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Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Repairs were made on this East pedestrian gate on 09-21-2021 I purchased the handle and necessary wardware for this application and made the repairs. I closed this ticket out the same day that I purchased materials. I'm not certain why? this ticket never closed, but this job was completed 09-21-2021. Per Randy McGrath (DFS). I also had a video sent to me of the North side pedestrian gate at Palisade Drive latch assembly not releasing the gate. I troubleshooted this issue and found that due to lack of lubrication the latch assembly was not releasing the gate door. I lubricated the latch and continuosly worked the latch loose for smoother operation. Check operation, A-okay now. Touch up painted the handle & hardware as needed. The North side Palisades pedestrian gate is now fully funcional. These Pedestrian gates are in need of refurbishment.


Nothing to report at this time.


James Bourdeaureported 2 hours ago
Yesterday, while walking in the community, I noticed that the handle on the pedestrian gate at the eastern Palisades Drive entry was coming off the gate. This pedestrian gate was the Tortoise Drive exit pedestrian gate. Found that the hardware on the lower portion of handle failed. There was a lag screw had pulled loose. Drilled though door and installed a 3/8 galvanized carridge bolt with washers on both sides of the pedestrian gate door with nut fastener. This remedied the issue and the handle is now secured to the gate door and working fine at this time. 09-10-21 Per Randy McGrath (DFS). Closed Ticket


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


The traffic entrance to South Patrick gate was acting up / not opening at the designated 3:00 pm Cycle. I contacted FDC on 08-17-21 at 3:15 pm. and had a Tech scheduled to come out on 08-18-21 late morning. The Tech Brad of FDC come out and troubleshot and found (2) bad batteries, that are supposed to cycle this set of gate operators. Origionally these gate operators were put into service operating off of D/C power, Since the original installation the software changes were made to operate these gates now on A/C power, using the batteries as power back-up if A/C power fails. Unfortunately the manufacture is calling this a grey area glitch in their software set up. The A/C power is supposed to automatically charge the D/C batteries with a small trickle charge. The gate operators manufacture are working on a solution to this dilema as the software changes are made, the back up system has challenges of the equipment being able to maintain a constant power source availability. This is how it was explained to me by the Teh Brad of FDC. Per Randy McGrath (DFS).


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


The Eastern Shearwater Parkway pedestrian gate stop was repaired this week, Installed new fasteners and the necessary hardware to make this repair. This was a Ticket item that was entered and repaired the same day. This Ticket is now CLOSED


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


The Shearwater ParkwayTraffic Gates : The entrance gate half was installed this week by FDC. The master gate controller and the slave gate controller were programmed to work in sync with one another. The gate timer was set up to crop open at 6:00 am. and remain cropped open until 7:00 pm. where it opens and closes after each entrance cycle. Both exit gates were programmed the exact same time frame as the entrance gates. They are to crop open at 6:00 am. and to stay open until 7:00 pm. where it closes after each exit cycle, until 6:00 am. where it crops open once again.


The damaged Shearwater vehicle entrance gate half was removed by FDC on 05-28-2021. They will install the new vehicle entrance gate half after FDC finishes fabricating the new gate. GMS maintenance crew installed the new hydraulic control arms on the South Patrick pedestrian gates North and South on 06-02-2021. However they also raised the pedestrian gates at Shearwater and installed new spring type hinges where needed. Then they installed the new hydraulic control arms on 06-03-2021. There is one latch remaining to install. For North Gate, the aluminum panels (kick-plates) needed to complete the North pedestrian gate have been ordered from Smitty's Welding Supply of Melbourne; These panels were (cut to fit) and will be ready for install when completed.


GMS service / maintenance crew came out and started working on the pedestrian gates by raising the elevation of these gates and installed new hinges where needed. GMS service / maintenance crew will return on Wednesday June 2,2021 and complete repairs and raising of the SouthPatrick pedestrian gates and install the hydrailic control arms on all (4) pedestrian gates. (2) on Shearwater and (2) on South Patrick.

