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Nothing to report at this time.


All 4 bike racks were treated and cleaned up with stainless steel cleaner / polish as needed.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Pedestrian Gate at Shearwater Parkway entrance: Made repairs, prime and paint / (RE-FASTEN) catch bar to gate. Clean up gate framework, Masked off the framework, primed and painted the framework antique bronze color. Remove masking tape The Bollards were installed by GMS (William V.) today 07/17/20 in the 600 block of Ventura Drive and Redondo Drive area


Nothing to report at this time


Nothing to report at this time.


The vendor Cocoa Handyman Inc. came back this week and treated tile caps with sealer completely around (ROUND ABOUT) Their Scope of work was completed in a great workman type manner. Job complete per inspection DONE


The round about at the entrance just inside the Shearwater Parkway entrance had broken and loose tiles removed and had a vendor reinstall a complete NEW top cap in place as needed, approximately 120 new tiles were installed in this scope of work. The vendor Cocoa Handyman Inc. told me that they would be completed today 5/22/20 . This scope of work will be inspected on Tuesday May 26.2020


Nothing to report at this time.


Continuing the clean-up and installation of the patio lighting fixtures light bulb replacement The bright white daytime LED (DIMMABLE) 40-watt type lights were to bright for the application that we were looking for. So those particular lights were returned and they were exchanged with the LED (DIMMABLE) 40-watt soft white light bulbs instead. The soft white bulbs give us the correct lighting we were trying to achieve in luminating the patio. These light bulbs have a 13 year life span and they are dimmable too.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


The BEE / HORNETT issue at Redondo Drive and Carlsbad Drive was treated Wedsday March 11, 2020 by Centurian Services, LLC a pest control company / vendor that we use when we have a safety health type pest issues. What we believe was a bee hive infestation situation, actually was a ground HORNETT infestation. This was much more serious problem than we originally thought it was. These type HORNETTS nests have been serious enough to cause fatalities to the public. These pests are needed to be taken seriously. A true public health issue. This nest was treated and we're safe for now until another episode revisits the Community. Amen.


The tiles needed to make necessary tile repairs to the round about at the Shearwater entrance were found and purchased at island Tile on US 1, I'll begin to make the necessary replacement ASAP upon my schedule allowance.


Nothing to report at this time.


The pergolas in the Community removal process will be taking place starting next Monday February 10,2020 A roll off dumpster will be dropped off here at the Clubhouse today February 8,2020 for pergolas waste


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


An inspection was made of all Perolas here at Montecito Community for the safety and condition of these structures by Dave of Armstrong Constructors. A complete report will be submitted of the findings to William of GMS and to be reviewed ASAP upon William V to work next week.


I want to take this opportunity to wish all of the staff, Board of Supervisors, Vendors and Residents a very Merry Christmas! / A very safe and the best of Holliday's (TRAVELS) Randy McGrath (DFS). Amen.


Continuing work on storage area East side of Clubhouse when I can find the time between my duties.


Work continues on the storage area on the east side of Clubhouse / shed. Mulch was blown in the necessary areas around shrubs / Clubhouse areas / pool equipment area. Color swatches were painted on wall behind the shearwater parkway fountain wall for all residents to see to determine the color to be selected for interior wall color going forward.


A small walkway (PAVERS) was installed. to the right front office entrance bordered with 4 X 4 PT timber, to keep mulch and dirt debris from tracking into office. The fence project is underway to help mask some storage belongings such as light poles / ladders / ect… This area will become an organized area for such items once completed. Thank you Larry Bradshaw for your oversight of this issue, I won't let you down going forward. (Randy) (DFS).


A 4' X 6' pad was poured on and next to the mail boxes on Redondo Drive. Evidently this pad was not counter-sunk deep enough into the ground and will need to replace this pour of concrete or build up this area up with fill dirt and re-sod up to concretes edge with a gradual slope. What-ever it takes to make this right


The installation of a complete new PS#2 will be coming soon.


STREET SWEEPING will take place on Monday and Tuesday October 14th- 15th 2019


The fence around PS#3 was installed last Friday September 30,2019. The installation of this fencing passed inspection this week. Even though it passed inspection the permit hanger must stay in place for 21 days alter inspection. We have ordered the signage needed for both gates of PS#3 and I will install them as soon as they come in on order. I will also purchase and install the locks for these gate soon. I will have them keyed to the same key as the other PS'#1 and PS#2.


We had the fence installed around PS#3 earlier than expected by Superior Fence & Rail. They had a cancellation, so they pushed us up their schedule. They should be able to finish their scope of work today 09/27/19


The street sweeping is taking place here at Montecito Community on Wednesday Sept. 25th and Thursday Sept. 26th. I made up signage for this event and it will be posted on Monday Sept. 23rd 2019 as a reminder for folks be aware of this service taking place mid week.


There is a wash out area of the Shearwater Parkway entrance and just West of the Exit This seems to be an old water supply line or storm sewer riser pipe that has been broken off. The Hunt Brothers Inc. owns this land ahd thet have been notified of this issue. They are making the necessary repairs,


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Both front of the Clubhouse entrance walkways were pressure washed / cleaned and cleaned rubber mats were put into place for anti-slip precautions.


