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Report Irrigation Notes

Montecito, controller B
Day 2.
I diagnosed there were multiple shorts along the two wire path and no power going to the zones across from the pump.
I found a broken wire at zones 34, 35. Power is now going across the street. I found there’s shorts across the street zones 36 to 54.
Also located one short within the loop, zones 7 and 8.
Day 3
I replaced the decoder zone 7 and 8. I’ll have to replace the solenoid for zone 7.
Across the street zones 43, 44 and 45.
System Inspection for clock C.
Diagnosing wire issues for clock B. Found the the wire crossing under the road is bad and will need to be replaced.
Went to clock D and found no power to the clock.
Day 5
Repair the main line break caused by another landscaping company.
Diagnose the reason why clock D has now power

The mainline break on Monterey in the back yard has been repaired and paid for by party the did the damage..


Nothing to report at this time. No report given by Paradise Lawn & Irrigation this week. Irrigation Manager is not in the office today.. Sorry for the inconvenience, Paradise will not be able to send this weeks report today..

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions..


This week we did A wet check on clock d which is the new construction area. A few broken heads and clogged nozzles.
Noticed a lot of hot spots on the property and Tyler informed me of a couple of “ no flow zones” 279 Montecito . The timer showed some alarms on certain zones so I’m checking to see if it’s a wire issue and if those zones are running automatically. I will be there today, Friday, to evaluate the issue further. I will try and catch up with you before I leave and let you what the findings are. PS#2 has a bad #1 motor (bearings are shot) HOOVER would not install refurbished 10 h/p motor because they did not want to install a rebuilt unit (motor). I contacted American Pump Company and they agreed to do the install. American Pump Company should be here Saturday June 1, 2019 or at the latest Monday June 3,2019 to do the #1 pump motor at PS #2.


This week we ran our wet check on pump 2 clock d. No real issues with that part besides a few heads and nozzles.
Also we concentrated on Shearwater Dr. Several broken off heads and several clogged nozzles. There is 2 1/2” stub up on the road side of the sidewalk that was broken off, I fixed it. The pots were also redone after the the new plants were installed with micro sprays.
Guysers along Carlsbad were fixed, we fixed the pipes under the porch at 131 redondo and rerouted some broken lateral lines under a bird of paradise plant at 304 point lobos. HOOVER came out and checked out the noise coming from PS#2 and found that one of the motors was bad (NEED of REPLACEMENT). I explained to tje Tech Jason from HOOVER that we have a rewound & rebuilt pump motor in storage ready to install. Due to the fact it was late in the day, Jason told me he would have to schedule this pump motor swap early next week. The PS#2 can operate with the one pump motor until the replacement takes place.

05-20-2019 Addendum Irrigation Report

Addendum irrigation report from 05/17/2019: This week we did our weekly wet checks and we took care of clock C which is all the homes on point Lobos drive and Monterey Drive..

I was in contact with Tyler from Insight and he informed me of the few zones that had high flow. On the end of the perimeter wall on the outside on shearwater zone one clock D was a high flow zone and I fixed a gushing head and repaired and exposed bubbler line that had been cut.

I was in touch with the technician from Brevard lawns who is installing the irrigation on the new homes on Redondo Drive . Installed an electric valve on the last townhome and I was able to put it on the timer activating it automatically.

South Patrick entrance north end I replaced a broken head by the wall and an exposed lateral line that have been broken along the ditch line flooding into the ditch.

The walkway to the park from Monterey Drive I fixed a broken lateral line under the mulch that has been flooding the sidewalk. I also fixed a tree bubbler that had been cut along the sidewalk.

On Montecito drive next to the pump station on the city strip in between the sidewalk and the street had a broken lateral line due to pool construction of the house on the corner. That was repaired and several heads were cleaned out.

Approximately 10 work orders were closed out ranging from a leaky head, to poor coverage, to I don’t know if my yard is on the timer.

I am here now (Friday) looking into a few things from Tyler and checking a few work orders. Report written by Mike Billquist (tech from Paradise Lawns & Irrigation). Thanks Mike


I wanted to touch base with you about the irrigation work this week. We are doing wet checks every week so we have been servicing one clock per week. Last week was clock A and this week we did clock B. I have been trying to focus on the larger issues like zones not activating or high flow zones. Tyler has been very helpful in finding problem areas. Working off his report I was able to locate three zones that were not active due to a bad decoder. 696 and 686 palos verde and the common area behind them both had not been getting any water and are now active. We also took care of some work orders and requests from William. The gushers in the city strip on Carlsbad were also replaced.
Next week is the same plan, clock C, take care of current work orders, and solve the next "no flow" problem(s).
See you then,


: Paradise Lawns & irrigation has been diligently working on trouble-shooting irrigation issues at 404 Point Lobos Drive, 656 Palos Verde Drive, and 649 Monterey Drive (NOT WATERING). They are repairing these and many other irrigation issues on Carlsbad Drive too. The Pump Station #1 concrete reinforcement project has been completed.


