagar. Used my shop to vacuum the water out of the drainage pans beneath the A/C units if needed. The Fitness room A/C needed this cleaning and a Dehumidifier was needed to extract the moisture from lower intake area of this A/C unit.


The pool chemicals are spot on and the pool pump is pumping 350 GPM

IRRRIGATION [Updates provided by Insight Irrigation LLC.]

Nothing to report from Paradise Irrigation Services, Brandon Deitrick was on vacation this week. Rain Report for March 2021 total 1".04


It was reported that there were street lights on the 700 block of Ventura Drive causing (3) street lights to flicker. Gault Electric LLC came out to investigate the reason why (3)street lights flickering on the 700 block of Ventura Drive. It seems that a series of street lighting has been effected, which normally means a disruption in the power source. After trouble shooting the power supply source, it was found to have a bad set of electrical components (Contacts of the relay) were bad, causing the flickering of the street light lighting fixtures. Gault Electric LLC replaced the burnt contacts and all is well now. The (3) street lights are now back in service. Per Randy McGrath (DFS).


TDS water samples were taken and recorded on 04-01-21 Lake Catalina water level is at 3'. The Artesan wells are half open, this helps supplement all of the lake water levels which are interconected with eachother. The lack of rainfall really has put a strain on the irrigation availability of water to irrigate. I left a mesage with Tyler Salas of Insight and explained to him, changing the watering schedule to (3) times a week would not be a good idea due to LOW water supply available to water this volume.


All 6 fountains were recently cleaned and PM proceedures were performed by Cascade Fountain Company this week. The Exit / Entrance fountains were cleaned up by Brevard Pool Company and the chemicals were also balanced per the contract.


Nothing to report at this time.


Both pedestrian gates at Shearwater Parkway/South Patrick entrances are in need of a hydraulic arm to control the speed of these gates as they come to a closed and resting position. This will help in the violent slamming that takes place from wind damage caused from the abrupt stoppage against the latch assemblies. Hydraulic assembly is being tested on North Gate for these applications.


Uncrete the archway and misc. parts needed to complete the last phase of the the Playground refurbishment project. Scheduling a time frame in which William V. and myself can finish up the playground equipment repairs. 04-01-21 Blow off the playground area, as needed. Per Randy McGrath (DFS).


The bike racks were cleaned and polished on 04-01-21 The EMERGENCY lights throughout the Clubhouse were tested for operational status, all are working fine at this time 04-01-21 9:00 am.