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Remove the broken peices of (4) scupper grates, and installed new grates as needed. I had purchased extra grate assemblies to have as a stock item, because these grates are difficult to find. I'm not certain how much longer that these parts will be available, I purchased for stock purpose


A represenative Kevin Bak of Surfside Pavers Inc. came out and inspected the East side of the pool deck, where there uneven floor paver blocks. I also showed him to inspect the paver blocks along North side where the display fountains are located that are uneven. His recomendation is to remove several rows of paver blocks in these areas to determine what is causing these paver blocks to be uneven. He also measured up the walkway/ pathway from the Clubhouse grassy area and mulch area along the side of 750 Ventura Drive rear, to the CDD hedge before the Ventura Drive sidewalk. Surfside Pavers Inc. will be sending us a quote / proposal to install a paver walkway length 73'5 X 3.5 wide. Color Harvest Blend.


The pool pump quit functioning on 09-22-21. kept tripping the circuit breaker each time that it was energized. I contacted Mike the Tech from American Pump Company, and they're scheduled to be out on Friday morning 09-24-2021 to troubleshoot pool pump issues. I CLOSED the pool because the pool is not circulating the water. POSTED that the pool is temporarily OUT OF ORDER until repairs can be made. Per Randy McGrath (DFS). 09-22-2021. STATUS REPORT : I made contact this morning with Mike (American Pump Company) at 9:00 am, Mike informed me that his schedule was slightly backed up, but would be out ASAP. As of 12:00 pm. the Tech Mike of American Pump had not arrived yet, It seems that every vendor is having back logged issues. This makes it challenging to perform my duties ,as I find myself at the mercy of the vendor's schedules. We're in a waiting / holding pattern, not by design. I just spoke to Mike the Tech from American Pump Company and he'll be arriving at 4:30 pm. to check out the pump motor / troubleshoot issues. Checked the service Amps @34 rated for 39 Amps . Found GFI breaker weak causing breaker to continuosly trip on start up. Change out the GFI and pump motor is now up and running. The pool system will need to operate overnight, all night to circulate the pool water to clears up cloudy appearance. I'll check the water condition in the morning to make determination whether the pool is safe to swim.


The umbrella that was getting new frame and tie strings repaired was put back in service today 09-17-2021. There was a concern of eneven pavers at the East end of pool deck in the area of 3' & 4'depth indicators. a repesenative from Surfside pavers is going to stop by sometime tomorrow to inspect and give quote for repair,. 09-17-21.


The scupper drain covers : (ONLY 2 were replaced) and one will be installed when it becomes available. It has been ordered The Tech from Brevard Pools Daniel ordered needed parts


The pool tech Daniel reported to me that the pool seems to hold the chemicals longer while the pool fountains are in the off position. We have been waiting for SPIES to come and investigate this issue further.


The fountains in the pool were turned off as there seems to be loss of water and Chemicals. We have been closely monitoring this activity and we will be scheduling a more thorough investigation when the swimming season / swimming traffic winds down, so we can actually (CLOSE) the pool to conduct a total pool plumbing test to determine which and what dirrection we must follow in order to pin-point a more percise location of the water loss or chemical losses area. We feel confident that SPIES Pools is who we want to schedule to conduct the plumbing test. We must schedule them now, for them to come out in late September or mid to early October for testing to begin. However, we are at the mercy of SPIES scheduling calendar to perform such testing regiments.


We had SPIES come out to identify the issues we're having with the pool here at Montecito. There were issues with both stenner (chemical feeders) Leaking tubes assemblies which are located in the bottom portion of the stenner (chemical feeders). they replaced the stenner tubes and new rigid type rollers as needed. they also found a bad control valve which controls water to the pool fountains assemblies, They also changed out (2) flow meters which were in need of replacement of our equipment (GPM) measurements. I explained to SPIES Tech Z of complaints of pour circulation at the jets at the West end of the pool, and slow drainage of the filtration tank when pumping out the water to service ( Cleaning of the filtration grids). The Tech Z of SPIES Pools drained the filtration tank and hosed off the grids, After servicing the filtration system and adding DE powder to the grids the circulation at the West end of the pool was better. Although the parts in the pool equipment system were changed out, I believe we must go further with investigating the complete pool system later this season when the pool swimmer activity (traffic) slows down.


There has been a suspect loss of Chemicals with the Community pool. There are alot of variables in order to helps us distiguish what and where the chemicals are going? In a attempt to understand this issue we have isolated the fountains of the pool by turning them off, and monitoring the amount of chemical levels we have experienced since the fountains were shut off. We had also turned the autofill off to help us determine how much water has escaped the pool by doing so. There is a continuance of chemical loss, but does not seem to be as severe since turning off the pool fountains. I believe that the amount of the swimmers load has and can cause a water and chemical loss. Awaiting to hear from SPIES on their schedule to testing the fountains separatetly from pool system. The pool chemicals were spot on as of 9:00 am this morning 08-06-2021 and the pool pump is operating at 350 GPM. Per Brevard pool Company tech Daniel


Last swimming season prior to the Covid 19 we had SPIES pool Company come out and determine whether or not that we had a leak issue because the pool would not hold the chemicals. This problem was never really addressed to my satisfaction . The way SPIES explained their findings, was that the fountains that operate while pool is circulating were subject to leaking causing the chemicals to disappear was my understanding. In order to isolate this issue would be to turn off the fountains and to also shut off the autofill . this would give us a better understanding, if we're able to get the pool chemicals to hold and stabilize with out operating the fountains. With the autofill off, we'll be able to determine how much water the pool is losing. I have spoke with William V. of GMS because of my concerns of the pool not holding the chemicals. If SPIES could give the pool a second look and in fact make the determination where the chemicals are escaping? The shower area was pressure washed today 07-30-21 Per Randy McGrath (DFS).