: The concrete reinforcement project was formed up, poured, and finished this week on Pump Station #1. On 4/12/19 at 9:00 pm. there was a major vertical line break reported in the SF homes section at 678 Monterey Drive (rear) of property control box area. This repair was made by Paradise Lawn & Irrigation company promptly and professionally. The status of the geysers on Carlsbad Drive is ongoing, I received no report?


: There is a major leak was reported at the rear property of 686 Palos Verde Drive (Robert Schweiger residence). I shut the power supply was shut off due to this after-hours emergency, I contacted Tyler Salas of Insight’s Irrigation Manager/ monitor to make him aware of the situation and status of PS#1. There have been several geysers reported on Carlsbad Drive and Paradise Lawn & Irrigation Co. have been diligently locating and repairing issues of stuck valves on the 700 block of Ventura Drive. I believe that in due time these geysers will be repaired ASAP. I’m not certain who put a lock assembly on PS#1 main water control valve, but this info should have been communicated with Ed Henson, William V., Jason Showe or myself Randy McGrath.


: All,
What appears to have happened is someone has opened a gate valve somewhere on the property so now pump stations #2 and #3 are linked.
Pump #2 has been off almost all day but pump #3 was on and the master valve was open because Blue h2o is out there working. So that zone was running off of pump #3.
Alex from BV said he throttled the valve down at that zone on Ventura but it still was not preventing water. I spoke to Blue h2o and I asked them to please turn pump #3 off when they’re done for the day so that this zone does not continue to run.
Once Paradise on property Monday, we should ask them to address this gate valve and then take a look at this valve to see what the problem is. Thanks
Tyler Salas – Irrigation Manager


: The concrete jacking or pumping for PS #1 will begin soon. We continue to wait for HOOVER to address the issue of flange leaking inside of PS#2 pump housing. PS#3 has added a new watering ZONE in the common areas behind the first housing unit on Carlsbad Drive. This ZONE was added to the watering clock by Brevard Lawn & Irrigation Company; I will be meeting with Tyler Salas on Monday March 23, 2019 to determine exactly what area this ZONE covers and label it in the system. I will be meeting with Superior Fence Company on April 2,2019 to get a bid for putting a fence around PS#3 as needed. I will order the correct signage for this PS#3 gated area.


: The PS #2 was turned off because of a mainline break at the North east corner pond #6 in the undeveloped area Clemente Drive / towards Simeon Drive. This repair was made by Brightview and PS #2 was turned back on after the correct curing time of the repair. I was adjusting the timer for fountain #4 lighting because of time change, when I noticed water coming out of the PS #2 housing. Evidently parts were ordered by HOOVER pump company, and we await the arrival of the parts. A plastic covering was installed over the electrical components by Brightview. Although PS #2 has this leak issue, this PS #2 can continue to operate until the repair takes place.


: Pump station #3 ZONE #24 clock E not communicating with Insight programing. After investigating this issue, it was indicated to me by Tyler Salas that a control box on the North side of Redondo Drive, approximately from 104 Redondo Drive all the way to Carlsbad Drive were affected. The control valve had been screwed down for reasons unknown. Once the valve was opened and ZONE E was programed to the watering cycle, all is well now ZONE 24 is now functioning fine.


: The only thing to report is the main line was relocated at the Wilson residence rear of property 689 Monterey to be able to excavate for swimming pool installation. The irrigation system for the SFH was (SHUT-OFF) during this procedure / curing of pipe as well.


Nothing to report at this time.