05-14-2021 and 05-21-2021

Continuing / awaiting vendors to give us a quote to make the necessary repairs of pedestrian gates at Shearwater Parkway & South Patrick .


Awaiting other bids / quotes to make repairs to the Shearwater Parkway and South patrick pedestrian gates.


Waiting on the vendors response to the SCOPE OF WORK and correct costs of the half gate replacement charges.


FDC has started the fabricating of the damaged entrance gate at Shearwater Parkway and given us a quote of $3582.05 for the new gate half at the Shearwater entrance.


Nothing to report at this time.


We are in a holding patern in the arrival of the new gate half assembly in order to have the gates off of Shearwater Parkway entrance functional once again.


Both pedestrian gates at Shearwater Parkway/South Patrick entrances are in need of a hydraulic arm to control the speed of these gates as they come to a closed and resting position. This will help in the violent slamming that takes place from wind damage caused from the abrupt stoppage against the latch assemblies. Hydraulic assembly is being tested on North Gate for these applications.


The gate replacement half at the Shearwater Parkway entrance gate proposal came in at $3,582.05 from FDC on March 23,2021 by Randy Davis. Please see attached proposal 33952. Please confirm receipt.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to move forward.

Thank you for choosing FDC,

Randy Davis

FDC - Florida Door Control of Orlando, Inc.

658-2 Washburn Rd. Melbourne FL 32934

800-321-6487 x.17





The damaged Shearwater Parkway entrance gate, and exit gate were cropped open on Monday March 15,2021, as we are in a holding pattern until such time the refurbished or new rebuilt gate half becomes available for installation by FDC.


Florida Door Control came out and took measurement of the damaged entrance gate at the Shearwater Parkway location. They are putting together a quote to repair if possible or to fabricate a new gate for this location at Shearwater Parkway.


Unfortunately the Shearwater Parkway entrance gate was struck by a tractor trailer recently by a vendor of Vintage Homes, and was deemed the gate as not functional 02-26-2021. On Monday 03-01-2021 I contacted FDC Florida Door Control, and explained to them that we 're in need a quote for replacment of the right side of the entrance gate. I spoke with a gentleman named Randy Davis (Service Manager / Salesman). I reached out again today 03-05-2021 and checked with him on a status report of the gate fabrication cost. He had to speak to their fabrication shop foreman / personel who (Rusty) builds these gates. He was evidently waiting for the demensions and FDC's feild represenative dropped the ball so-to-speak. Randy Davis will be out here today 03-05-2021 and take the necessary measurements and to determine whether or not that the gate operator / swing arm sustained any damages from this incident. He conveyed to me that he would contact Jason Showe, William V. and myself Randy McGrath (DFS) of the status report.


I installed lighted Christmas decorations on all of the entrance and exit Community Gates for the Christmas holidays for brightening up accent Merry Christmas Holiday


FDC came out on 10/21/20 and performed preventative maintenance on all entrances and exits gate operators.


Nothing to report at this time.


2 pedestrian gates were removed by the crew at GMS to be taken and refurbished / repairs. Once the necessary repairs are made they will be put back into service. The location of these gates are as follows:(1) The exit pedestrian gate Shearwater parkway by round about. (2) The most Eastern pedestrian gate on Shearwater Parkway


Nothing to report at this time.


All of the traffic gates are working fine at this time The South Patrick exit had been recently malfunctioning due to bad batteries. The gates actually operate on D/C power, even though they have A/C power going into these gate operators, they function on D/C power, that gets reduced from a transformer. When the batteries are no longer to accept a charge any further, the gates stop operating completely. It seems that when we shut the power off and cropped the gates to the open position as the last hurricane was approaching. The batteries were not strong enough to hold a charge when the power supply was turned back on. FDC came out and installed 2 new batteries in the South Patrick's exit gate operator. All is well now, the gate is up and operating fine.