On Monday July 19, 2021 the swimming pool had to be temporarily closed to be able to thoughly flush and clean the filtration grids that were heavily coated with suntan lotions / sun block lotions /spays and sand clogging the filters, from a weekend full of heavy numbers of swimming traffic residents and friends. The pool was cleaned and the filtration tank was also cleaned and flushed a total of 3 times this week. Every time the serviceman came to service the pool , the people that were in the pool were simply and kindly asked to stay out of the swimming pool while the service was being done. The tiles were sprayed and scrubbed each time the pool was being serviced.


The pool pump is working fine at this time 350 GPM and the pool chemicals were spot on. I instructed the pool tech to ask the residents to kindly get out of the pool while he conducts the service of the pool. This includes the vacuuming of the pool, scrubbing of the tiles, dropping / draining /cleaning of the filtration tank. Refilling the filtration tank with fresh water. I believe by servicing the pool with nobody in the pool creates a better environment and more thorogh cleaning /service. This was my observation today anyway 07/16/21


I contacted Brevard Pool company first thing this morning and registered a complaint that the upper tiles were not being properly cleaned during the regular scheduled pool maintenance. The pool tech from Brevard pools simply was not cleaning these tiles because of all the swimmer traffic being at a high volume. I worked it out with Brevard pool maintenance personnel that they will have complete access to pool, even if that means closing the pool completelely during the maintenance service visits. The pool was thoughrally cleaned and the filtration tank was dropped and cleaned completely. I was not aware that the regular tech Daniel is on vacation this week. so it's easy to see how the pool was neglected. I happened to be off property chasing marterials for other projects, when the tech came to service the pool. Daniel will be returning back next week to perform his duties, he will have the pool back in shape upon his return. The pool chemicals are spot on and the pool pump is operating at 350 GPM. Cleanned( 3) (CHASE_LOUNGE) cussions that were stained in the crease with sun block / suntan lotion and dirt. Cleaned up with degreaser / awsome cleaner / elbow grease.


The pool chemicals were tested and checked out spot on, the pool pump is operating at 350 GPM


The pool shower valve assembly was worn out and in need of replacement. Locate, pick up, and installed a new new sping loaded water control valve to the exterior pool shower. There has been an excess of NATS infestation this year at the pool, and the dead NAT-FLIES have been gathering up in the pool equipment filtration grids, along with the sun block, sun tan lotions which gather together and cause blockage of the pool circulation capacity FLOW. The pool chemicals are spot on and the pool pump is operating at 350 GPM. The water levels in the pool needed to be lowered twice this week due to rainfall.


The pool re inspection passed 06-03-2021 after the ladder repair was made by Brevard Pools LLC. The Chemicals were checked and found to be spot on, and the pool pump is operating at 350 GPM. The Phosphate treatment was successful and also done by Brevard Pools Company LLC. The only issue to report about the pool & pool deck is that one of the umbrellas was damaged by winds gusting from one of the rain storms that happened over the Memorial day weekend. This umbrella was removed from the pool deck on Sunday afternoon 05-30-2021 and was taken to have a new umbrella frame installed , at Palm Casual on South US 1 on Tuesday 06-02-2021. I opted to purchase a new frame without the tilt capability because the tilt nuckle simply won't handle the elements of salt air exposure, or the bursts of winds that sometimes accompant afternoon rain storms. This umbrella also had issues with the tie-straps being frayed. so the canopy will need new tie-straps sewn into the umbrella canopy as well at N/C to us because of warranty protection. Palm Casual will contact us when the repairs are complete and the umbrella is ready to put back into service. Per Randy McGrath (DFS).


The pool was closed from 05/24/21 to 05/27/21 to preform a phosphate treatment needed to rid the pool from a light green algae that was manifesting on the North pool wall. The phosphate killer was applied to the pool water on 5/24/21 and was allowed 24 hours of time in which to kill off the algae and phosphates. After the treatment was completed, the dead algae / phosphates drop to the pool bottom.The pool was then vaccumed to remove sedements from the pool floor. The filtration grids were removed and thoughrally cleaned after the vaccuming up of the contaminates. This process was duplicated on the second / third days. The pool was reopened late morning 11:00 am on 05/27/21. A plastic scupper pool grate was reported by a resident to be broken, I contacted Brevard pools and reported the broked grate on the morning of 05/28/21 and asked for the Tech Daniel to please bring us a new grate needed for scupper. They assured me that Daniel would have this grate with him when he comes to do his schedled routine cleaning visit on this day 05/28/21. The pool tech Daniel replaced the broken scutter grate, so I closed the work ticket out that had generated a work order.

05-14-2021 and 05-21-2021

The Pool chemicals are spot on and the pool pump is operating at 350 GPM An observation was made by a resident and relayed this information to Logan Humbert our new pool attendant, of a light green algae forming on the North East wall of the pool. Logan reported this information to me Randy McGrath (DFS). Water samples were taken to be analized to check the pool water phosphate levels, this may cause this algae issue. We are aware of this problem and treatment is on going. The Ping-pong refurbishment project has been completed. The rust removal with scoff pads and sand paper discs, once the rust was removed it was treated with ospho (rust inhibitor), Primed (white) and Painted (black). job completed. The Phosphate levels were tested and came back high, so it was recommended by Brevard Pools that we treat the light green algae manifestation on the North/East pool wall. This treatment has been scheduled and will have the pool closed on Monday 05-24-21 through Wednesday 05-26-21. Remove / replace the toilet seat in the Womans room pool side, which was reported to me by Logan Humbert the new CDD pool attendant. Logan has been with us a little over a week and has made a positive contribution by reporting information to me, making the communication awarness of the pool tech going forward with this algae treatment.


Brevard Pools came out on 05/03/21 and made the necessary repairs to the North ladder in the pool. The anchor wedge bolt needed to be fastened ino place by removing the pavers, and concreteing the wedge flange secure / reinstall the pavers. Surround the ladder work area with baracade and with caution tape until the concrete had time to cure. After 2 days of curing the concrete, the baracade and caution tape were removed. The pool chemicals were checked and found to be spot on, the pool pump was checked and was found to be pumping at the rate of 350 GPM.