: Clock A
Zone #4- Decoder replaced
Zone #13- Leaking HOA heads replaced
Zone #45- Leaking HOA heads replaced
Zone #48- Replaced broken 6” Rotor

Clock C
Zones 3,4,5- Replaced decoder and wiring
Zone #16- Leaking HOA heads replaced
Zone #25- Leaking HOA heads replaced

Clock D
Zone #40- Replaced decoder and wiring
Phase # 3: A irrigation break was reported at rear of property 113 Redondo Drive. This repair was made by Brevard Lawns & Irrigation Co. The cost of this repair has put this burden on the CDD. The damage to the irrigation system very well could have been done due to the enhancements done on the rear of 109 Redondo Drive townhome. In the process of doing this scope of work the concrete contractor hired by Mr, Levow had driven his vehicle with a trailer attached to it to drive on the CDD easement without permission to be able to remove the concrete waste from the rear of 109 Redondo Drive. Unfortunately, by traveling over this area the irrigation lines / spray head was damaged. Mr. Levow was made aware of these repair charges on 02/06/19. These are very unfortunate circumstances and the CDD hopes that everyone involved in this dilemma understands our position here at the CDD going forward. Thank you, Randy McGrath (FMCA).


We inspected the controllers and pumps

New wire was ran from the decoder to the solenoid at zone #40 on Clock D

New wire and a decoder has to be installed on zone#3 on clock C, until that is completed we installed a battery pack on that zone

A broken 6” popup was replaced in the CDD strip in front of 677 Ventura


.Irrigation pumps: Montecito – January 25, 2019

Controller A
• Zone 4 - Decoder Alarm
• Zone 13 – 2 leaking HOA heads
• Zone 14 - Broken head, lateral line and time on controller corrected
• Zone 26 & 27 – these homes have 2 valves each
• Zone 45 – leaking HOA head
• Zone 47 – 47 isn’t a zone
• Zone 48 – Broken 6” rotor ( this is a large rotor zone)
• Zone 55 – bad solenoid
Controller B
• Zone 4 – time added
• Zone 8 – valve not opening (replacement)
• Zone 27 – irrigation is down due to pool install
• Zone 47 – zone has several more bubblers than normal- closed off
Controller C
• Zone 3 – wiring issue to decoder
• Zone 16 & 25- leaking HOA heads
Controller D
• Zone 40 – wiring issue to solenoid
• Zone 62 – time is off due to construction
• Zone 88 – small zone with only has 5 rotors, good pressure from heads
• Zone 93 – small rotor zone, good pressure from heads

The FLO GUARD app for PS#3 was installed on the CDD office computer, soon I will have the PS#1 app installed to the office computer. Too. I just have to reach out to HOOVER and get the necessary accessibility information. PS #2 will not have this capacity until the PS#2 gets the new pump station in 2020.


Nothing to report at this time.


We began our monthly irrigation inspection and repairs on Wed. As of yesterday the technicians completed Controllers A and B on PS#1.
All of the controllers have been reprogrammed and a new schedule has been sent to the CDD and HOA.

All of the controllers have been reprogrammed and a new schedule has been sent to the CDD and HOA.


Irrigation pumps: SFH Pump station #1 had a complete (NEW) irrigation equipment changed out. There is an issue of erosion in this area of the equipment platform. GMS has several bids in place to reinforce these equipment platforms with a process of concrete jacking. This is where hydraulic cement is formed up and pumped in these areas to shore up the platforms.


Nothing to report at this time.


This week we completed the minor irrigation repairs per pre approval from our last inspection.

The mainline, 2 wire and valves were moved in the SFH section ahead of the swimming pool installation.
Main line break on irrigation system #3 South East corner at Montecito Drive and Carlsbad Drive. This was done while electrical contractor was excavating to install conduits for future purposes. The electrical contractor made the necessary repairs to 4"main line , This repair will need to be inspected by Brevard lawn& irrigation dept. When this system is re energized on Monday Dec.17,2018.


The new suction line was installed by Hoover in Pump Station #2. Both P# #2 and #3 were out fitted with back flush system in order to backwash / clean intake screen when needed..


· We completed all of the approved repairs from Septembers irrigation inspect

· The October irrigation inspection was completed and we will be sending that report over soon

· We have received a pre-approval to make CDD repairs while we are onsite completing our inspection.

· We repaired a mainline outside of the wall along Shearwater.

· We installed 2 spigots were installed along Shearwater.

· Both pump stations and all 4 controllers were inspected.


On Monday we inspected both pump stations and all 4 controllers. Controller C had an alarm on every zone which indicated a 2 wire splice out in the field. We located the wire splice which was over 1,100ft away from the controller at a depth of 5’ deep. It was a small nick in one of the strands that had corrosion. A new section of 2 wire was installed with a splice box.

We have started making the approved irrigation repairs from our September irrigation inspection and will be working on our October irrigation inspection.