Florida Door Control came out and performed PM (Preventive Maintenance this week and reported that the Exit gate at South Patrick has a weak loop reading and recommended the installation of a wireless loop, similar like the one that we installed at the entrance gate of Shearwater Parkway. Their Teck Kevin was going to put together a proposal or a cost projection of what this wireless loop would cost


Anchor Painting Company have started their scope of work, pressure washing and painting of the interior side of exterior wall is continuing (IN PROGRESS) of the Montecito Drive properties.


The gate that was damaged on 06/22/20 has been put back into service and the Shearwater entrance gate was adjusted and put in sync with the other half of gate, so that both gate assemblies can travel through a complete cycle without interference of each other; so they can come to rest after a smooth transition of travel. The persons responsible for the damages has come forward and took responsibility for these damages Walter (860)838-1367


The shearwater entrance gate was struck and damaged by a landscape company used by the Developer. We have film and pictures of the damages and how they occurred. Taker on Monday June 22nd,2020 at approximately 1600 hours military time. These damages could have been avoided had the Landscape vendor used the construction entrance / exit, instead of trying to leave the Community through the entrance gate area of Shearwater Parkway entrance. I've spoke with Gary The Super for Vintage Homes and reported this incident, we've yet to hear back from anyone pertaining the damages, or how they want to reconcile this issue??? We've got them on film (TAPE) the next step is to contact the Satellite Beach Police Dept.


All traffic entrance and exit gates are working fine at this time.


All of the entrance gates are operating fine at this time.


The entrance and exit gates were put back into service yesterday 05/07/20 after being out of service for a month due to the CORONA Virus pandemic. The gates were taken out of service on the recommendation of Larry Bradshaw our CDD Chairman because the chance of transmitting any germs from the key pad for those who don't have gate fobs. We are gradually / slowly going to ease the Community back into some type of normalcy. One step at a time. our 1st step was putting the gates back into operation.


The Preventative maintenance of all 4 gate systems is scheduled for this week by (FDC). Even though the gate systems all turned off during this Corona Virus (Pandemic) shut down period, the gates will receive their regularly scheduled routine maintenance done.


Nothing to report at this time.


The entrance and exit gates have been cropped in the open position to stop any type of germ transfer from the gate keypads used by those who elect not to utilize the gate fob . Due to the pandemic of the CORONA VIRUS we have recently been threatened by. In the order of keeping everyone and all of us to a germ free environment as we have to travel through these gates periodically in and out throughout each day. May GOD watch over us all during these times.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


The 5removal of pergolas has been completed thus far and the necessary repairs have been made to wall and have been freshly painted where the pergolas rested on the walls.


Nothing to report at this time.


The FDC came out on Thursday January 30,2020 and performed their routine preventative maintenance and the kiosk at South Patrick had to be reset because the key pad was not functioning property. Once reset, all is well now.


The work on the interior walls in the TH section has began, starting with pressure washing and stucco repairs as the crew from Anchor Painting preps the wall for a fresh coat of paint (Saucy Gold) is the color to match the exterior. The 18 pergolas that are on the walls throughout the Community will be removed and the necessary areas will be repaired where the pergolas rested. The pergolas were inspected by a reputable construction company (Armstrong Construction Company) and deemed unsafe, due to rusted and corroded state of the hardware. These pergolas will be reinstalled at a later date as we decide the correct Corse of action on replacement what the materials will be constructed of. We will be researching the different options we have. either pressure treated lumber or aluminum which can get really pricey. We will put this scope of work out for bid in the near future, but we will explore at least 3 different proposals from 3 different vendors


FDC came out and replaced the hinge-point elbows of all of the 8 gate operators as a preventative maintenance procedure authorized by me Randy McGrath (DFS) These particular parts were in need of replacement due to evidence of sloppy operation, and visible wear & tear on these parts.


All gates are working fine at this time. Christmas decorations were removed from Shearwater Parkway Entrance / Exit this day January 3,2020.


All of the gates are functioning fine at this time.