Unfortunately the Brevard Pool maintenance staff has been back logged with unavailable technicians to come out and preoceed making the repairs needed on one of the pool ladder assemblies. The wedge bolt anchoring system is in need of replacement. This scope of work is very labor intensive and requires a two men crew in order to make this repair complete. The pool pump is functioning at 350 GPM and the pool chemicals were spot on.


A new net, / paddles, and balls were purchased in a kit. Retro-fit the net assembly using the old brackets / fastening new net into place, securing hardware at the base of net arms. The super structure of the ping-pong table is in need of replacement, it seems that the outside elements have been eating away at the medal (BADLY RUSTING). A couple of years ago this super structure was primed and painted and this gave us 2 years of extra life of the frame that supports the ping-pong table. This framework has lived / ran out it's life span / replacement is inevitable. I will check out the costs of replaceing the ping-pong table. The Pool chemicals are spot on and the pool pump is operating at 350 GPM. Brevard Pools was supposed to have been here this week to make repairs on one of the pool ladders anchoring wedges, but now have scheduled this scope of work for next weeks schedule. This job is more labor intensive than previously thought, It involves removing pool deck pavers, breaking out existing concrete anchoring materials, and reinstalling new anchoring hardware, resetting into fresh new concrete, / reinstalling the pool deck pavers back into place. This repair was quoted to cost $450.00 from start to finish.


The pool chemicals were checked and found to be spot on and the pool pump is operating at 350 GPM. We had our pool inspection by the Brevard County Health Dept. this week and everthing passed except one of the pool ladders was found to be loose, the hardware that is in place to keep the ladders attatched to the pool deck had become detached and in need of attention. This issue was reported to Brevard Pool maintenance department and the came out to assess the situation and we found out that the concrete that is suppose to hold the anchoring mechanism in place, and in order to correct this issue was to remove a couple of pavers in this area / repour fresh concrete around the anchoring devise / reattach the wedge & bolt assembly securely / reinstall the pavers. This scope of work has been scheduled to be done sometime next week. Once the repair has been completed the inspector will reinspect and sign off on this repair. This problem of the anchor mechanism coming apart is from normal wear & tear and years of children hanging and pulling on the ladder asembly.


The pool chemicals are spot on and the pool pump is operating at 350 GPM.


The pool chemicals are spot on and the pool pump is pumping 350 GPM


The pool furniture that were in need of repairs was found to be cast alluminum and beyond the juncture of repairs. Not only were the cost of the repairs would be greater than the replacement costs of the pool furniture, the liability issues of the repairs holding up and making this furniture safe again. I called the scrap guy that I use to remove the (2) chairs and (1) table to the dump. unfortunate that this furniture was not able to be repaired. Safety first. Per Randy McGrath (DFS). 03-25-21 1:00 pm. The pool chemicals are spot on and the pool pump motor is operating at 350 GPM.


Pool chemical levels spot on, and the pool pump maintaining 350 GPM flow.


The pool chemical levels are spot on and the pool pump is maintaing 350 GPM at this time


Nothing to report at this time.


The pool tech from Brevard Pools has been monitoring our swimming pool chemicals and remains on a 3 times per week schedule. He reported to me that each time he visits our Community pool he has to add 10 gallons of Chlorine and one 2pound scoop of stabilizer, or stabilizer when necessary. For instance today 12-18-20 he added the 10 gallons of chlorine and no stabilizer, because the pool chemestry did not need it. He also turned the auto fill back on, because it had been off for some time as I monitored the pools water level. The regular water evaporation was taking place so the auto fill was turned back on. We will continue monitoring the pools chemestry and we will add chemicals as needed.


We are continuing monitoring the chemical and water levels in the swimming pool. We are also continuing the 3 times per week services by Brevard Pools LLC until further notice while we gather / monitor information


We are continuing to monitor the chemical and the water levels of the pool, We have been experiencing the chlorine levels dropping off, we've been adding a bit more stabilizer to help in our efforts / ability to keep the chemicals (CHLORINE) levels normal .I've been testing these levels daily and in constant communication with our pool tech (Daniel) of Brevard pools. Normally this time of year the pool tech only visits us twice a week .Due to this chemical imbalance situation I've had the pool tech remaining his visits to 3 times a week. until further notice.


The pool has been having issues of holding the chlorine levels, a dye test was performed on September 22,2020 to check the pool for leaks of any kind. There seems to be a suspect of a leak in the pool display fountains. These were shut off to determine if there could be water loss from this issue, we also turned off the auto fill to be able to determine if in deed there was any water loss other than normal evaporation. By process of elimination we were trying to monitor any drastic water loss in the pool. The stabilizer levels were a bit low, so stabilizer was added to boost the stabilizer levels. This will allow the chlorine levels to hold longer. The black algae spots are still present but not as prevalent. We will continue to monitor the pool chemical levels daily and we will need to investigate and test the display fountains plumbing probably next month or when the pool swimming traffic slows down somewhat. A new auto fill was installed because the old one had a small leak in the housing itself.


There have been several complaints from certain residents about the rust / black spots on the pool floor. The tech from Brevard pools has treated these spotting area, but to no avail these spots are stubborn and continuing to reappear. On Tuesday September 8,2020 the pool will be closed in order to shock the pool with a stronger concentration of Chlorine. A Super shock on Tuesday and a neutralization of the chlorine late afternoon on Wednesday to bring the chlorine levels back down in order to make the pool swimmable once again. In doing this treatment should remove the spotting issues that have been manifesting on the pool floor. This is an attempt to rid the pool of rust / black spots once and for all. The gates to the pool will be Zipped ties shut and signage will be posted informing the residents of the pools closing Tuesday 8.2020 during this time there will be absolutely NO SWIMMING IN THE POOL AT ALL until Thursday morning after the neutralization takes place and that the chlorine levels are safe enough to swim in. Per Randy McGrath (DFS). William V. of GMS


All chemical levels are spot on and the pool pump is operating at 350 GPM.


