Randy McGrath

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Published: February 1, 2020 3:57 pm

Last Modified: February 1, 2020 3:57 pm

Randy McGrath

The main front entrance way of Clubhouse was in dire need of clean-up by removing the insect webbing and dirty walls above and around front door. The large hanging lighting fixture at front door area needed lowered to ground from it's fixed hanging position and clean up from dirt, dead insects, and bird nesting and bird droppings gathered since the last cleaning back in late 2018. When this light was cleaned last I left an eye-bolt and pulley were left in place in order to be able to lower and clean this particular lighting fixture in the future. The fixture was lowered and though rally cleaned and painted as needed and reinstalled back to it's regular position. The front door was in need of a repainting also, so I masked off the first half of the front door and painted the door from brown to the correct color dark bronze to match the rest of the doors at the Clubhouse. The other half of the front door will be masked off and completed on Monday February 3,2020. I purchased the paint needed to paint the door & window bands color ( brown ). I will continue painting the raised banding around front door and around both front windows of the entry way of Clubhouse after I complete painting the front door. This scope of work should brighten up and give the entrance a fresh clean appearance. I will start cleaning and painting all of the other doors and door handles of the Clubhouse as needed, All of the doors that have the worst weathered appearance will be done first.


The pool resurface scope of work began a couple of weeks ago, new ocean blue tiles were installed at the water surface line as well as browns tiles were installed on the pool floor and the bull nose water line area below ocean blue tiles. The old style pool lights were removed and new style LED lighting was installed in place of old style lighting. The pool was filled to it's capacity 63,450 gallons of water. The crew chief Charlie of SPIES Pool & Fountain cleaned out and flushed the filtration tank (Reservoir). He tried to start / energize the pool system and it would not come on. Charlie would generate a service ticket for SPIES service department to service our pool system start up procedure. NOT OPERATING at this time. Spies should send out a service tech Monday February 3,2020 Choline shock was added to pool water to keep water from changing colors. (GREEN)

IRRRIGATION [Updates provided by Insight Irrigation LLC.]

Wet check inspection clock A
Wet check repairs on clock A
Address Work orders
Add 2 irrigation heads for better coverage Pump station #1 continues to show a 10gpm leak. Because of this we have not been doing flow tests but electrical tests. We electrically tested every valve in the system this week. Let us know if there are any questions or concerns.


We received 3 different electrical proposals from Gault Electric LLC (1) for lighting from Monterey Drive walkway to the Mailboxes at the 700 block of Ventura Drive. (2) A separate proposal for the Playground area lighting. and (3) for a concrete electrical post for the power supply for pool lighting located in the East side flower bed area back side of swimming pool.


All 6 of the Community Lakes were tested recently and seem to be stabilized with the TDS readings However the Artisan wells waters were tested as well and the chloride levels are too high in which for the Community to open the Artisan wells to help supplement the water shortage issue of all 6 Community' lakes. We need rainfall.


All 6 lake fountains are functioning fine at this time, I recommend that we change out the breaker and lighting timer in Lake Valencia because the breaker has been tripping periodically. Not all of the time, but components do wear out on a regular basis. There are 2 fountains in need of new pump motor replacement, (1) at the entrance of Shearwater Parkway. (2) at the exit of South Patrick. Both of these fountains have work order generated and we're waiting on the pump motors come in on order at SPIES Pool & Fountain. of Kissimmee. Florida.


Nothing to report at this time.


The FDC came out on Thursday January 30,2020 and performed their routine preventative maintenance and the kiosk at South Patrick had to be reset because the key pad was not functioning property. Once reset, all is well now.


A separate proposal was submitted from Gault Electric LLC for lighting in and around the Playground area. This proposal will be reviewed by the Board of Supervisors ASAP.


Nothing to report at this time.