The Christmas decorations were installed on the entrance / exit gates on both South Patrick and Shearwater Parkway Thursday / Friday this week. 12/5/6/19


All gates are functioning properly at this time.


All of the gates are functioning properly and I continue to see a need for a bumper post to protect the kiosk at the South Patrick entrance that has been struck twice already this year. The SWATCHES for the colors of the wall interior were painted on the back side of wall Shearwater Parkway entrance. There are 4 colors to pick from.


This could be about the gates. I believe we need to install a bumper post at the key pad kiosk at South Patrick entrance seeing's how that kiosk has been struck twice now and there is very expensive equiupment being housed inside of these kiosks.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


FDC came out and answered the complaint of the entrance gate at South Patrick sporadically would open and close continuously never actually finishing the close cycle. The new Tech of FDC Larry investigated and found that the electric eye was out of order caused by dirty lenses on motion detectors, giving a false read to operators / that there was something in the travel pathway of the gate.


Nothing to report at this time.


The gates are operating fine at this time


The Shearwater entrance gate having issues of not completing the close cycle. Both gate controllers would open completely and when entering through the close cycle they would 3/4 of the travel through, they would open back up, never completing the close cycle . This would throw the controllers out of sync. We have experienced this same scenario several times in the past, and we were able to power these controllers down by re-configuring the software accordingly and this issue went away. This is considered a (Re-boot) method, The Tech Brad of FDC was not able to retrieve any codes that might explain such activities the controllers would display a log of failed operations. or history of such events. None were found. He then did a (RE-boot) to both controllers and reassigned each controller to assignments each one has such as, MASTER / SLAVE responsibilities of operations, all the way through the open and close cycles. This is considered a Re-programing / memory enhancement method. Brad also adjusted the speed of gate travel to assure that the movement of each gate was not hindering the operations of each controller, and not picking up the movements of the adjacent gate operator. I explained to the Tech Brad that this re-boot method seems to work fine until we receive a spike / power surge from inclement weather / thunderstorms and such. Then this scenario repeats the out of sync situation once again. I will continue monitoring this set of gates because none of the other sets of gate operators have this issue.


All of the gates were cropped in the open position and shut off during the Hurricane Dorian visit. From 08/30/2019 to 09/06/2019. Both sets of gates were put back into service today 09/06/2019. Shearwater Parkway and South Patrick entrances / exits.


The Shearwater Parkway entrance gate was (OUT of ORDER) not communicating correctly between the Master operator and Slave operator. When this happens the gates come to rest in the open position by design. and by the software configuration set up. The FDC Tech Mike G. found several different issues with these gate operators. Corrosion and electrolysis had set in on the battery posts and connections, causing communication errors and codes to explain the reasons for the gates failure to respond correctly. The batteries lost power as the 24 volt lead had corroded away from it's position on the mother board was another issue. The bad batteries were replaced as needed, and once in place the battery terminals were sprayed with a terminal protector ant to retard the corrosion aspect of this electros is problem. While inspecting the interior of gate operator cabinet, there was evidence of wear and tear on the operator drive belts The drive belts have dry rot and I made the decision to have all 8 drive belts replaced as needed as a preventative maintenance procedure. The Tech of FDC Mike G. explained to me that these belts would have to be ordered and installed upon availability. There are several yoke / type screw down bolt fasteners in need of replacement as well, so I authorized Mike G. to replace these parts as needed. The Shearwater entrance gate is back in service now and functioning properly.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.

Addendum for Irrigation 08-02-2019 from Paridise Lawn & Irrigation

Nothing to report at this time.


The gate are functioning fine at this time. It seems that the glitch that we were experiencing has been corrected after the software issues were changed to the correct configuration.

Addendum 07-26-2019

Nothing to report at this time.