The Brevard pools have scheduled the grids cleaning and flushing of the filtration tank and plumbing system of the pool to be done one day next week Mean-while the regular 3 days per week cleaning will continue going forward. The chemical levels are spot on and pool pump motor is operating at 350 GPM. which is normal. The shower area was pressure washed and disinfected and though rally cleaned to avoid any slip and fall issues. The Plant life on the pool deck (Hibiscus) plants are flourishing as the plants respond to the fertilizer put down in their soil to cause flower bloom. This adds color to the pool deck area


Installed some hardware to the main equipment housing cabinet in order to allow the lid to crop open while the tech services the pool equipment. The pool chemicals were checked and were found spot on. The pool pump is operating at 350 GPM, which is normal. The Tech (Daniel ) from Brevard Pools explained to me that the filtration tank is becoming harder and harder to drain the pool filtration tank, due to the build up of suntan oils and sun-block oils, causing difficulties draining the filtration tank., as the oils mixed with the sand brought into pool by beach goers not rinsing off before entering the swimming pool. after a trip to the beach. The combination of oils / sand / and debris have made there way into the drainage pipe becoming a sludge type blockage material. If this continues, we will be forced to have Brevard Pools to generate a work order to remove the filtration grids and completely back-flushing the filtration system. This report is to make everyone aware of the this issue because this will put excessive strain on the pump motor. This draining and service should be done several times each year in order to maintain a clean free-flowing pool equipment system.. This is a recommendation of myself Randy McGrath (DFS) and the pool Tech of Brevard Pools (Daniel)


The old style (PANIC) button was installed by Sonitrol on the exterior wall of the fitness room. The old style was not compatible with the new security(MY SONITROL) system. This panic button is for opening the West side gate of pool entrance / exit and for EMERGENCY use only per signage. This emergency button was installed in a weather proof clear plastic enclosure and mounted / sealed with clear silicone around button accordingly.


The pool pump is working fine at this time, pumping 350 GPM and the chemicals are spot on. There have been complaints of sand gathering at the pools bottom, and suntan oils gathering on the pool tiles. Both of these issues are attributed to swimmers coming from the beach and not rinsing off the sand from their swimwear that has gathered in the pockets and such. The suntan oils and sun-block simply being applied and never being rinsed off by the shower at the East end of the pool-deck. I watched Brevard Pools Tech (Daniel) clean the tiles / filters if needed at the time he comes here. This problem has been discussed between Daniel and myself several times already this season.


The opening of the Clubhouse pool ,fitness room, game room and amenities in general has been a challenge trying to activate the access cards to the COVID 19 access level format, as the old software of our security system was not able to carry this load of our existing access levels and all new information. It will soon be rectified and all systems go when the new system is put into service. This should be a smooth transition as all of the information /data has already been processed.


The pool was opened 0n Monday May 18th 2020. There is a percentage of persons permitted to occupy the swimming pool. !6 persons are permitted to swim at one time, This number will change according to the recommendation of the County / State. The pool pump is operating at 359GPM, which is spot on . The chemicals levels are ideal and the water temperature is perfect for avid swimmers.


The pool pump operating at 350 GPM and all the chemicals are spot on. The pools appearance is preteen. And very inviting.


The pool pump is functioning at 350 GPM, which is spot on, the chemical levels in the pool are also spot on and holding the chemicals fine. This is also because the pool is (CLOSED) and the swimmers activity has been ZERO.


We were having an issue of the 50amp double pull breaker tripping. SPIES pool &Fountain came out and found that the 50 amp double pull breaker was not completely set into position correctly, it was (LOOSE) / not making a good connection, causing the breaker to arch / trip. John the Tech from SPIES set the breaker correctly into position and this issue went away. The problem was created by Brevard Pools Tech was using this breaker to turn the pool equipment off when he shut down to clean the filtration grids. The breaker was accidently knocked out of position during Brevard Pools weekly service . John the Tech from SPIES explained to me that there is a disconnect switch on the side of the power supply / control box that goes to the motor, and that the Tech from Brevard Pools should start using this disconnect for powering down the equipment instead of using the breaker to power the pool equipment down when rendering service. I conveyed this information to Brevard Pools Tech Daniel and he has agreed not to use the breaker to power equipment down anymore. Other than that the chemicals were spot on and the flow rate is perfect at 350 GPM


The pool remains CLOSED and the only persons with access card authorization to gain access to the Clubhouse is CDD CHAIRMAN ( Larry Bradshaw. ,Board Supervisors, GMS District Manager (JASON SHOWE, Field Manager (WILLIAM V., Vendors POOL Tech from Brevard pools, and Personnel from housekeeping COVERALL (FRANK) Myself Randy McGrath (DFS)..

Clock D was reset this morning by Paradise and I can communicate with it once again. It should resume running again as expected tonight.

Please let us know if there are any areas that need extra attention and we will do our best to accommodate. Otherwise I will plan on letting things run on their regular schedules.Grath (DFS).


The pool which was recently been resurfaced and brought back up to speed in the safe and orderly fashion, to be able to receive many years of enjoyment of the swimming pool going forward. Many preclusions went into assuring this pools chemistry has been looked after during the start up of the pools resurface integrity. Due to the latest health issues pertaining to the Corona virus strain, large groups are not permitted to gather within a certain proximity according to the guidelines put forward by the CDC recommendations. We must as a responsible Community do our part in following the orders given to us in helping to do our best in this fight against this ugly virus that may change the ways in which we live from here on out or until there is a resolution to this Corona virus strain. May God help us all. Amen. The NEW pool hours are from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. and by CDC recommendations, Please understand.. This is until further notice.


The stenner pump for the ACID feeder will need to be replaced. as it is not performing correctly. I'll have to contact Brevard pool maintenance dept. The pool pump is functioning fine at this time. The Chlorine feeder stenner pump is operating fine at this time.


The pool inspection was done by the Health Dept. in my absence and we passed inspection with only a few issues. I installed a new Stenner pump on the chlorine feeder side before I had left on get away and one of the stenner hoses had a small leak, this issue was taken care of by Brevard Pools Tech (Daniel) as he just replaced the chemical line as needed. Daniel will discontinue in the every day service to our contract time of 3 times a week now that the pool system is up and functioning properly. The Spring time to end of summer, early fall it will return to twice a week/ winter schedule once again in October. A special thanks goes out to the Brevard pool Tech (Daniel) for reaching out and going beyond his call of duty and taking special care in his caring for Montecito Community's pool during the transition period of putting the pool back in service the correct way. He takes pride in his job and caring for our pool only compliments him as a true pool tech. A job well done THANKS again (Daniel).


