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Nothing to report at this time.


The samples were taken from all of the lakes and Artisan wells. The samples were tested and recorded 10-12-21 The report back from Mike Knapp is the TDS levels have stabilized somewhat.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


The lakes samples were taken on 09-02-21 They were then tested for TDS levels had slightly elevated since August 1,2021 readings. The results were recorded, somewhat delayed and posted Per Mike Knapp on 09-08-2021.


The water samples were drawn from all 6 lakes and water samples were also taken from the 2 Artesan wells. All of the water samples were tested and the TDS levels were recorded. Recently the 6 lakes were treated also for overgrowth of vegetation / hydrilla. It takes several applications of treatment to completely be rid of this manifestation,


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


TDS readings were gathered and tested 08-02-2021 Per Randy McGrath (DFS).


The TDS water samples were drawn today and ready to be tested


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Water samples were taken from all of the lakes in the Montecito Community and checked the TDS levels. The Artesan wells were also tested and logged.


The retension lakes have been increasing somewhat due to the much wecomed rainfall in the late afternoon and early evening hours. Lake Catalina was guaged and measured at 4' 1" 06/18/2021


The water level of Lake Catalina is at 3'1" as of 06-04-2021. Water was drawn from all 6 retension lakes and ready to be tested. A proposal was given to Montecito CDD through GMS office for the replacement costs of the weii #1 water meter at the PS#1 Artisan well from Paradise Irrigation Department.


Nothing to report at this time.

05-14-2021 and 05-21-2021

Nothing to report at this time.


The TDS levels were checked and recorded this week, and the water is okay to irrigate with. The water level in Lake Catalina was 3'9"as of 05-03-2021.


The water level at Lake Catalina is 4'.0


The interconected Lakes in the Community have reenergized since last weeks rainfall . Lake Catalina has a reading of 4' and all of the lakes water levels have been slightly elevated due to the much welcomed rainfall. We can always use more rainfall (RIGHT)?


The water levels are 3'6" and the TDS levels are favorable to use for irrigation


The water levels of all 6 Lakes of the Montecito Community are extremely LOW. We are expecting rainfall on Sunday April 11.2021 50% chance of rainfall is in the forecast for Satellite Beach, FL.


TDS water samples were taken and recorded on 04-01-21 Lake Catalina water level is at 3'. The Artesan wells are half open, this helps supplement all of the lake water levels which are interconected with eachother. The lack of rainfall really has put a strain on the irrigation availability of water to irrigate. I left a mesage with Tyler Salas of Insight and explained to him, changing the watering schedule to (3) times a week would not be a good idea due to LOW water supply available to water this volume.


The results of the sample taken on March 24, 2021 from Well 1 (Valencia) was 1,730 mg/L. The sampling record indicates that the Floridan Wells (1 & 2) have consistently been between 1,500 mg/L and 2,500 mg/L. Well 2 (Sonoma) is normally about 200 to 300 mg/L higher than Well 1. The Sonoma lake TDS is also consistently saltier than Valencia lake water. I would suggest we check Well 2 and Lake Sonoma water for TDS if we are concerned about saltier irrigation water having detrimental affects on the townhouse lawns.

My understanding from local horticultural experts is that St. Augustine grass should be more salt tolerant than other varieties. We should probably verify with our landscapers the St. Augustine grass is the only grass being installed on our properties.

The artesian wells (Floridan) have been used in and around our development for irrigation for decades and the residual effect is denser (higher specific gravity) water replacing/mixing with the IN Situ fresher water in the water table aquifer causing slightly saltier water to stratify at lower levels in the nearby lakes and aquifer. Evidence for this is Lakes 1,4, and 6 containing water that is for the most part potable (500 to 1,000 mg/L TDS) and are located away from existing active artesian wells. This is a simple explanation and depends upon other factors (vertical permeabilitiy, dispersion, transmissivity) that would be needed to model the system and is beyond our financial capability. However, we may want our Engineer to inquire with the SJRWD about any modifications to our CUP that would require the property to our east to address these items.


The water levels to all of the lakes are low right now, we could always welcome rainfall. Lake Catalina is at 3'1''We might have to utilize the Artesan wells to help supplement the low water levels of the lakes.