The entrance gate at Shearwater was out of sync again. Awhile ago Brad a Tech of Florida Door Control was out here doing preventative maintenance and he retarded the speed on the slave controller to delay somewhat before closing cycle, so that it would end up resting closed at the same time of the master operator came to rest at close. When the configuration was changed in the software as many times it does change from time to time. This created a glitch in the timing of the gate closing cycle, the master operator would begin to close and the slave was on delay mode; picking up the gate travel of the master gate closing. Which would create a false read, because there was something in the travel pathway. By eliminating the delay on the slave controller and have both controllers operating simultaneously in sync with the new configuration of the software, the glitch disappeared. The entrance gate to Shearwater gate controllers are now operating fine and in sync with one another. Amen.


Nothing to report at this time.


Both gates at Shearwater entrance and exit were out of range. This created malfunction because the master operators and slave operators were out of sync with one another. This was due to high volume of traffic during the busy 4th of July holiday traffic. Both sets of operators were shut off and cropped in the open position until FDC could come out and check this issue out on Monday July 8th 2019. All gates were checked out as it was time for our preventative maintenance schedule. Shearwaters operators were put back in sync with master and slave operators communicating properly now. Strangely enough this error of the operators did not show itself on the event history of these operators. I believe that these operators became over-heated due to the high traffic volume usage. After speaking to the Tech from FDC who contacted the manufacture service dept./customer care service dept. This could be why this happened to these operators., the boards on the control panel had heated up from the extra usage from traffic volume. All gate are functioning fine at this time.


The gates continue to operate smoothly and don't have any issues at this time.


FDC came out and checked out the Shearwater entrance gate. I had explained to their tech Paul that I hade tightened down the yoke assembly that had became loose from vibration from the normal chatter gates produce from continuous operation causing the Master and Slave gates to lose one another and throw a malfunction code of (OVER TRAVEL). By tightening the yoke assembly down to its correct position repaired the issue of the gates being out of rhythm (sequence). Paul told me that I had corrected the problem, because he could not get the gate issues to repeat this malfunction. I summoned FDC to make sure that what I had done corrected this problem.


I contacted FDC about the entrance gate at Shearwater is acting up. They'll be here on Monday June 1,,2019 to check this issue out.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.

05-20-2019 Addendum Irrigation Report

Nothing to report at this time.


The Shearwater pedestrian entrance gate had a broken latch assembly, Pick up and installed a new latch from Superior Fence Company assembly as needed. The other pedestrian gate on Shearwater had pulled loose from cinder block return. I purchased new hardware (lead shields and lag bolts). I drilled out the return and installed the hardware needed to secure and fasten the gate assembly in place. Gate is now secued and functions properly now.


: Awaiting the center wireless loop to come in on order at Florida Door Control, so that FDC install this loop at our South Patrick entrance. We are at the mercy of their schedule and parts availabilities. The interior wall from 109 Montecito Drive to connecting to new wall section has been pressure washed and painted.


The FDC company ordered the wireless loop assembly and will schedule / install ASAP


: South Patrick Entrance gate continues to have center loop issues intermittently. FDC has ordered the part (Wireless Loop) and will install when it comes in on order.

The inside of the existing interior wall will be pressure washed and painted East of 109 Montecito Drive to new section of new section. covering the graffiti. We have enough paint to cover this section of interior of wall..


: South Patrick entrance gate we continue to monitor because of intermittent issues with the middle gate loop. FDC has been aware of this and we have now asked them to order the wireless type loop and install upon its arrival. The other thing is we’re at the mercy of their busy schedule.


: Same situation with South Patrick entrance gate intermittently acting up, the center loop will need to be changed out with the new wireless style loop. I will contact FDC and have them order the loop and have it installed ASAP.


: The South Patrick entrance gate continues to operate, but intermittently will stay in the open position while the middle loop searches for the gate to close. We will eventually have to install a new wireless middle loop in the near future, but it’s okay for now.


: The gates are functioning fine at this time; the South Patrick entrance gate was having issues with the center loop is weak causing intermittent opening cycles and alarm sounding off. The alarm noise was turned down, but if the center loop continues to act up, we’ll be having to replace with the wireless type center loop. Like the one we installed at the Shearwater gate entrance.