THE POOL IS OFFICIALLY OPEN !!! Finally the pool was open for all of the residents. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone in the Montecito Community, but on the side of caution we allowed the extra curing time needed for the pool bottom and side walls. The PH readings did finally stabilize at 7.4 which is considered ideal for the avid swimmers. Unfortunately the weather has not cooperated, now that the pool is open the temperatures / weather conditions are very poor. A special thanks go out to the personnel from SPIES Pool & Fountain for a job well done. The other thanks go out to Brevard Pools (Tech) Daniel Sedaghat for nursing the pool back into operational status. This was very challenging task to say the least, and thank you to all of the residents who patiently waited for the re opening of the pool.


The pool was recently resurfaced and new tiles at water level was replaced. Four new LED lights were also installed during the resurface job. The old pump motor was in need of replacement, a new 7.5 horse power motor was installed and matched impeller trimmed correctly for that application was installed as needed. The chemical levels are being monitored as well as the Ph to assure pool water chemistry levels are correct to protect the new pool surface. This is a slow tidies process as the pool walls and pool bottom are gently brushed daily and the grids for the filtration are cleaned accordingly. Thank you all for your patience.


The pool resurface scope of work began a couple of weeks ago, new ocean blue tiles were installed at the water surface line as well as browns tiles were installed on the pool floor and the bull nose water line area below ocean blue tiles. The old style pool lights were removed and new style LED lighting was installed in place of old style lighting. The pool was filled to it's capacity 63,450 gallons of water. The crew chief Charlie of SPIES Pool & Fountain cleaned out and flushed the filtration tank (Reservoir). He tried to start / energize the pool system and it would not come on. Charlie would generate a service ticket for SPIES service department to service our pool system start up procedure. NOT OPERATING at this time. Spies should send out a service tech Monday February 3,2020 Choline shock was added to pool water to keep water from changing colors. (GREEN)


The pool resurfacing project has began: I must say that SPIES POOL & Fountain are very hard working and have approached the scope of work in a professional workman type manner. I am really impressed with their work ethic and no nonsense (GET RR DONE) method. The weather has been on and off rainfall. not heavy rain but a very misty type rainfall, keeping the dusty type work down while they operated their chipping hammers removing the old tiles working throughout each days sprinkles.. The rain kept the dust down so to speak. This crew is awesome.


The pool chemical levels are spot on and the pool pump is pumping 350 GPM which is spot on for water flow with our pool system. The pool resurface scope of work is on schedule for February 3,2020 buy SPIES POOL & Fountain Company., We received written authorization from the Brevard Board of Health to begin the scope of work of pool resurfacing. Building Permit #05-60-05071 Jan.16,2020


The pool pump motor has been acting up, causing the breaker to trip three times yesterday January 2,2020 This breaker was reenergized once today January 3,2020. I made contact with Mike from American Pump Company yesterday January 2,2020 and explained the situation, and he made an appointment with us for Monday January 6,2020 early as possible. The Brevard Tech Daniel cleaned the grids today January 3,2020 backflush the pool system completely. The breaker has not tripped as of yet since. I will continue to monitor this issue accordingly. A new pool timer was installed this week for the pool lighting. The timer was set to turn ON at dusk and turn OFF at daylight. The old timer had a bad timer motor.


The chemicals to the pool were checked and were found to be spot on. The pool pump is fine pumping 350 GPM also spot on The timer for the pool lighting needed start and stop tabs installed for the timer to work correctly. Installed the tabs by adjusting them accordingly, for the lights to come on at dawn 6:00 pm, and to shut off at daylight 6:00 am.


The pool filters / grids were cleaned and back-flushed this week. The pools chemicals were spot on and the pools GPM at 350. (perfect).


All chemicals were spot on in pool, the pump motor operating fine at 350 GPM. which is prefect.


The pool chemical levels are spot on even though we had that much needed rainfall the chemicals held steady. The pool pump is pumping 350 GPM, which is spot on.. I let the pool water level down twice this week due to an adequate amount of rainfall. Pool plant life is thriving on and around pool deck. The pool lighting has been back into service per codes of County & State requirements, also the City of Satellite Beach codes as well.


All the chemical levels were spot on and the circulation flow is at 350 GPM also spot on. Hibiscus plants in large planters on pool deck were fertilized on 10/21/19 These plants are thriving and doing quite well after bouncing back from the Army worm attack and the inclement weather from the hurricane.


We received a proposal from SPI$ES for the swimming pool resurfacing / scope of work to complete, this also includes new LED lighting for the pool


Pool pump and pool equipment operating fine at this time. All of the pool chemical readings are spot-on and the flow rate to the pool equipment is operating at 350 GPM. This is perfect;


SPIES came out and installed the new circulation grate at the bottom of the pool to stay in compliance with the Brevard County and State of Florida statutes. Spies is also putting together a quote on resurfacing the pool as needed because the pool life of the pool bottom has lived it's life and is in need of resurfacing.. As of October 1st 2019 we are in what is the winter pool schedule. The pool Tech will only service the pool twice a week instead of 3 times a week. The winter schedule is Monday's and Friday's of each week until March 1st of next year 2020. The pool chemical levels are spot on and the pool pump is operating at 350 GPM. which is the normal rate for this system.


The pool chemical levels are spot on / in compliance with the Brevard County and State of Florida parameters. The pool equipment is functioning fine at this time and the water flow is spot on at 350 GPM.


Installed fresh top-soil and fertilizer on and around (HIBISCUS) plants in large pots on pool deck. I also treated these plants for ARMY worms as needed. These HIBISCUS plants are responding well to treatments given. The pool chemicals are spot on and the pool equipment is working fine at this time. The pool looks great and very inviting to our residents and their guests.