The Artesan wells #1 and #2 were turned off last Friday afternoon 03-05-2021, at the request of District Chairman Larry Bradshaw


The TDS readings were taken on 03-01-2021 by Randy McGrath and recorded per Mike Knapp Lake Catalina water level was at 3'4" as of 03-01-2021. PS#1 and PS#2 Artesan wells are flowing to help us with the LOW water levels, which is normal for this time of year. PS#1 Artesan well meter is not functioning, we cotinue waiting for a report from Brandon Deitrick of (Paradise Irrigation) to as why? the meter is not registering.


The TDS levels were taken and recorded for the Month of December. The TDS meter went bad, it was under warrenty so we were able to simply exchange it. we used the back up meter (OLD one) for Decembers readings.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


The TDS levels were taken & recorded on 10/01/20. The lakes were treated for overgrowth of vegetation (hydrilla) from all 6 of the lakes on Treatment done by Amercan EcoSystems Inc. on September 29,2020


The TDS readings were taken and posted on Sept. 1st 2020 The water levels in the lakes were also posted. by Mike Knapp Reported info was taken and given


Nothing to report at this time.


Due to the rainfall that we have received recently is has really helped the water levels of the lakes here at the Montecito Community. Of cores we can always use more rainfall Amen.


All 6 lakes have gained water levels in the 4'2" range. This is due to the rainfall that we received recently.


The TDS levels were taken on July 1,2020 and were posted, however the water levels of the lakes were not posted but are as follows, Lake Sonoma 4' 0" and Lake Catalina was 3'7" and Lake Valencia was 3'7"


Nothing to report at this time.


Lake samples were taken today May 30,2020 and the TDS readings will be tested 0n Monday June 01,2020. The TDS results will be posted by the days end 06-01-2020 We have been recently blessed with some much needed rainfall lately, as the afternoon rainfall patterns continue.


The 6 Lakes in the Community continue to be drought type conditions as we wait for the afternoon rains to start. This is always a bad scenario waiting on mother nature to do her thing. The option of using the Artisan wells to help supplement the water levels is a NO as we're unable to draw water through the well meters. This option will have to be discussed by our engineer Rey Malare in the future. We'll have to wait to here from him.


The 6 Community lakes are very low. We recently purchased a new TDS meter and checked it against our old one, only to find out that our TDS levels were not as bad as we thought. The Artisan wells aren't as salty as we projected, and actually usable for our irrigation needs. After speaking with Rey our engineer, He advised us to opened the Artisan wells 1/2 open to allow some of the well water to assist in our quest in raising the water levels of our LAKES. We have a CUP allowance of 43.000 gallons per day if needed set up with the Saint Johns Water Management personnel We are going to allow the Artisan wells to flow 1/2 capacity and monitor the TDS levels weekly. All of the 6 lakes are interconnected with each other, so as one fills up they all fill up We have used these 2 Artisan wells in the past during drought type conditions, and it is to our advantage to utilize this feature.


Clean up of debris at all 6 lakes shorelines has begun by American Eco Systems. AES was here today 4/29/20 and treated all lakes for shore-line algae & treated again for the Hydrilla issue Which was reported to me that the hydrilla vegetation is dying off, slowly but it is dying off.


The water levels are extremely LOW Even though we had small bit of rainfall Lake Valencia measured 3'4''. Lake Sonoma measured 3'1"' and Lake Catalina 3'1"


The 6 Lakes in the Community are presently extremely LOW, Even though we received some rain recently, we could always use more rainfall.


Nothing to report at this time.


The lakes are extremely LOW! We are in dire need of some rainfall. Unfortunately we are not able to utilize the Artisan wells because the chloride levels are HIGH and the wells waters are not suitable to irrigate with.


Treatment for hydrilla has begun on Lake Catalina.


The lakes continue to be low and the vegetation (HYDRILLA) continues to be an issue in all 6 lakes. We are aware and have devised an plan of attacking this problem with SONAR active treatments starting with Lake Catalina directly behind the swimming pool, by isolating this lake with sand bags where the lakes interconnect. I'm not certain, but the first treatment was to take place this week or the beginning of next week? I have not seen the vendor thus far.


The water levels are still low and the small bit of rainfall we've received is hardly noticeable. We need more rainfall


All 6 of the Community Lakes were tested recently and seem to be stabilized with the TDS readings However the Artisan wells waters were tested as well and the chloride levels are too high in which for the Community to open the Artisan wells to help supplement the water shortage issue of all 6 Community' lakes. We need rainfall.