This week all of the controllers were checked for alarms. PS#1 on Controller B had a 2 station decoder alarm for zones 22-23 and Controller C had a 2 station decoder alarm for zones 28-29.

We had a mainline break behind 664 Mission Bay. The irrigation for PS#1 was turned off to allow the line to drain. This repair is being completed today. A ball valve was installed, so the water to PS#1 will be turned back on today.

We submitted our irrigation inspection report to GMS, Jason Showe sent over the approval, a PO will be issued for the parts and the repairs will be scheduled.


We installed the approved new decoder for zones 22-23 on PS#2. No other alarms were found on the controller.

On PS#1 we found no alarms on controller A, on Controller B we found a bad 2 station decoder (zones 22-23). On Controller C we found a bad 2 station decoder (zones 28-29).

The proposal for replacement of these decoders has been approved and are scheduled for installation next week.
We installed the approved new decoder for zones 22-23 on PS#2. No other alarms were found on the controller.

On PS#1 we found no alarms on controller A, on Controller B we found a bad 2 station decoder (zones 22-23). On Controller C we found a bad 2 station decoder (zones 28-29).

The proposal for replacement of these decoders has been approved and are scheduled for installation next week.
We installed the approved new decoder for zones 22-23 on PS#2. No other alarms were found on the controller.

On PS#1 we found no alarms on controller A, on Controller B we found a bad 2 station decoder (zones 22-23). On Controller C we found a bad 2 station decoder (zones 28-29).

The proposal for replacement of these decoders has been approved and are scheduled for installation next week.

We repaired a broken lateral line and 12” popup on the exit side of the Shearwater entrance.

We repaired a broken lateral line and 12” popup on the exit side of the Shearwater entrance.

We repaired a broken lateral line and 12” popup on the exit side of the Shearwater entrance.


The mainline reroute has been completed and normal Irrigation schedule will resume this evening.

A PO for approved decoder for zones 22-23 will be issued on Monday and the decoder will be installed on Monday.


All of the repairs from the August irrigation inspection have been complete. 2 approved decoders have been installed.

The September irrigation inspection has been completed and will be sent over to Jason Showe for approval once the paperwork has been completed.

All controllers and pump stations were inspected on Monday and no other alarms were found.


3/4 of the approved August repairs have been completed. The rest will be completed next week. We found (2) bad decoders in the SFH and those will be replaced next week. No other alarms on the controllers.


PS#2 HOOVER brought in their diver and reported that the 6" suction line will need to be replaced ASAP because of voids / breaks in this line.. It seems that the intake suction stub has failed because it is to close to the bottom of the pond floor causing low pressure to irrigate efficiently. HOOVERS recommendation is a total replacement of the intake suction line and the automatic flush feature will also need to be replaced as well. we are waiting on a proposal price on what this will cost. This explains why PS#2 has been not being able to function properly, due to low pressure.


There was no report turned in to us about the irrigation systems. This is unusual and unexpected because of all of the issues that we've been experiencing lately. We await the findings and report from HOOVER on what was found after their inspection of the PS #2 intakes situation? This week we finished our approved July irrigation repairs and our August irrigation inspection. Once the paperwork is completed I’ll be sending the report

To the CDD for approval.

We replace 2 decoders on PS#1 on Clock C.

A mower cut the exposed 2 wire at the end of Clemente and Alex came out and repaired.

Both pump stations and filter rings were inspected and found to be in working order.


We checked both pump stations and all 4 controllers for alarms. Both pump stations were operational with no alarms.

Pump station #2 is still only irrigating 1 zone at a time, so luckily Mother Nature is helping us. Hopefully the Hoover diver will be out to inspect and clean the

Suction line intake and we will be back to regular capacity.

We found a couple decoder alarms of PS#1 controller C, these zones were on the East side of Monterey drive. We replaced a 2 station decoder and a 4 station decoder.

We have almost completed our August irrigation inspection and July repairs. Once the inspection is complete, I’ll send over the inspection report to the CDD for approval of repairs.


We inspected both pump stations and all 4 controllers and found no alarms.

PS#1- We repaired the approved mainline leak between zones 4 and 5 on Controller C and reconstructed the 4 valves. After the repair had cured and the mainline was pressurized, the next weak spot in the mainline blew. The line was opened up and drained overnight, we returned on Friday to repair and irrigation for PS#1 is back online.
PS#2- We are still waiting for Hoover to inspect and clean the Pump intake screen in the pond. Once full pressure has been reestablished we will resume our normal irrigation schedule. We normally operate 2 programs at a time which allows us to run 2 irrigation zones at a time, yet with the pressure issues we are only capable of operating 1 program and 1 zone at a time.