The pool chemical levels are and have been maintaining spot-on reports. There have been swimmers forgetting to re-tract the umbrellas lately. I simply ask the folks to please lower the umbrellas when they are finished using them. A reminder was made at the workshop meeting of the pool grate replacement needing to be done by the end of November. I spoke with the pool Tech of Brevard Pools (Daniel Sedeghat) and reminded him also, to schedule us in for grate replacement before 11/30/2019.


All of the pool furniture was removed from the pool deck and the patio area and was secured inside of the Clubhouse in an orderly fashion, due to Hurricane Dorian's wrath. All planters were either brought in the Clubhouse or secured in cubby areas near the pool restroom hallway. The pool had to have the water levels lowered several times during and when Hurricane days were upon us because of overflow reasons. I made sure that the chemical reservoirs were kept full during storm (Hurricane) conditions. The chemical levels were checked and all is well, we were able to keep chlorine level's and PH level's within the allowances, even after I pumped the pool water levels down, our chemicals held up and we kept the pool from turning (GREEN). This was a battle we had after Hurricane Mathew, so I stayed on it and it paid off. After the Hurricane Dorian left the area, the pool furniture and potted plants were put back in place on the pool deck and patio areas. Thanks to GMS and their crew. Thanks William


A majority of the cushions were delivered and installed on the pool patio. There are only several chairs lacking cushions. The pool chemical levels were checked and were spot on, all is well.


All of the pool water / chemical levels were tested and were spot on.


The pool chemical levels are spot on. We have been experiencing some much needed rainfall lately and I've had to lower the water level several times this week accordingly.

Addendum for Irrigation 08-02-2019 from Paridise Lawn & Irrigation

Nothing to report at this time.


The landscape portion of the pool deck area has been completed

Addendum 07-26-2019

Nothing to report at this time.


Replace the burned out bulbs in lighting fixtures along outside walkways / archways and along the face wall of patio. Some of these fixtures had bad hardware,/ replaced the hardware as needed. All lighting fixtures are luminating fine now. The Rules signage was installed to match the pool gate signage, on the designated walls and areas for these signs.


The pool filtration well was drained and cleaned, along with flushing/ hosing off and cleaning the filtration grids. Re-filled reservoir with fresh water and added the new DE powder to filtration grids. All the chemical levels were checked and were spot on. The pool was vacuumed and the mosaic tiles were cleaned and scrubbed free of sun block & tanning lotions. This build up of sun block & suntan oils is an on going issue this time of year because of the number of swimmers using the pool.


The pool was vacuumed and mosaic tiles were scrubbed, the filters were cleaned, and the chemicals were checked, the chemical levels are spot on. A new grate was installed on one of the scupper drains as needed on the south side of the pool by the ladder.


The pool deck furniture cushions have been ordered and should be delivered any day now. to brighten up the pool deck once installed.. Chemical levels to the pool are holding normal readings even though we've experienced a considerable amounts of rainfall. The water level of the pool has been lowered twice this week because of the rainfall.


The posts that used to hold the safety equipment were removed from the flower beds rear of the pool and the safety equipment were relocated and fastened to the East and West return fence areas.


Made adjustments to new Stenner pump to disperse the chlorine chemicals correctly and evenly with the marantic acid feeder. Both Stenner pumps are dispersing evenly now. The ping-pong table super structure was cleaned of rust and painted (BLACK) to be able bto get more life out of this table. I researched this, replacement cost to replace this particular table is approximately $1100.00


The flowering pot areas of the pool deck have been cleaned of any plant life and root systems. The Stenner pump that feeds the Chlorine to the pool system went bad and the chemical tubing that transfers the Chlorine to the system was clogged with calcium deposits. I replaced the bad Stenner pump and pulled a new tubing chlorine feed line though one inch diameter housing pipe that runs from Stenner pump to the outer chlorine reservoir well. I adjusted the chlorine feed amounts according to the desired flow needed to disperse the chemicals (CHLORINE) properly.


The removal of plant life along the back side of pool deck took place on Friday 05/24/2019. The beautification & enhancement project is underway and should be completed in the next several weeks once the irrigation system has been reworked and functional. The new cushions for the chase-lounges, and chairs have been ordered by are very own Chairman Larry Bradshaw, A special thanks to Larry for taking the time and effort in picking out these colorful cushions that should last because not only are they colorful but they are also durable as well.

05-20-2019 Addendum Irrigation Report

Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


The new signs for the pool area rules came in and they were posted at both pool entrance gates both sides. They all have the same verbiage.


: The Chemical levels are spot on and the pool equipment is functioning fine at this time.


: In the area of the pool equipment a cat-walk was installed for the Brevard pool tech to be able to navigate around the filtration wells reservoir and the float assembly auto- fill/ valve.


: The stenner pump that disperses the (CHLORINE) to the pool quit functioning. After further investigation, I found that the tubing that carries the chlorine was clogged-up with calcium deposits. This happens every now and again. I removed the lower unit of the stenner pump and installed a new internal hose as needed. I removed the clogged tubing and replaced it with a new section of tubing from the stenner pump back to the chlorine well (reservoir). In doing so I had to snake the tubing trough a 12’ x 1” pipe that houses tubing, I also installed a new intake filter on the end of tubing that is located in the chlorine well (reservoir). Put the stenner pump back into service and all is okay now. I adjusted the chlorine flow. Chemical levels for the pool are spot-on


: The pool filtration system was completely drained and though really cleaned / flushed out as we amp up for another busy swim season 2019. We ask that the residents using the pool please utilize the shower on the pool deck before entering the pool. We understand the importance of sun screen and the usage of tanning products used by people, but we ask that rinsing off before re-entering the pool periodically to help us in the effort of keeping the filtration grids from getting clogged with such products, therefore putting a strain on the pool equipment. Thank you kindly. The chemical levels are spot on, so enjoy the pool this season.: The planters on the patio have been freshly painted and new top-soil was installed in all 5 of them. Miracle grow fertilizer was mixed in with the top-soil. On Monday March 25,2019 the new Hibiscus plants will be planted 3 RED & 2 PINK should spruce the pool patio up some.


