Randy McGrath

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Published: March 26, 2021 1:34 pm

Last Modified: March 26, 2021 1:34 pm

Randy McGrath

We are taking bids to replace the fitness room flooring with the same rubberizes flooring system that we have in place were the fitness room equipment area is . Waiting on quotes


The pool furniture that were in need of repairs was found to be cast alluminum and beyond the juncture of repairs. Not only were the cost of the repairs would be greater than the replacement costs of the pool furniture, the liability issues of the repairs holding up and making this furniture safe again. I called the scrap guy that I use to remove the (2) chairs and (1) table to the dump. unfortunate that this furniture was not able to be repaired. Safety first. Per Randy McGrath (DFS). 03-25-21 1:00 pm. The pool chemicals are spot on and the pool pump motor is operating at 350 GPM.

IRRRIGATION [Updates provided by Insight Irrigation LLC.]

Finished wet checking single family homes

Completed work orders

Made adjustments for hotspots
Addressed work orders.

Wet check pump station 2

Made repairs found during wet check.


I recently did a drive through the Community in the evening hours (DARK) to inspect all of the sreet lights functuality and found only one street light (OUT of ORDER) at 760 block of Ventura Drive. North West street light just before the intersection of Venture Drive & Montecito Drive on Ventura Drive. I identified the street light not working by wrapping street light pole with (RED) tape. Because this is the only street light not working, I will wait for another strret light to fail before summoning Gault Electric Company LLC to replace at least 2 street lights. It does not make sense to have Gault Electric to come out to replace just one street light at a time. 03-23-21


The results of the sample taken on March 24, 2021 from Well 1 (Valencia) was 1,730 mg/L. The sampling record indicates that the Floridan Wells (1 & 2) have consistently been between 1,500 mg/L and 2,500 mg/L. Well 2 (Sonoma) is normally about 200 to 300 mg/L higher than Well 1. The Sonoma lake TDS is also consistently saltier than Valencia lake water. I would suggest we check Well 2 and Lake Sonoma water for TDS if we are concerned about saltier irrigation water having detrimental affects on the townhouse lawns.

My understanding from local horticultural experts is that St. Augustine grass should be more salt tolerant than other varieties. We should probably verify with our landscapers the St. Augustine grass is the only grass being installed on our properties.

The artesian wells (Floridan) have been used in and around our development for irrigation for decades and the residual effect is denser (higher specific gravity) water replacing/mixing with the IN Situ fresher water in the water table aquifer causing slightly saltier water to stratify at lower levels in the nearby lakes and aquifer. Evidence for this is Lakes 1,4, and 6 containing water that is for the most part potable (500 to 1,000 mg/L TDS) and are located away from existing active artesian wells. This is a simple explanation and depends upon other factors (vertical permeabilitiy, dispersion, transmissivity) that would be needed to model the system and is beyond our financial capability. However, we may want our Engineer to inquire with the SJRWD about any modifications to our CUP that would require the property to our east to address these items.


All 6 lake fountains & fountain lights are functioning fine at this time. The shearwater Parkway & South Patrick fountains are operating / functioning fine at this time, However, there was a complaint of the water basins / reservoirs in need of cleaning and brushing of the ceramic tiles. The Tech of Brevard Pool was made aware of this issue, the water may need to be drained and refilled with more irrigation water if needed.


Nothing to report at this time.


The gate replacement half at the Shearwater Parkway entrance gate proposal came in at $3,582.05 from FDC on March 23,2021 by Randy Davis. Please see attached proposal 33952. Please confirm receipt.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to move forward.

Thank you for choosing FDC,

Randy Davis

FDC - Florida Door Control of Orlando, Inc.

658-2 Washburn Rd. Melbourne FL 32934

800-321-6487 x.17





The archway, misc, hardware and necessary parts to complete the Playground refurbishment project will arrive tomorrow 03-25-21, between 12:00 pm. and 4:00 pm. Then it's just scheduling the time to install the remaining parts and hardware to complete this project. I will coordinate this time frame with William V. and myself Randy McGrath (DFS).


I was made aware of a water meter cover missing at 375 Point Lobos Drive in common area of the CDD strip next to sidewalk by resident Marty Watson of 656 Palos verde Drive. I contacted the City of Melbourne Water Dept. and made them aware of the missing meter cover and they advised me that that they'll have a new cover put in place tomorrow afternoon on 03-25-2021. I will follow up on this replacement cover installation on which time I'll CLOSE this ticket. Per Randy McGrath (DFS). The Melbourne Water DepT came out and replaced the missing water meter cover at 375 Point Lobos Drive on 03-25-2021. This ticket was closed out