We will be completing the approved July irrigation repairs and completing our August irrigation inspection next week


Pump station #2 was found tripped and was reset on Monday. All zones are operational, however we are having pressure issues while the system is running through the normal programming. The CDD has approved a proposal for Hoover to inspect and clean the intake screen which is out in the pond. In an effort to insure each zone is receiving adequate pressure we have reprogrammed the controller and each zone is running twice per week, 7 days per week.
A 2 wire splice was located on Monday at PS#1 at Clock B that affected zones 14-56. This was repaired on Tuesday and all zones were up and running.
At PS#1 Clock C we found several decoder alarms. Upon inspection it was determined (3) 2 station decoders and (1) 4 station decoders were likely damaged due to lightning. Decoders are triangle shaped metal boxes and each of these were blown open. All decoders were replaced on Tuesday and zones are operational.
At 354 Point Lobos a bad solenoid was replaced.


.This week we inspected both pump stations and all 4 controllers and no alarms were found.

Our July irrigation inspection was approved. The approval was sent to the office so a PO can be issued for the materials.

Our July irrigation inspection was approved. The approval was sent to the office so a PO can be issued for the materials.



We inspected both pump stations and all for controllers and found no alarms.
Our July irrigation inspection out in the field has completed. The paperwork will be completed mid next week and will be sent over to GMS for approval.Our July irrigation inspection out in the field has completed. The paperwork will be completed mid next week and will be sent over to GMS for approval.


This week both pump stations and all 4 controllers were inspected and no alarms were found.

The filter rings were inspected and found to be in fair condition.

We are continuing to work on our July inspection.
No grass cutting this week??

Jason Pilon


We inspected both pump stations and the 4 controllers and found no alarms.

The approved valve replacement for the units 129-139 Montecito drive was completed.

We have started our July irrigation inspection.

On July 11,2018 : A technician onsite who will be treating the torpedo grass in plant material and also treating the Hawthorne for Weevils.


Last week we replaced bad solenoids at 628, 638, 689 and 769 all on Monterey drive.

A 1 station decoder was replaced at 434 Point Lobos Dr

A 2 station decoder was replaced at 128 Redondo Dr

We had an alarm on Controller D for zones 52, 53, 54 and 55. We discovered a corroded wire at the 4 station decoder.

We replaced 3 heads for along Shearwater for free due to lack of authorization to preform work, thus we cannot bill for the work.

We pulled a tech from another property to come run the irrigation for the company working on the fountain pumps- for free

I sent a copy of our irrigation maps to the company hired by the CDD to assess the irrigation system.This week we inspected the controllers/ pumps and found no alarms.
We completed the approved June inspection repairs and started our July inspection.

A proposal to replace a 2” valve which operates a zone for 139 Montecito was approved. This valve was continuing to partially close which reduced the pressure for the entire 6 plex.


Irrigation pumps: All of the approved irrigation repairs from our May Irrigation inspection were completed.

We inspected by pump stations and filter rings and found everything in good order.

A 2" stuck valve was replaced at 439 Montecito.

We have completed our June Irrigation inspection, which will be sent over when the paperwork is completed.


Irrigation pumps: This week we checked all 4 controllers and found no alarms.
We inspected the filter rings at both pumps stations and both were in operational order.
The approved May repairs for both COD and HOA continued and will be completed next week.
A stuck valve was located at 439 Montecito. The District Manager has approved the valve replacement which will take place next week.
We received and email stating that the irrigation had been stuck on for 2 hours at 269 Montecito and upon arrival we found the Solenoid was open.


Irrigation Pumps: The weak theinigatlon controllers at both pump stations have remained off. The repairs listed on our May irrigation inspection were approved. Alex has started making those repairs and they will be completed by next week.


Irrigation Pumps: We completed our monthly Irrigetion inspection. Alex is completing the paperwork this weekend and I' ll be sending the report over this weekend.
The rain sensor at PSlt2 was installed.

We have been primarily leaving the irrilation off due to all of the rain.

Hoover came out and attempted to repair the leaking filter at ml, however due to the location of the leak and the amount of rust on the bolts, he has to return with more parts. There is a chance that the bottom section of the filter housing has cracked and would need to be replaced. The only way to know for certain will be when he takes the whole thing apart. Due to all the fresh water fimng the ponds, the pond levels are looking much better and the rain also helps the water quality we are irrigating with.