The chemical levels of the pool are spot on and the pumping system is operating fine at this time. : The Clubhouse patio enhancement project continues, I am cleaning up and painting the last 2 planters as needed. The Hibiscus plants have been ordered and the top-soil awaits picked up/purchased. There will be 3 (RED) &2 (PINK) colored plants installed in the freshly painted planters along poolside to spruce up the patio area. A new sign was posted on the East gate entrance to the pool area of the rules and procedures of the usage of the POOL


: The pool cleaning schedule has been changed to 3 times a week from the winter schedule of twice a week. As we gear up for another busy summer pool season. All the chemicals were and have been spot on.


: We had the pool inspection on 2-15-2019 and all was A-OKAY. the only thing that needed corrected was the safety rings (LIFE PRESERVERS) needed replacement due to the fact that the elements had deteriorated the ones that we had in place. Brevard Pools was made aware of this situation and they will be installing new ones (2) count on Monday February 18th, 2019. The chemical levels were spot on and we passed with flying colors other than the safety rings replacement.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.:


Nothing to report at this time.


: The auto fill (TORO) water valve was not functioning correctly. Brevard Pools tech was called out because they recently had serviced this issue by adjusting the water flow. The tech found that the hardware that used to hold the tank lid open was hitting the auto fill float assembly. By removing the hardware off of the cover, now the cover closes without making contact with the (TORO) float assembly. All is well now.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


The lighting on pool walkway was removed and the electrical wiring was capped off (made safe) to all 6 light pole bases. Reopened walkway. Getting proposal to replace the lights for future reference. One of the STENNER pumps that automatically feed the chemicals into our pool system had a bad pinch tube in the lower part of pump distribution of chemical ACID part. I had extra parts left over from the last STENNER pump replacement. I was able to utilize these parts and now we are up and running once again, Both STENNER pumps are functioning fine at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


The pool filtration tank had a fiberglass repair done on the bottom of shell of the reservoir. a three coat application of gel-coat was applied which is normal on this type of repair. After this gel-coat was applied there was an extra time for this finish coat to cure properly. This explains the extra time needed for this scope of work to be completed. Once the adequate time of curing time was accomplished, the new rectangular type grids were installed. Initially they were going to install the rounded type of grids were supposed to be installed, but these type grids are no longer available. So we had the rectangular type ones installed.as needed. Not all of the grids were bad, so we kept the salvageable ones for back ups if we ever need to replace any grids down the road if need be. The system was put back into service, new DE powder was saturated amongst the new grids and the system was purged of any trapped air / which is normal procedure on start up of system. The pool equipment is up and properly functioning at this time 11:30 am. on 10-18-2018.


The swimming pool will be closed Monday & Tuesday, October 15th & 16th to make repairs to the filtration tank. This also includes a new gel-coat finish as needed. The scope of work is being performed by JEWELL'S POOLS. The grids for the filtration will also be replaced with the round type as per their proposal price.


We are in the process of the total shut down of the pool to determine the best time frame in which to repair the fiberglass tank shell which houses the filtration system to the swimming pool. Unfortunately we were not able to have this work done during the last swimming pool shut down because of scheduling purposes , we have this scope of work to be done and completed on October 15th and 16th, 2018. We will send out an email blast to our residence to confirm this scope of work, We took into consideration that by completing this work early enough in the week, that this will not interfere with the week end of October 20th and 21st ,2018. We are tremendously sorry for any inconvenience that this might have on the Community swimmers. This is a much needed repair and thank everyone for their understanding.


Nothing to report at this time.


On September 11th, 2018 the power control box failed to operate due to internal overload. unfortunately this particular component had burned up and replacement was inevitable, so the new unit was ordered. While we awaited the arrival of this unit, the pool area was (CLOSED) it was delayed several extra days because of the storm (Hurricane / Tropical storm Florence). American Pump our vendor who takes care of our pool pump needs arrived yesterday 9/20/18 with our new power control unit. All new wiring was pulled through existing conduits as needed to be able to put this new component into service. unfortunately the old wires had burned up and were damaged from the overload situation when the power control unit shorted out internally. The NEW unit was installed and all of the necessary connections were made. The pool pump is now working fine. This particular component (PCU) was installed 4 years ago and this is normal life expectancy of this unit due to the elements in this region are with high saline concentrations in the air. This equipment is in operation 24/7 as circulation to disburse the necessary chemicals is just another duty that the equipment handles day in and day out regularly,


On Sept 11, 2018 the pool pump quit operating. After further investigation I found burnt wiring at the head of the pump control box power strip. I contacted American Pump and they came out today 9/14/18, this was the soonest they could arrive. They made an assessment that this power control unit was (BAD) and in need of replacement. American Pump Company checked their records and found out that they actually had replaced this power supply unit 4 years ago. They explained that getting this unit to allow us service for 4 years was good stretch because of all the salt air / elements we have in this area close to the beach and all. The power unit was ordered and will be installed Tuesday or Wednesday next week.


The chemical feeders are functioning properly at this time.


Remove and replace stenner chemical pump feeders accordingly. The #1 stenner pump was dried out and put back in service. The other stenner pump was rebuilt using an old pump and installed the bottom feeder part to put unit back in service. Both stenner chemical feeders are working fine at this time and seem to be dispersing chemicals at the correct levels.


The stenner pumps that feed the chemicals into the pool system have failed due to bad tubing which began to leak in the area of the stenner pumps location in the pump house compartment. This leak saturated both pumps and ruined the pumps by having direct shorts in both stenner pumps. What happens to this tubing is that it becomes very brittle from the inside out from pumping these chemicals trough these tubes. It just so happens that the tubing failed because of the elements and the extreme heat that accumulates inside of the pump housing. Both factors caused the tubing to lose its integrity (Chemicals and extreme heat). Unfortunately the stenner pumps will need to be replaced, but all of the tubing has been replaced. Brevard Pools tech (Daniel) reported this incident to their maintenance dept. and we will be getting new stenner pumps soon.


