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Nothing to report at this time.


The pool filtration tank had a fiberglass repair done on the bottom of shell of the reservoir. a three coat application of gel-coat was applied which is normal on this type of repair. After this gel-coat was applied there was an extra time for this finish coat to cure properly. This explains the extra time needed for this scope of work to be completed. Once the adequate time of curing time was accomplished, the new rectangular type grids were installed. Initially they were going to install the rounded type of grids were supposed to be installed, but these type grids are no longer available. So we had the rectangular type ones installed.as needed. Not all of the grids were bad, so we kept the salvageable ones for back ups if we ever need to replace any grids down the road if need be. The system was put back into service, new DE powder was saturated amongst the new grids and the system was purged of any trapped air / which is normal procedure on start up of system. The pool equipment is up and properly functioning at this time 11:30 am. on 10-18-2018.


The swimming pool will be closed Monday & Tuesday, October 15th & 16th to make repairs to the filtration tank. This also includes a new gel-coat finish as needed. The scope of work is being performed by JEWELL'S POOLS. The grids for the filtration will also be replaced with the round type as per their proposal price.


We are in the process of the total shut down of the pool to determine the best time frame in which to repair the fiberglass tank shell which houses the filtration system to the swimming pool. Unfortunately we were not able to have this work done during the last swimming pool shut down because of scheduling purposes , we have this scope of work to be done and completed on October 15th and 16th, 2018. We will send out an email blast to our residence to confirm this scope of work, We took into consideration that by completing this work early enough in the week, that this will not interfere with the week end of October 20th and 21st ,2018. We are tremendously sorry for any inconvenience that this might have on the Community swimmers. This is a much needed repair and thank everyone for their understanding.


Nothing to report at this time.


On September 11th, 2018 the power control box failed to operate due to internal overload. unfortunately this particular component had burned up and replacement was inevitable, so the new unit was ordered. While we awaited the arrival of this unit, the pool area was (CLOSED) it was delayed several extra days because of the storm (Hurricane / Tropical storm Florence). American Pump our vendor who takes care of our pool pump needs arrived yesterday 9/20/18 with our new power control unit. All new wiring was pulled through existing conduits as needed to be able to put this new component into service. unfortunately the old wires had burned up and were damaged from the overload situation when the power control unit shorted out internally. The NEW unit was installed and all of the necessary connections were made. The pool pump is now working fine. This particular component (PCU) was installed 4 years ago and this is normal life expectancy of this unit due to the elements in this region are with high saline concentrations in the air. This equipment is in operation 24/7 as circulation to disburse the necessary chemicals is just another duty that the equipment handles day in and day out regularly,


On Sept 11, 2018 the pool pump quit operating. After further investigation I found burnt wiring at the head of the pump control box power strip. I contacted American Pump and they came out today 9/14/18, this was the soonest they could arrive. They made an assessment that this power control unit was (BAD) and in need of replacement. American Pump Company checked their records and found out that they actually had replaced this power supply unit 4 years ago. They explained that getting this unit to allow us service for 4 years was good stretch because of all the salt air / elements we have in this area close to the beach and all. The power unit was ordered and will be installed Tuesday or Wednesday next week.


The chemical feeders are functioning properly at this time.


Remove and replace stenner chemical pump feeders accordingly. The #1 stenner pump was dried out and put back in service. The other stenner pump was rebuilt using an old pump and installed the bottom feeder part to put unit back in service. Both stenner chemical feeders are working fine at this time and seem to be dispersing chemicals at the correct levels.


The stenner pumps that feed the chemicals into the pool system have failed due to bad tubing which began to leak in the area of the stenner pumps location in the pump house compartment. This leak saturated both pumps and ruined the pumps by having direct shorts in both stenner pumps. What happens to this tubing is that it becomes very brittle from the inside out from pumping these chemicals trough these tubes. It just so happens that the tubing failed because of the elements and the extreme heat that accumulates inside of the pump housing. Both factors caused the tubing to lose its integrity (Chemicals and extreme heat). Unfortunately the stenner pumps will need to be replaced, but all of the tubing has been replaced. Brevard Pools tech (Daniel) reported this incident to their maintenance dept. and we will be getting new stenner pumps soon.


Received the 3rd proposal from Jewell's Pools for the resurfacing job of the Clubhouse swimming pool. I also received a proposal for the fiberglass repairs for the inground filtration reservoir. This is a bid price to make the necessary fiberglass repairs complete with a new gel-coat finish., which includes the costs of replacing all 36 filtration grids as needed. There is a one year warranty on this refurbishing of this in ground reservoir which is the normal warranty for this type of scope of work. The cost to replace this reservoir would be astronomical. It is my recommendation that we repair rather than replace at this juncture because the inground shell is salvageable.


We started taking bids this week for the swimming pool restoration project. So far I've received 2 bids and would like to get at least one more bid to present to the BOD before the next board meeting, so we will be able to discuss what options we have going forward. However, this work will need to be done in the slower time of year weather wise (Less swimmer traffic). We need to award this scope of work to whomever and get ourselves in a position to be on scheduled contract in getting this work done in January or February at the latest. If we prepare now, then coordinating this work should be a smooth transition in getting this done.


