Randy McGrath

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Published: January 12, 2018 10:14 am

Last Modified: May 17, 2018 10:19 am

Randy McGrath

All 4 restrooms were outfitted with new soap dispenser"), filled these 4 restroom dispensers with antibacterial type hand soap. The ladies room at the pool; the toilet tank bolts gave way causing both restrooms to filled as the two restrooms are only separated by a divider wall. Turned the water supply off, mopped up the water, removed the toilet tank, and installed new toilet tank hardware as needed. Air dried the floors with floor far. until dry most of the day.

Gym :AII is well in t he fitness room, nothing to report at this time.


The pool pump is operating just fine at this time and the chemicals are within normal ranges and there is no sign of black algae at this time either.

IRRRIGATION [Updates provided by Insight Irrigation LLC.]

The SFH & TH irrigation repairs from December were authorized and completed this week, and the January inspections were started also. The filters and pump stations 1 & 1. were also inspected. they all checked out fine and are fully functional at this time.


There is only one street light not functioning at 700 Ventura Drive. This was reported to Gault Electric LLC and will be addressed when the parts come in on order for the light fixtures damaged from Hurricane IRMA. G2ult will replace the needed parts for these fixtures and will make repairs to street light that is out of order.


The ponds are low, but ~he small bit of rain we had helped out somewhat. All rainfall is very welcome this time of year, plus the artesian wells are opened to help compensate for the lack of rainfall. Due to !he cold weather the pond temperatures dropped affecting some of the fish that simply could not survive this drastic temperature change. The dead fish were removed from all 6 ponds and discarded accordingly.


The power supply for pond #S was installed this week, Monday January 8,2018 by Gault Electric LLC. This included a new main power supply box and 4"riser pressure treated lumber rapped with a PVC housing. I reset the timers according to the necessary time for winter timeline. All checked out A-okay.


The damaged gate was removed uy FDC on 1/11/2018 and taken away. The fabrication of the new gate has begun and should be installed next week some time. It was reported to me by FOC that the hinges that t he gate swung on were bent (damaged) as well and that the post that supports this gate leaf would need to be beefed up and new hinges would have to be installed too.


The palm trees at both entryways Shearwater & South Patrick were trimmed and cleaned up of all twisted / broken prongs from Hurricane IRMA. Also trimmed and cleaned up all of the damaged palm tree prongs in (t,e common areas of the Clubhouse. There was a Royal Palm that did not survive the damages from the Hurricane IRMA, that was located at the
North side of the exit area of South Patrick outside the gates, closest to the roadway. All palm waste was hauled off by the vendor Tree Tech Pros. It is only fair to mention that the crew from Tree Tech Pros conducted the scope of work in a safe, clean, professional, and workman, type manner from start to finish. Thank you kindly Tree Tech Pros, your hard work was
much appreciated.

The work on the playground will be starting soon; as some of the materials such as the plastic safety caps for the fence pickets were ordered. One hundred caps were available for pick up. The caps will be painted to match the fencing color.

The railings that need to be replaced have also been ordered. Mr. Wellman and myself removed the bad rusted ones and will be installing the new railings when they arrive here soon.