Randy McGrath

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Published: March 24, 2018 11:43 am

Last Modified: May 17, 2018 11:45 am

Randy McGrath

Gym: On 3/22 Brown Fitness Services came out and installed the safety shut-off switch as needed on treadmill #1.
Clubhouse: On 3/13 CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning came out and cleaned the carpets in the gym and office area as well as the furniture and rug in the main room.


The pool pump quit operating. After tracking down the power source I found burnt wire leads at the head of the pump motor power strip. I was able to make a temporary repair by adding a small jumper lead to the power strip. I purchased all new wire and will be installing it on 3/26.

IRRRIGATION [Updates provided by Insight Irrigation LLC.]

Irrigation pumps: SFH/TH, there have been so many variables pertaining to both irrigation systems, from wire breaks and to underground main line breaks in the installation process of two swimming pools in adjacent homes. The TH irrigation system has been interrupted recently from equipment failure (BAD #1 Motor) electrical components heating up and shorting out internally. These are unforeseen issues even though they are unfortunate circumstances are frustrations are many in maintaining the irrigation system. We have a maintenance agreement in place with Hoover Pumps as we find ourselves at their mercy and maintenance schedule. Brightview only handles the smaller type issues like sprinkler heads and wire issues and irrigation line repairs. The equipment at the pump stations are Hoovers responsibilities and depending on how major the repairs become determines if Brightview is able to make the repairs or not. Thanks goes out to the community for their patience and understanding in this manner.


Street lights: Recently Gault Electric LLC replaced 3 street lights as needed.


The ponds are extremely LOW which is normal for this time of year. We have been utilizing the artesian wells to compensate for the lack of rainfall. We are continuing monitoring the total dissolved solids in all 6 ponds, although the salinity levels are a bit elevated we are within the allowances to irrigate with the pond waters.


Recently Cascade Fountain Co sent out a technician to clean the jets in all 6 fountains. The tech cleaned 5 of the 6 fountains and found #3 pond fountain needs to be removed and thoroughly cleaned to make it displace properly.


Entrance gate a S. Patrick has been acting up (NOT CLOSING) after the open cycle. Florida Door Control (FDC) has been here and tightened up the North photo-eye. I have requested replacement of this part due to repeated problems. I have asked about a no-charge for this last call due a repeat of the same issue. I met with the FDC tech and asked him to install lock nuts to prevent this repeated problem. Again, I questioned the service call charge because they should have fixed it the first time


Thank you all that have wished me well from my recent surgery (gallbladder) removal, it is good to be back.