The lakes are getting pretty low recently, to the point we might utilize our CUP allowance authorized to us from the St. Johns Water Management Personnel. Of Corse we will open the Artisan wells and test the water TDS levels to determine whether or not that this water from the Artisan wells will be suitable for the irrigational needs The (TOTAL DISSOLVED SOLIDS) , such as how much salt is in these aquafers, We have 2 wells in which to draw water from. In the past we have had to utilize this CUP in order to satify our needs of water in the Community to irrigate with. This is only contingent to the facts (Is this Artisan well water suitable to irrigate with. So on Monday January 27.2020 I will check the chloride levels and if they are usable waters, I'll open the Artisan wells up. Our usable water CUP is 43,000 gallons of water allowance per day set up and agreed with the St, John Water Management organization. Let's hope that these waters will be suitable for our usage. We stopped using the Artisan Wells back in late 2018 I believe I can check with Rey Matav'e our CDD Engineer. what the chlorides readings are opposed the water standing in the lakes as of right now. If the chloride levels and the lake water chlorides are a match, then I can open the Artisan wells up. I have discussed this matter with our Engineer Rey Matav'e and he's aware what we're trying to achieve. Testing lakes chloride levels first before opening the Artisan wells water will be tested after it runs about 15 minutes, on Monday January 27,2020 If chloride levels of the lakes match


The 6 Community Lakes are a bit low which is normal for this time of year. The hydrilla issue continues, and we have a vendor coming out to assess our hydrilla overgrowth solution. It has been discussed about dreading the lakes to rid us of some of this problem. Vendor working with William V. on scope of work of hydrilla removal.


All of the Lakes had samples drawn and the TDS levels were tested and recorded as they are done the beginning of each month. The test results show that the TDS levels have stabilized and continue to follow the same pattern of the previous months and previous years.


The lakes received a good bit of much needed rainfall the last couple of days. we can always welcome and use more rain


The water samples were drawn from all (6) of the Lakes / (2) wells, The TDS levels were tested and recorded to stay in compliance with the St. Johns Water Management personnel. The tests confirmed that the lake and wells have stabilized from last months samples. Although the water levels are a bit low at this time due to lack of rainfall, they're always low this time of year. We haven't had to use the Artisan wells yet this year, but we do have that option.


Nothing to report at this time.


All of the lakes received some much needed rainfall. This is always great news, and this helps the saline count in the lakes as we irrigate out of 3 of the 6 lakes that we have here at the Montecito Community. The TDS levels were checked earlier this month 11/1/19 and the TDS levels have been stabilized, and these steady down pours of rainfall are very welcome.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


The lake samples were collected on October 1st,2019 and were tested TDS levels are slightly elevated, but nothing to get alarmed about. The water levels were a bit low so the valve at Lake Pasadena was shut off in the effort to conserve the water levels.


The lakes were treated this week Monday 9/23/2019 for the hydrilla problem. We can only treat this issue every 2 weeks by law. We seem to have a massive overgrowth this season.


William and I were supposed to meet up with American Eco-Systems Tech Randy Michelle to discuss the hydrilla and general clean up of our LAKES /shores. He was unable to keep his appointment with us last Monday Sept, 16th,2019 due to a family emergency but, he assures us that he will be here this coming Monday Sept. 23rd.


William V. and myself will be meeting with the Tech from American Eco Systems (Randy Michelle) on Monday September 16,2019 to discuss a plan of attack for the out of control Hydrilla problem and lake clean up project. There are several issues we would like to discuss with The Tech also at our meeting with him on Monday,


The TDS levels / samples were taken and the TDS levels have gone down as the water levels are noticeably higher due to all of the much needed rainfall from the Hurricane Dorian.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


These late afternoon and early evening rainfalls have helped tremendously on our water levels of all 6 lakes in Montecito. The Community has a great green appearance lately due to these rains. I give thanks

Addendum for Irrigation 08-02-2019 from Paridise Lawn & Irrigation

Nothing to report at this time.


American Eco Systems came out 7/31/2019 and treated all 6 lakes for algae and vegetation (Hydrilla) This treatment will be done again in 2 weeks.

Addendum 07-26-2019

Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


The Community Lakes are on the rise due to the afternoon and early evening rainfall. This rainfall is very welcome and we hope that this weather pattern continues.


