Pond Fountains

Report Pond Fountains Notes

All 6 pond fountains are functioning at this time, however, pond #5 has a poor display and will need for the jets to be cleaned soon. Several of the lights for #5 fountain are not luminating properly. The fountains at the entry & exit at Shearwater Parkway have been shut off while the painting of the fountain floors are being painted with a two part epoxy type paint. the side walls which are ceramic tile are being cleaned as well because of ugly stains at water line. This is a must needed procedure, and very time consuming one at that.


All 6 fountains time clocks and lighting clocks were adjusted accordingly to the new time change


We recently had the NEW riser post installed at Pond #1 power supply / control boxes / timer /capacitor housings were all raised for safety reasons and maintenance purposes Scope of work was done by Gault Electric LLC. Pond # 5 recently was not functioning, Checked this out and found the breaker had tripped. Re-energized the breaker, and it has been working properly as I personally inspect daily and make sure that all of the fountains are working and giving the Community a great display. Due to the fact that the ponds are very low at this time of year, I use the display to determine correct water flow. any vegetation can be drawn in the intakes and cause a bad display. All fountains seem to be functioning fine at this time.


A new riser post was installed at Pond #1. This installation was necessary in order to keep water intrusion from getting into the timer box / power control box. This will also make the maintenance procedure easier and more accessible in the future. The riser post is 4' tall and made of 6"X 6" pressure treated lumber


The proposal to raise the control boxes has been approved for fountain #1 pond #1. Gault Electric Company LLC will conduct this scope of work soon, we're on their schedule as ASAP. This is a needed project for safety reasons.


All of the fountains are displaying beautifully now. Both fountains #4 and #6 recently had the acid wash and jets cleaned to allow better fountain display. The intakes of these fountains had evidence of vegetation growth had been sucked up into the intakes causing poor display. Cascade Fountain Company were quick to respond and take care of these issues. Thanks to GMS for bringing Cascade on board to tend to our fountain maintenance, we can enjoy these wonderful displays.


The display on fountain #3 is not normal. It seems that some of the jets on the display ring are clogged and are simply not dispersing the correct amount of water flow needed for a more uniform display. Cascade Fountain was notified of this issue and should be here early next week to assess this problem.


Fountain #6 has a week display caused by vegetations picked up in impellers, The tech from Cascade Fountain Company (Johnathan) will have to bring the fountain to the side / flip the fountain over though rally clean the vegetation out of impellers one day next week


Gault Electric came today 9/7/18 and inspected and proposed what the costs would be to raise the power control boxes as needed at Pond #1 Fountain #1 as needed. This is the fountain seen as you enter the South Patrick entrance. (BEACH AREA) We await their proposal early next week.


All of the fountains (#!- #6) are operating fine at this time. The fountains at the entrance & exit at Shearwater Parkway needed to be drained, cleaned and put back into service. A new float valve and trigger had to be replaced in the Shearwater Parkway exit fountain. Filled the fountains with fresh water and chemicals as needed, All is well and operating fine now. We continue to wail on a solution to the water supply for the South Patrick entrance and exit fountains.


Waiting on a bid/proposal from Gault Electric LLC for fountain #1 (raising power supply boxes) and installing new power pole assembly.


Fountain #1 Had a bad contact on the backside of the timer, the timer mechanism was functional, but when it tripped the lever to engage the power to turn on the fountain pump it would fail. Only by removing this timer could you see that these contacts were burnt up on the back side of the timer plate. Due to the fact that this power station is so low ONLY 20" off of the ground and very difficult to do service on without actually laying down to work on it. It is my recommendation that we install a taller power supply pole and move this power supply boxes up off of the ground. After last years Hurricane IRMA we received so much rainfall that this power supply was actually under water and was a potential electrical HAZARD. Gault Electric LLC was notified and will be giving us a proposal to raise this power station for fountain #1 to a more appropriate height of 4'.


Pond #4 lighting timer is not functioning, I purchased a new timer for these lights and will be installing the new timer on Monday August 13, 2018.


The fountain #2 was completed acid cleaning the jets done by Cascade pools on 7/31/2018. The fountain display is visibly better now.


Pond #1 recently had a new pump motor replacement 7-25-18 by Cascade Fountain Company. While they were here Cascade started acid washing the display jets on fountain #2, but were stopped by torrential rainfall and lightning storm. After speaking with Johnathan Cascades tech on when they would be able to complete the jet cleaning process on fountain #2 he explained to me that they would be here to complete the cleaning on Tuesday July 31,2018.


