Randy McGrath

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Published: March 6, 2020 4:22 pm

Last Modified: March 6, 2020 4:31 pm

Randy McGrath

At the last BOS meeting on February 24th 2020 it was brought to my attention that the EMERGENCY lighting light were not functioning. Even though the small red light was on the lights were not working. It was mentioned to me by William V. that the batteries needed to be changed. I purchased the batteries and found that the fixtures were in need of complete replacement. I returned the batteries that were purchased and contacted Florida Bulb & Ballast and was able to purchase new LED emergency lighting light fixtures for $23.88 each. There are 17 fixtures that will need replacement. I ordered the fixtures and they arrived last Friday February 28th 2020. They are here in my office awaiting instillation. The replacement was cheaper than the new batteries, the batteries went back to LOWES and we received full credit for them. We'll have all new emergency lighting with LED performance.


The pool inspection was done by the Health Dept. in my absence and we passed inspection with only a few issues. I installed a new Stenner pump on the chlorine feeder side before I had left on get away and one of the stenner hoses had a small leak, this issue was taken care of by Brevard Pools Tech (Daniel) as he just replaced the chemical line as needed. Daniel will discontinue in the every day service to our contract time of 3 times a week now that the pool system is up and functioning properly. The Spring time to end of summer, early fall it will return to twice a week/ winter schedule once again in October. A special thanks goes out to the Brevard pool Tech (Daniel) for reaching out and going beyond his call of duty and taking special care in his caring for Montecito Community's pool during the transition period of putting the pool back in service the correct way. He takes pride in his job and caring for our pool only compliments him as a true pool tech. A job well done THANKS again (Daniel).

IRRRIGATION [Updates provided by Insight Irrigation LLC.]

Pump Station #1 was off over the weekend due to a repair. Paradise found a mainline leak that was causing issues on Pump #1. This is good news because it means much less wear and tear on the pump; however, we are still seeing some cycling from the pump when left open (although much less than before). This means there is probably still a small leak somewhere on Pump #1. Wet check inspection clock A

Wet check repairs found on Clock a

Repaired two main line breaks on pump station one


We're waiting for a proposal from Eau Gallie Electric for the lighting project that will enhance the lighting in the entryways at Shearwater Parkway and South Patrick.


Treatment for hydrilla has begun on Lake Catalina.


All 6 lakes fountains are working fine at this time . The fountains at the entrances and exit areas are all functional at this time. We're in process of putting the irrigation water to feed these fountains at South Patrick to fill upon demand of the float switches or when ever the water basins become low on water. Plus watering those 2 fountains daily for tw4enty minutes minimum.


There is a BEE infestation at the corner of Redondo Drive and Carlsbad Drive. Cones and caution tape was installed to defer residents from walking their Pets (DOG's) in this particular area until such time this issue can be treated accordingly. Please beware and do not approach this area. Thank you kindly.


Nothing to report at this time.


The Bike racks have been loosened by young boys being boys using the bike racks to release their aggressions. I witnessed several young boys hanging and pulling /shaking the bike racks to the point that they've loosened the anchors, the Bike racks at the playground will have to be refastened and the anchor studs will need epoxied to re-secure the bike racks.


The tiles needed to make necessary tile repairs to the round about at the Shearwater entrance were found and purchased at island Tile on US 1, I'll begin to make the necessary replacement ASAP upon my schedule allowance.