The Lakes were treated for vegetation issues (Hydrilla) by American Eco Systems. They will return and retreat in 2 weeks according to laws of the State of Florida that they must have a 2 week grace period between treatments.


The Pond #1 reservoir well was outfitted with a control valve to be able to lower and raise water levels of all of the interconnected ponds. This is an attempt to conserve and utilize our rainwater more efficiently.


All of the ponds were treated for vegetation (HYDRILLA) and algae this day Friday May 31, 2019. Now that the overgrowth of plant life has been removed from around the transfer well at Pond #1 I can retrofit a 2" or 3" control valve to allow us to hold more water in our ponds accordingly to rainfall amounts allowable. When closed it will allow us to contain more water in ponds and when opened we can lower water levels accordingly to run off. I believe this is what we're trying to achieve. I will attempt this next week now that I can see the pipe fittings. Pond samples were taken this day 5/31/2019 and recorded and the TDS readings are stabilized to have stayed the same.


Nothing to report at this time.

05-20-2019 Addendum Irrigation Report

Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


: We recently treated all 6 ponds for hydrilla vegetation growth by American Eco-Systems Company, and they will be returning next week to treat again if necessary.


: The ponds were recently treated for hydrilla vegetation in all 6 ponds on 4/12/19 by American Ecosystems, and they will re-visit us in 2 weeks and treat again if needed.


: The ponds are still LOW, and pond #4 has the beginnings of hydrilla vegetation starting to manifest along the North- East side of the pond. I will contact American Ecosystems early next week to have them come out and treat this issue before it can grow out of control.


: We received a considerable amount of rainfall recently that has helped the water levels a little, but we can always use more rainfall. On Monday April 1, 2019 I will be conducting the water samples again to check the TDS levels. It is also my understanding that Morgan P. Rector an Environmental Scientist from Dewberry will be visiting Montecito Community on April 1,2019 mid morning to take the Artisan wells readings and to make sure that we are in compliance with the St. Johns Water Management in our CUP of well water usage. This should not affect us any because we stopped using the Artisan wells several months ago, when the ponds TDS’s were elevated somewhat. The ponds will need special attention now because of the high winds recently, there is a considerable amount of dead palm prongs and debris around the edges of all the ponds.


: There is one street light out of order at the entrance off South Patrick. I will need to reorder more LED bulbs as our supply is low.


: Ponds continue to be LOW


The TDS levels were slightly elevated from last month’s readings and the ponds are still quite low


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.




I took pond samples today Friday February 1st,2019 and the TDS levels have gone down considerately. This is due to the recent rainfall that we have received and we can always use some more.


Very LOW


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


The ponds are still low as lack of rainfall continues.


The ponds are extremely low which is normal for this time of year. The TDS readings will be conducted tomorrow 12/01/2018. Pond samples will be drawn from each pond and the findings will be recorded.


The ponds are extremely low, and we are in much need for rainfall. We are only using one Artisan well from pond #2at this time to help supplement our water shortage. We recently did our pond samples and the readings show a slight elevation in the (Total Dissolved Solids). We are within the levels allowing us to irrigate with our pond waters at this time.


Pond water levels are considerately low, Which is normal this time of year, we could use some help by Mother Nature to deliver us some much need4ed rainfall. Amen!


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report other than the ponds are low . Rainfall is much needed.


The ponds are very LOW right now which is normal this time of year. The pond samples were gathered and recorded and even though they were slightly elevated TDS readings (TOTAL DISOLVED SOLIDS) recorded, the pond waters are within the parameters which are allowable levels to irrigate with. Rainfall is always welcome


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time, other than we can always use the rainfall all of the time.


The monthly pond samples were gathered today, and all of the readings are within the parameters to continue irrigating with these ponds waters, The pond levels are a bit LOW at the present. We can always use more rainfall to help in our irrigation matters,


The late afternoon rains have really helped our pond levels tremendously. However, we could always use more rainfall especially in these the hottest days of late summer.


Nothing to report at this time.


The afternoon rains are very welcome for the pond water levels. Water gauge levels are at the 4' range. This is good, we can always use more rainfall.


The pond samples were taken on August 3,2018 and the TDS levels have actually went down somewhat. The saline numbers are within the parameters and okay to continue to irrigate with. The afternoon rains have helped stabilize the pond waters solidity /salt levels.


All 6 of the ponds were treated for weeds around of parameters of each and every pond on 2-27-18




Nothing to report at this time.


