Randy McGrath

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Published: March 23, 2019 10:30 am

Last Modified: March 23, 2019 10:48 am

Randy McGrath

. The Shed project continues as mulch was installed in the pool equipment / shed to make this area more appealing. The electrical rough in passed inspection so I can go forward with finishing the interior aspect. There was NO CHARGE for the mulch Public relations is still good. The re-route of the downspout was installed this week also. I was able to get this done with just a couple of fittings and several cans of spray-paint. The 21’ section of 4” pipe was a gift as I found it on the side of the road of South Patrick. I stopped and picked it up. Thanks to whomever lost it. Amen. : There have been complaints of the odder in the fitness room. I don’t believe that cleaning this carpet will help. The fix is to replace this carpet with a flooring carpet suitable / designed for fitness centers, I will call around and research this product / replacement flooring options


: The pool filtration system was completely drained and though really cleaned / flushed out as we amp up for another busy swim season 2019. We ask that the residents using the pool please utilize the shower on the pool deck before entering the pool. We understand the importance of sun screen and the usage of tanning products used by people, but we ask that rinsing off before re-entering the pool periodically to help us in the effort of keeping the filtration grids from getting clogged with such products, therefore putting a strain on the pool equipment. Thank you kindly. The chemical levels are spot on, so enjoy the pool this season.: The planters on the patio have been freshly painted and new top-soil was installed in all 5 of them. Miracle grow fertilizer was mixed in with the top-soil. On Monday March 25,2019 the new Hibiscus plants will be planted 3 RED & 2 PINK should spruce the pool patio up some.

IRRRIGATION [Updates provided by Insight Irrigation LLC.]

: The concrete jacking or pumping for PS #1 will begin soon. We continue to wait for HOOVER to address the issue of flange leaking inside of PS#2 pump housing. PS#3 has added a new watering ZONE in the common areas behind the first housing unit on Carlsbad Drive. This ZONE was added to the watering clock by Brevard Lawn & Irrigation Company; I will be meeting with Tyler Salas on Monday March 23, 2019 to determine exactly what area this ZONE covers and label it in the system. I will be meeting with Superior Fence Company on April 2,2019 to get a bid for putting a fence around PS#3 as needed. I will order the correct signage for this PS#3 gated area.


: There is one street light out of order at the entrance off South Patrick. I will need to reorder more LED bulbs as our supply is low.


: There is one street light out of order at the entrance off South Patrick. I will need to reorder more LED bulbs as our supply is low.


: I contacted Cascade Fountain Company this week to discuss the lighting situation for pond #3 fountain. The personnel in charge of this lighting issue was out of the office this week on vacation, but is due back on Monday March 25,2019.


Nothing to report at this time.


: Same situation with South Patrick entrance gate intermittently acting up, the center loop will need to be changed out with the new wireless style loop. I will contact FDC and have them order the loop and have it installed ASAP.


Received a bid price from Superior Fence Company for $1625.00 to remove the spiked tops off Playground fence and cap off each rung with plastic caps.


Nothing to report at this time.