Nothing to report at this time.

Addendum for Irrigation 08-02-2019 from Paridise Lawn & Irrigation

Nothing to report at this time.


The shrubs were removed in area around the shed area as Paradise prepares to start the beautification project in this concentrated Eastern side area of the Clubhouse & shed.

Addendum 07-26-2019

Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


One of the cameras quit functioning at Shearwater. Modern our camera vendor checked this out and found bad wiring underneath the sidewalk slab near the junction box that feeds this particular camera. to repair a new wiring feed must be pulled under the concrete in order to feed this camera.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.

05-20-2019 Addendum Irrigation Report

Nothing to report at this time.


The bollards in the area of the mail boxes on Redondo were installed this week. Concrete pads were pored along with threaded rod anchoring / template were put into place for the anchoring purposes . Secure the bollards to the anchoring footers. Paint the anchoring studs / nuts with weather proof anti-corrosion paint as needed.


Nothing to report at this time.


: The kiosk at South Patrick has been struck by a vehicle, after watching many hours of film I still can not determine who stuck the kiosk? Or when it was struck?


Nothing to report at this time.


The 5 Hibiscus plants were planted & fertilized on the pool deck this week, in the freshly painted planters #3 RED hibiscus and 2 PINK hibiscus.


Nothing to report at this time.


: The SHED project continues as we await the electrical inspection by the City of Satellite Beach to be able to go forward, Lattice will be installed around the shed skirting areas to keep animal life/snakes from nesting under the shed.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


There was a complaint of mole infestation on CDD property between 119 Montecito Drive and 129 Montecito Drive. APEX was summoned out to treat this area on 02-07-19. They also treated an area on the East side of the Clubhouse at 208 Montecito Drive Satellite Beach, Florida 32937.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


The exterior: The outside perimeter of the Community was painted this week. Giving a crisp look to Montecito Beach Club.


Nothing to report at this time.


We are ready for the Concrete crew to form up and pour the slap for the shed location.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Mr, Wellman and Mr. Ed Henson met with professional landscaping companies to develop a scope o0f work for areas such as the circle and both entrances and exit areas at South Patrick & Shearwater Parkway. We will be expecting 2 proposals from 2 different vendors for this work.


The street light poles / traffic signs / street signs painting project continues and should be done by sometime next week. Another GMS task that has been running smoothly. Thanks again Jason Showe / William / Alan


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


A special thanks goes out to Catherine and Dana for their pain staking task of setting up and organizing my office this week. This was no picnic for sure. Thank you thank you.


The street light pole bases have taken much abuse from the landscaping crew hitting these bases with their lawn equipment. Over the years these bases are in need of some repairs. I have purchased materials to make some of the damaged bases (REPAIRS) I counted at least 6 light pole bases that are repairable. It was discussed that the ones that simply can not be repaired, to remove the damaged bases all together and just paint these ones as is. I would like to at least try the repairs first.


Secured bases to several street sign poles, caulk, prime and paint bases as needed


Both fountains at the entrance and exit at Shearwater Parkway areas were brushed and chemicals were replenished at the feeders as needed. Several street signs bases have been refastened to sign pole. cleaned up and primed (BLACK) for future paint scheme black


Nothing to report at this time.


I had the new keys made up for the new locks for the PUMP STATION #1 and PUMP STATION #2 . All of the necessary personnel will be given keys for these locks. The WIFI access points have been installed, shelving has been completed to support the WIFI equipment. The WIFI in the Clubhouse is fully Functional , thanks go out to Larry Bradshaw for his due diligence in this matter.


The fencing around both pump stations #1 and #2 are complete. next week I will be handing out the keys to the locks that have been purchased to all of the necessary personnel who should have keys. Mr. Henson and Mr. Wellman will also be given keys to these pump stations too. The new cameras are functioning fine at this time. Wow what a difference!


The fence for Pump Station #1 was completed today August 10, 2018 by Brevard Fence and Rail Company. There are 2 gate entrances to this PS#1, there is one to be able to service the pump housing enclosure / and decoders area, There is also a gate to access the well#1 shut off and read meter access too. The signage will be installed on Monday 8/13/18 by myself Randy McGrath. The new cameras system was installed this week by Modern Security. The work was done in a safe workman type manner and done with care and professionalism. Thanks go out to Frank and Dominic for a job well done. Randy McGrath


Pump station #2 fence was completed on 7/31/2018. Pump station #1 was started today Friday 8/3/2018 and should be completed on Monday 8/6/2018. The design of the pump station #1 had to be changed somewhat. The new design was altered to make it easier for the irrigation personnel to gain access to the controllers / pump house. I had to bring Tree Tech Pros in on Saturday 8/4/2018 to trim up and remove some trees / vegetation. They are going to trim, remove trees / haul away all debris for $150.00 The alteration of enclosing all irrigation equipment, well #1 shut off valve and the huge electrical transformer as well. This design was changed by myself (Randy McGrath) to make this a more confined yet safer controlled area. The Changes made for including the Transformer within this pump station area were very cost effective. $395.00 This area will only be entered by authorized personnel only. I honestly believe these changes were in the best interests of safety. Thank You Kindly Randy McGrath