The pond samples were taken on July 2,2018 and the TDS levels were slightly elevated. ( Total Dissolved Solids ). This is normal for this time of year. We have had some much needed rainfall recently as we approach the rainy season. We can always use rainfall as we enter into long HOT summer days


The ponds have been receiving all of the rainfalls in the late afternoon and early evening showers, this is much welcome.


Ponds: Water levels are on the rise due to the help of Mother Nature's showers (RAINFALL).


Pond samples were taken recently and all six ponds TDS levels were good and actually went down from last months reading due to the rainfall that we received recently. The pond levels from ponds #2 and #4 are at 3'8" and 4'1". This is great news because these are the ponds that we irrigate from.


Ponds: We have received some long-awaited ra infall recently, which has helped in the quality of water to irrigate with and the water levels have raised up approximately 1 foot, because all of the ponds are all inter-connected this is great news. We appreciate these rains and only hope and pray that these rain patterns continue.


The pond levels are extremely low. I took samples from a!! 6 ponds and both artisan wells; from ponds #2 & #4 and tested all of them to check the TDS (total dissolved solids). All of the readings were within the correct levels to irrigate with. The levels did not change since last months readings in several of the ponds the TDS levels had gone down some. This attributed to shutting artisan well #2 off in pond #4. We are supposed to receive much needed rainfall this weekend.


Although we have had some rainfall here and there, we always welcome more rainfall. Ponds are really low; but, this is normal for this time of year.


All of the ponds are extremely low, we're in drought type conditions and we are in dire need of some rain. Artisan well #2 has been shut off because of TDS levels (saline) are elevated. Bring on the rain!


The ponds are still low, even though we had some small amounts of rainfall here and there. The artisan well for pond #4 was shut off because the total dissolved solid levels were elevated somewhat. On the recommendation of Mike Knapp (our pond water specialist) that we shut the wen off for now as a precaution because of possible saline Intrusion. Thanks Mike for your expertise in this matter.


The ponds are extremely low, and we are continuing the use of the artisan wells to help supplement (the lack of rainfall) The Total Dissolved Solids test were made on April 2, 2018 as we
continue to monitor the saline levels in the ponds. Although the TDS levels are elevated somewhat, we're still within the allowed range of okay to irrigate levels. We could really use some rainfall to help balance this situation.


The ponds are extremely LOW which is normal for this time of year. We have been utilizing the artesian wells to compensate for the lack of rainfall. We are continuing monitoring the total dissolved solids in all 6 ponds, although the salinity levels are a bit elevated we are within the allowances to irrigate with the pond waters.


The Ponds are LOW. This is normal for this time of year. The artesian wells are supplementing some of the water levels because the lack of rainfall. We continue to stay within our CUP allotment allowed by the st Johns Water Management.


The pond levels are low which is normal for this time of year. The cold freezing weather !hat we've been experiencing has evidently taken its toll on the fish population in all 6 ponds. With much he:p from Rick Hoch, Ed Henson, and myself we removed several 5 gallon buckets of dead fish last week. We have experienced more cold weather since then and the reports I'm receiving that there are evidently more fish that have expired. I certainly could use more help in this matter with the removal of these dead fish. If anyone who is able to help out with this issue PLEASE contact me 321-777-9460, it would be extremely appreciated immensely.


The ponds are low, but ~he small bit of rain we had helped out somewhat. All rainfall is very welcome this time of year, plus the artesian wells are opened to help compensate for the lack of rainfall. Due to !he cold weather the pond temperatures dropped affecting some of the fish that simply could not survive this drastic temperature change. The dead fish were removed from all 6 ponds and discarded accordingly.


The ponds are LOW and the Artesian wells are being used 15 gpm, to help compensate for lack of rainfall. This is normal for this time of year. Samples were pulled from each pond and tested for TDS (total dissolved solids) The results were somewhat elevated, and this is also normal due to lack of rainfall lately. Both wells were also tested for TDS and were within
the tolerances allowed to be able to irrigate normally at this time. These ponds will need to be monitored twice a month now to assure the TDS levels are within the threshold allowable to continue the irrigation process. If water levels deplete quicker than we expect, the watering schedule will need to cut back accordingly. We have to be proactive and conserve the
water that we do have by adjusting the watering minutes accordingly as well. There is no need to panic, but by being aware of the water availability and usable water within the parameters of TDS allowances. We need rainfall badly.

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