Received the 3rd proposal from Jewell's Pools for the resurfacing job of the Clubhouse swimming pool. I also received a proposal for the fiberglass repairs for the inground filtration reservoir. This is a bid price to make the necessary fiberglass repairs complete with a new gel-coat finish., which includes the costs of replacing all 36 filtration grids as needed. There is a one year warranty on this refurbishing of this in ground reservoir which is the normal warranty for this type of scope of work. The cost to replace this reservoir would be astronomical. It is my recommendation that we repair rather than replace at this juncture because the inground shell is salvageable.


We started taking bids this week for the swimming pool restoration project. So far I've received 2 bids and would like to get at least one more bid to present to the BOD before the next board meeting, so we will be able to discuss what options we have going forward. However, this work will need to be done in the slower time of year weather wise (Less swimmer traffic). We need to award this scope of work to whomever and get ourselves in a position to be on scheduled contract in getting this work done in January or February at the latest. If we prepare now, then coordinating this work should be a smooth transition in getting this done.


The automatic fill feature was shut off last Friday 07/27/18 while the pool was being serviced. The tech forgot to turn this feature back on after his service, his service was cut short because of inclement weather. When I arrived on Monday morning , the water level was considerately low. The autofill was turned back on, but I suspected that we were loosing water again. I contacted Brevard Pools our pool vendor and reported this issue. Their tech (Derrick) who handles leak finding was sent out and after a quick dye test found out that the inground reservoir that filters the pool water had began leaking again. The last time we had this problem, he made a patch type repair on the bottom of the reservoir shell with pool putty epoxy. This patch lasted about 6 months, and we knew then that time juncture that this patch was only a temporary fix. I contacted a fiberglass repair company (A Quality Fiberglass Company) to come out and make a determination if in fact that this reservoir shell can be repaired and if so what the cost wound be to make the necessary repairs. They will be contacting us back when their schedule is open to give us a proposal. The pool is in need of resurfacing, and sometime in January or February we would want to have this scope of work done. However, I will be taking bids on this work now to assure us that we could have the resurfacing done during the time when there are less people swimming because of cooler temperatures. This would also be a perfect time to have the inground filter reservoir repaired or replaced.


The pool is continuing to be treated for black algae as this is will be an ongoing issue until the pool can be resurfaced. This black algae is predominate during the very hot months of the year. July and August are normally when this algae manifests. I believe that sooner than later we need to address this black algae problem.


I've had to reset the pump control box 3 times recently due to lightning / power surges in our area lately. These were very aggressive storms though, beyond normal.


Nothing to report at this time.


Pool pump quit working on the early afternoon of July 4th, due to storm /lightning/power surge. Powered control box down and reenergize power to pool pump system control box back up. Water level was low, added water to reservoir Auto fill not functioning properly. I will discuss this with pool tech from Brevard Pools when he comes today to service pool.


Pool: The filtration grids have seen belter days and will need to be Changed out With new round type grids. There was a report of a small hair line crack by Mrs. Carol Wellman in the Clubhouse side wall of pool shell in the area of the light assembly. After speaking with Brevard Pools, the last dye test that was performed that particular crack was not showing up or laking in any dye There is a manifestation of black algae accumulating in the area or this hairline crack. and the bottom surface has become rough / scaly. Brevard Pools will be
conducting inspection of the pool bottom and they will make recommendations of a course of action that will have to follow up with.


Pool: The pool chemical levels are spot on and in the safe parameters of Brevard County. The pool deck repair on the pavers will take place on June 19,2018. This may take several days to complete. However, the pool deck might have to be quadrant off during this scope of work.


Pool: There is nothing to report at this time. The pool chemicals are spot on and are in the safe parameters set up by the State of Florida. The new pooI license was posted on bulletin board on patio wall next to kitchen entrance. The pool motor and themical feeders are all funttfonfrrg properly at this time.


Pool: The pool pump quit operating. After checking all voltages In this system, I found that the wiring that feeds this system had burnt up inside of the conduit from breaker box to pump control panel. This was due to a power surge of some sort lightning or dead short had welded the power leads together. I removed all three damaged wiring leads twelve feet in length of #8-gauge wire and replaced by pulling all new #8-gauge wiring leads (RED, BLACK, and GREEN), throulh the conduit. Made all of the necesary connections at the breaker panel and at the control box panel. Energized the system and checked operation of pool pump, the pool pump system Is up and running fine now.


The pool pump Is operating fine at this time; there is nothing to report. The chemical levels are ideal and considered perfect for swimmers to enjoy.


Pool: Nothing to report at this time. The pool equipment is operating fine and all the chemicals were spot on.


The pool pump is operating fine at this time. nothing to report. All chemical levels are spot on.


The pool pump is operating fine at this time. The two stenner pumps which are responsible for slowly allowing the chlorine to be pumped into the holding tank (reservoir). The pool pump then circulates the water from the reservoir to the pool. These stener pumps Operated 24/7 and Simply were no longer functional'. The motors were completely worn out. The average life expectancy for these units it about 9 months. I saved the old stenner unit, to use for spare parts if needed. All chemical' readings in the pool tested spot on.


The pool pump is operating fine at this time, nothing to report. All chemical levels are spot on.


The pool pump quit operating. After tracking down the power source I found burnt wire leads at the head of the pump motor power strip. I was able to make a temporary repair by adding a small jumper lead to the power strip. I purchased all new wire and will be installing it on 3/26.


The pool pump and chemical levels are fine at this time. Nothing to report.


The pool pump motor is operating fine, the pool water is fine and is holding normal chemical levels at this time (Chlorine 4,0 ppm, ph 7.4, alkalinity 90 ppm, stabilizer 50 ppm) All good numbers. I have been receiving written weekly chemical readings from Brevard Pools tech ( Daniel ) ever since we had the leak issue with the filtration well. The black algae issue has been rectified and I will be conti ruing the monitoring / recording of chemical levels as a normal procedure from here on out.


The pool pump is operating just fine at this time and the chemicals are within normal ranges and there is no sign of black algae at this time either.


The pool pump is operating fine, nothing to report at this time. The black algae treatments have worked, this issue is nonexistent at this time.