Superior Fence Company will be here to install fence around pump station #2 on Tuesday July 31,2018. They should complete this scope of work on that day. Pump station #1 has been bid already, we need the Board to approve and okay the fence to be installed around PS #1. If the approval is made at the board meeting on August 1,2018, Superior would be able to schedule this scope of work on PS #1 to be installed on August 2,2018. This task of coordinating both pump stations to be done back to back has been challenging to say the least. Safety is the main issue here folks, and my recommendation is to have this scope of work done ASAP. All of the necessary signage has already been purchased and ready to post upon the completion of fences.


The wall around pump station #2 painting is 95% completed. Just a few areas around the power panels on wall need to be cut in around with paint. Picked up and installed 40 bags of pine bark mulch, spread mulch around as needed. There have been severe rain / thunder storms recently, they were very aggressive (NOT NORMAL) type lightning / power surges. This has caused breakers to be tripped on fountain #4 and fountain #5. After resetting / reenergizing breakers and resetting power boxes, Check operation, all okay now.


The pump station #2 beautification project: The painting of the wall of around PS #2 was completed and mulch was purchased and installed as needed in areas surrounding pump house/wall areas. I contacted Superior Fence and Rail about when we would expect the new fencing to be installed. There was a miscommunication about whether or not that we needed a permit for these fencing projects. It turns out YES we needed permits for both pump stations #1 and #2. Once the red tape is completed, they will contact us back with their scheduling dates.


The painting continues on wall around pump station #2 area near playground..


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


The wall around pump station #2 is also on the list for pressure washing and a paint job as well. Finding time to accomplish all of these tasks is difficult as I only have one set of hands. I will get it done. Thank you, Randy McGrath (FMCA).


Nothing to report at this time.


The round about signs are the incorrect size. Getting the materials gathered up to prepare the wall for fencing project PUMP STATION #2. Fill in hole in back wall, make patch around hole blend / paint walls both sides. This project will take place 5/7.


Nothing to report at this time.


I disassembled and discarded the rusted bench on Shearwater Parkway Just east of the Shearwater Parkway entrance. Ground off the support legs of this bench flush with pavers ground level. Left these 2 holes for possible anchor strategy for new bench replacement in the future. Drilled hole in sewer (;()vet offset the very front sidewalk of the Clubhouse. I'lI need a diamond bit to be able to complete this task o·f drilling at least 8 other sewer lids in the Community to alleviate standing water problems in the area of these particular sewer covers.


We received the quot.es/estimates from Melbourne Pump (1) f,or total rewind of one 10 hlp irrigation pump motor, beatings. shaft seal. shaft sleeve, and dean and paint $1145.00
{2} treadmi!! motor: repJa<:e bearings a~d repair bearing housing tal New bearings 1.repla~) upgraded ~iz~ cooling fan. clean and paint. Both 10 hlp motors are TEFC Total enclosed fan cooled _____ , 100.00 TOTAt 390.00 $1635.


Thank you all that have wished me well from my recent surgery (gallbladder) removal, it is good to be back.


Approved Repairs / Projects Status: The Fencing around the both irrigation pump stations has been approved. I found out today 3/2/2018 that the work is scheduled 16 weeks out or sooner if they have any cancellations. The work will be done by Superior Fence Company out of Melbourne, Florida.


The palm trees at both entryways Shearwater & South Patrick were trimmed and cleaned up of all twisted / broken prongs from Hurricane IRMA. Also trimmed and cleaned up all of the damaged palm tree prongs in (t,e common areas of the Clubhouse. There was a Royal Palm that did not survive the damages from the Hurricane IRMA, that was located at the
North side of the exit area of South Patrick outside the gates, closest to the roadway. All palm waste was hauled off by the vendor Tree Tech Pros. It is only fair to mention that the crew from Tree Tech Pros conducted the scope of work in a safe, clean, professional, and workman, type manner from start to finish. Thank you kindly Tree Tech Pros, your hard work was
much appreciated.

The work on the playground will be starting soon; as some of the materials such as the plastic safety caps for the fence pickets were ordered. One hundred caps were available for pick up. The caps will be painted to match the fencing color.

The railings that need to be replaced have also been ordered. Mr. Wellman and myself removed the bad rusted ones and will be installing the new railings when they arrive here soon.


The bids have been taken for the painting of the (44)existing street lights and poles/(10) sign poles street signs, changing the color from brown to black satin finish to match the new sections color codes.

Projects Status: Ceiling on patio has been put up for bid to stain and seal ceiling on both front entryways game room/fitness room entryways ceilings. I have two bids for labor only ($1600.00) The cost of stain /sealer $300.00. Total job $1900.00. Originally I was going to do the labor, but this job should be professionally done in my opinion because of lappage absorption issues is beyond my expertise. Randy McGrath (FMCA).