Irrigation pumps: Both pump stations and all 4 controllers were inspected. We replaced the 28 valve on Clock A Zone 24 The decoders for zones l'-J.8,36-31, 46)41.48149 were replaced
All of the approved CDD repairs on PS#l are completed. We tracked and repaired a 2 wire Issue on Controller D that had several zones down.


Irrigation pumps: We inspected both pump stations and filter rings. We found no pump alarms and the filter rings were in decent shape.
All 4 controllers were checked for alarms. We found no alarms on Controllers A, Band C. On Controller D we have alarms on zones 31 ,74, 84, 85,86, 87, 90 and 91.
We started making the approved irrigation inspection repairs for the CDD and HOA. Alex, Christian and Angel will be working on site next week to complete the repairs, troubleshooting and completing the irrigation inspection. We will be sending over a proposal to repair the leaking filter manifolds at PS#1 and PS#2.


Irrigation pumps~ This week both pump stations were inspected on Monday and no alarms ware found on alarm controller.
We had 2 irrigation techs working on the irrigation retro-fit for the enhancements and those are completed. The March irrigation inspection repairs for PS#1 and PS#2 have been approved and are scheduled to be accomplished next week. Alex, returned today and upon inspecting Controller A he found several alarms He reinspecting now and I'll let you know what his findings are.


Irrigation pumps: We Inspected both pump stations and all 4 controllers and found no alarms. Alex has completed his Inspection on PS#2 and once the paperwork ls completed it will be sent to the COO and HQA for approval. Alex. Christian and Brad have been working on the irrigation upgrades for the new enhancement projects at both entrances and monument signs.
We responded to the following; A broken 6" popup spray head at 157 Montecito drive which was flagged by Alex during his inspection.
683 Ventura drive reported the rotor zone in the backyard wasn't working~ upon arrival the irrigation ran from the controller. It'$ programmed to run Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 11pm. 619 Monterey was reported to have water running for several hours~ When we arrived onsite the solenoid was found to have been manually opened. 615 Mission Bay reported rotor zone on for 24111"$, Upon arrival we found the valve w8sstuck open and will not close automatically. The valve was throttled ctoaed and proposal for replacement submitted and approved. This will be replaced next week, 644 Mission Bay reported water not running in the backyard .. Upon arrival the zone (SO) ran from the controller. this home has 1 valve which supplies water to the front and the back. Irrigation runs Wednesday and Sunday at 2:05am.


Pump station #2 is back to full operation and is on normal watering schedule. We inspected all 4 controllers at Pump station #1 and #2 and we found no alarms at any of the controllers this week. The filter rings at both pump stations were inspected and are in good condition.


Irrigation pumps: SFH/TH, there have been so many variables pertaining to both irrigation systems, from wire breaks and to underground main line breaks in the installation process of two swimming pools in adjacent homes. The TH irrigation system has been interrupted recently from equipment failure (BAD #1 Motor) electrical components heating up and shorting out internally. These are unforeseen issues even though they are unfortunate circumstances are frustrations are many in maintaining the irrigation system. We have a maintenance agreement in place with Hoover Pumps as we find ourselves at their mercy and maintenance schedule. Brightview only handles the smaller type issues like sprinkler heads and wire issues and irrigation line repairs. The equipment at the pump stations are Hoovers responsibilities and depending on how major the repairs become determines if Brightview is able to make the repairs or not. Thanks goes out to the community for their patience and understanding in this manner.


Irrigation Pumps: The sFH irrigation system is out of order until Tuesday March 6, 2018 due to a mainline break caused by the pool installation crew ruptured this irrigation line while excavating the second of two pool being installed at 738 and 728 Monterey Drive rear of property closest to pond #2. The actual repair will take place on Monday March 5, 2018, But there is a 24 hour cure time on the repair before re energizing the irrigation system. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may be causing the SFH residents. The TH irrigation system is operating fine at this time.


The SFH & TH irrigation repairs from December were authorized and completed this week, and the January inspections were started also. The filters and pump stations 1 & 1. were also inspected. they all checked out fine and are fully functional at this time.


The SFH and TH pump stations were turned OFF yesterday 1/04/2018 because of the freeze factor (WEATHER CONDITIONS) below 32 degrees. Both systems were put back in operation this morning 1/05/2018 and both systems are functioning fine at this time, nothing to report.

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