The automatic fill feature was shut off last Friday 07/27/18 while the pool was being serviced. The tech forgot to turn this feature back on after his service, his service was cut short because of inclement weather. When I arrived on Monday morning , the water level was considerately low. The autofill was turned back on, but I suspected that we were loosing water again. I contacted Brevard Pools our pool vendor and reported this issue. Their tech (Derrick) who handles leak finding was sent out and after a quick dye test found out that the inground reservoir that filters the pool water had began leaking again. The last time we had this problem, he made a patch type repair on the bottom of the reservoir shell with pool putty epoxy. This patch lasted about 6 months, and we knew then that time juncture that this patch was only a temporary fix. I contacted a fiberglass repair company (A Quality Fiberglass Company) to come out and make a determination if in fact that this reservoir shell can be repaired and if so what the cost wound be to make the necessary repairs. They will be contacting us back when their schedule is open to give us a proposal. The pool is in need of resurfacing, and sometime in January or February we would want to have this scope of work done. However, I will be taking bids on this work now to assure us that we could have the resurfacing done during the time when there are less people swimming because of cooler temperatures. This would also be a perfect time to have the inground filter reservoir repaired or replaced.


The pool is continuing to be treated for black algae as this is will be an ongoing issue until the pool can be resurfaced. This black algae is predominate during the very hot months of the year. July and August are normally when this algae manifests. I believe that sooner than later we need to address this black algae problem.


I've had to reset the pump control box 3 times recently due to lightning / power surges in our area lately. These were very aggressive storms though, beyond normal.


Nothing to report at this time.


Pool pump quit working on the early afternoon of July 4th, due to storm /lightning/power surge. Powered control box down and reenergize power to pool pump system control box back up. Water level was low, added water to reservoir Auto fill not functioning properly. I will discuss this with pool tech from Brevard Pools when he comes today to service pool.


Pool: The filtration grids have seen belter days and will need to be Changed out With new round type grids. There was a report of a small hair line crack by Mrs. Carol Wellman in the Clubhouse side wall of pool shell in the area of the light assembly. After speaking with Brevard Pools, the last dye test that was performed that particular crack was not showing up or laking in any dye There is a manifestation of black algae accumulating in the area or this hairline crack. and the bottom surface has become rough / scaly. Brevard Pools will be
conducting inspection of the pool bottom and they will make recommendations of a course of action that will have to follow up with.


Pool: The pool chemical levels are spot on and in the safe parameters of Brevard County. The pool deck repair on the pavers will take place on June 19,2018. This may take several days to complete. However, the pool deck might have to be quadrant off during this scope of work.


Pool: There is nothing to report at this time. The pool chemicals are spot on and are in the safe parameters set up by the State of Florida. The new pooI license was posted on bulletin board on patio wall next to kitchen entrance. The pool motor and themical feeders are all funttfonfrrg properly at this time.


Pool: The pool pump quit operating. After checking all voltages In this system, I found that the wiring that feeds this system had burnt up inside of the conduit from breaker box to pump control panel. This was due to a power surge of some sort lightning or dead short had welded the power leads together. I removed all three damaged wiring leads twelve feet in length of #8-gauge wire and replaced by pulling all new #8-gauge wiring leads (RED, BLACK, and GREEN), throulh the conduit. Made all of the necesary connections at the breaker panel and at the control box panel. Energized the system and checked operation of pool pump, the pool pump system Is up and running fine now.


The pool pump Is operating fine at this time; there is nothing to report. The chemical levels are ideal and considered perfect for swimmers to enjoy.


Pool: Nothing to report at this time. The pool equipment is operating fine and all the chemicals were spot on.


The pool pump is operating fine at this time. nothing to report. All chemical levels are spot on.


The pool pump is operating fine at this time. The two stenner pumps which are responsible for slowly allowing the chlorine to be pumped into the holding tank (reservoir). The pool pump then circulates the water from the reservoir to the pool. These stener pumps Operated 24/7 and Simply were no longer functional'. The motors were completely worn out. The average life expectancy for these units it about 9 months. I saved the old stenner unit, to use for spare parts if needed. All chemical' readings in the pool tested spot on.


The pool pump is operating fine at this time, nothing to report. All chemical levels are spot on.


The pool pump quit operating. After tracking down the power source I found burnt wire leads at the head of the pump motor power strip. I was able to make a temporary repair by adding a small jumper lead to the power strip. I purchased all new wire and will be installing it on 3/26.


The pool pump and chemical levels are fine at this time. Nothing to report.


The pool pump motor is operating fine, the pool water is fine and is holding normal chemical levels at this time (Chlorine 4,0 ppm, ph 7.4, alkalinity 90 ppm, stabilizer 50 ppm) All good numbers. I have been receiving written weekly chemical readings from Brevard Pools tech ( Daniel ) ever since we had the leak issue with the filtration well. The black algae issue has been rectified and I will be conti ruing the monitoring / recording of chemical levels as a normal procedure from here on out.


The pool pump is operating just fine at this time and the chemicals are within normal ranges and there is no sign of black algae at this time either.


The pool pump is operating fine, nothing to report at this time. The black algae treatments have worked, this issue is nonexistent at this time.