The new 5 h/p pump motor came in on order for fountain #1 Pond #1. The supplier Cascade Fountain Company will be installing this unit when their schedule permits it. They are very busy this time of year. So we wait.


We continue to wait on the Cascade Fountain Company to install a new pump motor on fountain #1 Pond one at the South Patrick entrance by the beach area. We are at the mercy of their schedule. I'm not certain what the issue is, but we authorized this work order several weeks if not a month ago.


Fountain #5 had quit operating in the early afternoon of July 4th 2018. After trouble shooting this problem this morning of July 5th 2018, I found That the circuit breaker had tripped because of a power surge/lightning storm. I reenergized the breaker and #5 fountain is now back in service and operating fine.


The Number #1 fountain is not displaying, after checking voltages at pump control boxes, the breakers are good and the Clocks have power. I reset the relays in control box. Still nothing, pump motor for fountain #1 is OUT OF ORDER. Received proposal from Cascade Fountain for replacement of pump motor and capacitor box installation (SEE ATTACHED PROPOSAL) I was unaware that Cascade Fountain
had trouble shouted this issue already. Same conclusion though. 6/15/18 morning 8·9am.


Fountains: All 6 of the fountains in the ponds are operating fine.


All six fountains are operating fine at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Fountain #4 had a bad GFI breaker / timer, The wire leads that feed this timer were short in length. I made extensions to the leads. I purchased a new timer 110 A/C type as requested by Cascades tech (Johnathan). Installed the timer and set to desired times of operation. Fountain #3 was having Issues with NO lights, I found that the breaker had tripped. Re-energized breakers in control box and in main power box to be sure we don't have a weak breaker problem. I will continue to monitor these breakers for a possible faulty breaker issue.


It has been reported that the lighting on fountains #3 and #4 is not functioning properly. This issue has just shown itself since the new control boxes were installed. Cascade Fountain will be contacted to check this problem out because fountain # 3 lighting works but, only manually. The timer is not functioning. #4 fountain the timers working fine but, the lights don't come on. Somewhere the wiring is not correct.


Cascade fountain Company recently cleaned the lets on #3 fountain (acid washed) for a better display. Fountain #4 had troubles with tripping the braker instantly after energizing tbe breaker. It seems that a lizard (Gecko) had breached the control box cover and had gotten caught in the contacts of the relay causing direct short which tripped the breaker. Once the lizard was removed the fountain #4 was functioning okay. $eve",1 months back the control boxes for fountains #3 and #4 were recommended for replacement, however this was before cascade had become our fountain vendor. AES was our vendor and they simply did not follow up on this recommendation (they dropped the baU) $0 to speak-We are confident that cascade Fountains Company Will do a fine job for us overseeing our fountain repair needs. They will be installing the new control boxes on fountains #3 and 1#4 once the proposal has been authorized.


We continue to wait for Cascade Fountains schedule to free up soon to that they can service and clean fountain #a jets (acid wash). In doing this we expect a better more uniformed dIsplay. The #4 fountain, directly behind the pool has a direct short. Immediately after energizing the breaker. the breaker trips, it won't stay energiz.ed. Cascade will also service this fountain #4 when they arrive here on site.


Fountain #3 continues having an awkward display. The recommendation from Cascade Fountain is to do a complete cleaning of the water display jets on this particular fountain. This scope of work has been scheduled I believe.


Recently Cascade Fountain Co sent out a technician to clean the jets in all 6 fountains. The tech cleaned 5 of the 6 fountains and found #3 pond fountain needs to be removed and thoroughly cleaned to make it displace properly.


Fountain #4 has a very bad display and we are starting to have all of the fountains jets cleaned by Cascade Fountains Company as part of a service agreement we came to terms with recently. Fountain #4 will be the first fountain to be completely serviced, / Lighting as well will be repaired.


All of the fountains are operatillg now, but the #2 fountain has" awkward (poor) display along with # 3 fountain. Fountain #4 had a bad timer (not functioning). I purchased another timer at Lowes and installed it as needed. I'm waiting to hear from Alan Scheerer on the status of the fountain contractor/vendor as they only have a one person of contact order in place? Fountains #2 and #3 need the jets cleaned out for better display.


The power supply for pond #S was installed this week, Monday January 8,2018 by Gault Electric LLC. This included a new main power supply box and 4"riser pressure treated lumber rapped with a PVC housing. I reset the timers according to the necessary time for winter timeline. All checked out A-okay.


All of the fountains are functional and all lights are functional too. The display on fountain #2 is poor and could probably could need the jets cleaned to improve the display.