Randy McGrath

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Published: January 19, 2018 10:22 am

Last Modified: May 17, 2018 10:34 am

Randy McGrath

Clubhouse: Nothing to report at this time, because the painting of raised banding was put on hold due to cold temperatures. Can't paint in temperatures below 70 degrees.

Gym: Awhile back, maintenance was done on the fitness room equipment. A motor on one of the treadmills was changed out because of noisy operation I want to take the noisy motor to be repaired (replace bearings) if at all possible, to have as a spare for usage down the road. I believe that this motor is salvageable and will be fully functional when needed.


The pool pump motor is operating fine, the pool water is fine and is holding normal chemical levels at this time (Chlorine 4,0 ppm, ph 7.4, alkalinity 90 ppm, stabilizer 50 ppm) All good numbers. I have been receiving written weekly chemical readings from Brevard Pools tech ( Daniel ) ever since we had the leak issue with the filtration well. The black algae issue has been rectified and I will be conti ruing the monitoring / recording of chemical levels as a normal procedure from here on out.

IRRRIGATION [Updates provided by Insight Irrigation LLC.]

There is a street light out of border at 700 Ventura Drive. This particular light had been outfitted with the new LED bulb last month when Gault Electric LLC did a repair sweep as we had multiple street lights out at that time frame. This light only worked several days and then quit operating. I contacted Gault Electric LLC and conveyed this with Jamie Gault, he
agreed with me that there is something else going on with this fixture and wil! be addressing this issue soon; probably when they come here to repair the fixtures damaged from Hurricane IRMA. He explained to me that the parts for the damaged street lights were in transit and will be arriving any day now.


The pond levels are low which is normal for this time of year. The cold freezing weather !hat we've been experiencing has evidently taken its toll on the fish population in all 6 ponds. With much he:p from Rick Hoch, Ed Henson, and myself we removed several 5 gallon buckets of dead fish last week. We have experienced more cold weather since then and the reports I'm receiving that there are evidently more fish that have expired. I certainly could use more help in this matter with the removal of these dead fish. If anyone who is able to help out with this issue PLEASE contact me 321-777-9460, it would be extremely appreciated immensely.


All of the fountains are operatillg now, but the #2 fountain has" awkward (poor) display along with # 3 fountain. Fountain #4 had a bad timer (not functioning). I purchased another timer at Lowes and installed it as needed. I'm waiting to hear from Alan Scheerer on the status of the fountain contractor/vendor as they only have a one person of contact order in place? Fountains #2 and #3 need the jets cleaned out for better display.


South Patrick exit gate is now functional once again. FDC fabricated and installed a new gate leaf (south) exit side of gate. I just need to get new reflective decals put in place on new section to match northside leaf.


The installation of safety caps on fencing around playground has been started. There are 490 pickets total that need to be completed. The railings needed for the superstructure have been ordered and will be installed by Mr. Wellman and myself at the earliest convenience. This undertaking was in an effort to save the existing equipment, repair / replace
parts accordingly. To clean up, treat, and paint rusted areas to make the playground safer / fully functional once again. This challenge can be met, and will be met for the betterment of the Community. After the new railings are installed and secured, we will be calling on some of the men of the Community to help if! some of the cleanup and painting of the