Report Ponds Notes

The ponds are extremely low which is normal for this time of year. The TDS readings will be conducted tomorrow 12/01/2018. Pond samples will be drawn from each pond and the findings will be recorded.


The ponds are extremely low, and we are in much need for rainfall. We are only using one Artisan well from pond #2at this time to help supplement our water shortage. We recently did our pond samples and the readings show a slight elevation in the (Total Dissolved Solids). We are within the levels allowing us to irrigate with our pond waters at this time.


Pond water levels are considerately low, Which is normal this time of year, we could use some help by Mother Nature to deliver us some much need4ed rainfall. Amen!


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report other than the ponds are low . Rainfall is much needed.


The ponds are very LOW right now which is normal this time of year. The pond samples were gathered and recorded and even though they were slightly elevated TDS readings (TOTAL DISOLVED SOLIDS) recorded, the pond waters are within the parameters which are allowable levels to irrigate with. Rainfall is always welcome


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time, other than we can always use the rainfall all of the time.


The monthly pond samples were gathered today, and all of the readings are within the parameters to continue irrigating with these ponds waters, The pond levels are a bit LOW at the present. We can always use more rainfall to help in our irrigation matters,


The late afternoon rains have really helped our pond levels tremendously. However, we could always use more rainfall especially in these the hottest days of late summer.


Nothing to report at this time.


The afternoon rains are very welcome for the pond water levels. Water gauge levels are at the 4' range. This is good, we can always use more rainfall.


The pond samples were taken on August 3,2018 and the TDS levels have actually went down somewhat. The saline numbers are within the parameters and okay to continue to irrigate with. The afternoon rains have helped stabilize the pond waters solidity /salt levels.


All 6 of the ponds were treated for weeds around of parameters of each and every pond on 2-27-18




Nothing to report at this time.


The pond samples were taken on July 2,2018 and the TDS levels were slightly elevated. ( Total Dissolved Solids ). This is normal for this time of year. We have had some much needed rainfall recently as we approach the rainy season. We can always use rainfall as we enter into long HOT summer days


The ponds have been receiving all of the rainfalls in the late afternoon and early evening showers, this is much welcome.


Ponds: Water levels are on the rise due to the help of Mother Nature's showers (RAINFALL).


Pond samples were taken recently and all six ponds TDS levels were good and actually went down from last months reading due to the rainfall that we received recently. The pond levels from ponds #2 and #4 are at 3'8" and 4'1". This is great news because these are the ponds that we irrigate from.


Ponds: We have received some long-awaited ra infall recently, which has helped in the quality of water to irrigate with and the water levels have raised up approximately 1 foot, because all of the ponds are all inter-connected this is great news. We appreciate these rains and only hope and pray that these rain patterns continue.


The pond levels are extremely low. I took samples from a!! 6 ponds and both artisan wells; from ponds #2 & #4 and tested all of them to check the TDS (total dissolved solids). All of the readings were within the correct levels to irrigate with. The levels did not change since last months readings in several of the ponds the TDS levels had gone down some. This attributed to shutting artisan well #2 off in pond #4. We are supposed to receive much needed rainfall this weekend.


Although we have had some rainfall here and there, we always welcome more rainfall. Ponds are really low; but, this is normal for this time of year.


All of the ponds are extremely low, we're in drought type conditions and we are in dire need of some rain. Artisan well #2 has been shut off because of TDS levels (saline) are elevated. Bring on the rain!


The ponds are still low, even though we had some small amounts of rainfall here and there. The artisan well for pond #4 was shut off because the total dissolved solid levels were elevated somewhat. On the recommendation of Mike Knapp (our pond water specialist) that we shut the wen off for now as a precaution because of possible saline Intrusion. Thanks Mike for your expertise in this matter.


The ponds are extremely low, and we are continuing the use of the artisan wells to help supplement (the lack of rainfall) The Total Dissolved Solids test were made on April 2, 2018 as we
continue to monitor the saline levels in the ponds. Although the TDS levels are elevated somewhat, we're still within the allowed range of okay to irrigate levels. We could really use some rainfall to help balance this situation.


The ponds are extremely LOW which is normal for this time of year. We have been utilizing the artesian wells to compensate for the lack of rainfall. We are continuing monitoring the total dissolved solids in all 6 ponds, although the salinity levels are a bit elevated we are within the allowances to irrigate with the pond waters.


The Ponds are LOW. This is normal for this time of year. The artesian wells are supplementing some of the water levels because the lack of rainfall. We continue to stay within our CUP allotment allowed by the st Johns Water Management.


The pond levels are low which is normal for this time of year. The cold freezing weather !hat we've been experiencing has evidently taken its toll on the fish population in all 6 ponds. With much he:p from Rick Hoch, Ed Henson, and myself we removed several 5 gallon buckets of dead fish last week. We have experienced more cold weather since then and the reports I'm receiving that there are evidently more fish that have expired. I certainly could use more help in this matter with the removal of these dead fish. If anyone who is able to help out with this issue PLEASE contact me 321-777-9460, it would be extremely appreciated immensely.


The ponds are low, but ~he small bit of rain we had helped out somewhat. All rainfall is very welcome this time of year, plus the artesian wells are opened to help compensate for the lack of rainfall. Due to !he cold weather the pond temperatures dropped affecting some of the fish that simply could not survive this drastic temperature change. The dead fish were removed from all 6 ponds and discarded accordingly.


The ponds are LOW and the Artesian wells are being used 15 gpm, to help compensate for lack of rainfall. This is normal for this time of year. Samples were pulled from each pond and tested for TDS (total dissolved solids) The results were somewhat elevated, and this is also normal due to lack of rainfall lately. Both wells were also tested for TDS and were within
the tolerances allowed to be able to irrigate normally at this time. These ponds will need to be monitored twice a month now to assure the TDS levels are within the threshold allowable to continue the irrigation process. If water levels deplete quicker than we expect, the watering schedule will need to cut back accordingly. We have to be proactive and conserve the
water that we do have by adjusting the watering minutes accordingly as well. There is no need to panic, but by being aware of the water availability and usable water within the parameters of TDS allowances. We need rainfall badly.

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