: We recently had a GLITCH on the entrance gate at Shearwater entrance. This happened during the change over time when the gate operator is changing to open /close regular cycle at the same time the rush hour traffic was in full swing. It had just started the cycle when the weather began to pour rainfall, along with the influx of continual demands as residents were all entering the open command to the gate controller. Normally when this happens it take about 5 minutes to clear itself of repeated commands. Eventually it cleared it’s memory and began normal open /close cycle. All is well now,


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Florida Door Control came out and outfitted the Shearwater entrance gate with a wireless loop sensor and it seems to be operating fine. We were due for our preventative maintenance so all of the gate operator loops were checked for the proper continuity to operate our gates without any issues. That was the reason we installed the wireless loop on Shearwaters entrance gate because it had lost all of the continuity for the gate to perform correctly. All of the gate operator’s continuity were below the ranges needed to operate properly, but we might have to install the wireless loop sensors if we lose the continuity completely. They have enough continuity to operate now but we need to understand that going forward these underground loops do wear out eventually.


The Shearwater entrance gate has a bad center LOOP, causing intermittent issues with the gate controllers not closing, or partially closing and re-opening continuously. Although the gate is still functional, this condition will only get worse. After speaking with Jason Showe on 1/25/2019 I contacted FDC and authorized for them to install the wireless loop sensor. The only alternative would be to remove the pavers, dig up and remove the bad loop and install a new loop. Once this was completed, we would have to reinstall the pavers. The cost to do this was 3 times the cost than installing the wireless loop. The cost of the wireless loop was $762.00 plus the cost of installation was approximately $300.00. Unfortunately, this is a necessary repair and it will be done on January 30.2019 going forward.


The entrance gate at South Patrick had an issue of not closing completely / re-opening without stopping completely. After 3 times of trying to reset these gate operators, with no success. I called out FDC after shutting these operators. Due to FDC heavy work load we had to wait several days for their ability to send us a tech to make the necessary repairs. After speaking with the Tech (Paul) of FDC, I found out that the configuration code needed to be upgraded to (5.60) instead of 5.6 that these operators were functioning on. These networks get overloaded with data and these configurations need to be changed here and again to keep up with the times unfortunately these changes are made without contacting us to let us know that our software needs to be uploaded with these particular changes. In the past, this has happened once or twice before and I had asked Hy Security the manufacture that we be made aware of these types of changes so that we’re not interrupted in our gate operations going forward. I contacted Hy Security and spoke with their Technical Support Department to ask them if because we have changed the configuration to 5.60 on one set of gate operators; should we go ahead and have the remainder 3 sets of openers changed over to the 5.60 configuration so that all 4 sets of gate operators are on the same page / configuration. It was the manufactures recommendation that we keep all of our gate operator sets on the same configuration. FDC will be out on Monday 1/21/19 to re-configure the remaining 3 sets to the same configuration at the 5.60 in the software.


: The entrance gate at Shearwater Parkway was sending an alarm notification on 01/02/2019. The gate was opening and closing simultaneously, continuously opening and closing, completing the open & close cycle over and over. I shut the gates off and contacted FDC, reporting this incident because they were just here last week answering the same complaint. The Tech Brad from FDC found corrosion on the microswitch leads that control the gates range of motion and how far the gate is to carry through in its cycle. He replaced the wire lead terminals and sprayed connections with an anti-corrosion spray. He also adjusted the timing of these entrance gates to close in a more appropriate type sequence. He then checked the operation of these gates through approximately 35 cycles to see if this issue would repeat this (failure). Shearwater entrance gate working fine now.


Gates: The entrance gate at Shearwater Parkway was throwing alert codes #9 Which is a battery disconnect code. This meant that the battery that operates the controllers was bad. We now have a maintenance agreement with Florida Door Control Company. I had the tech from FDC check all of the batteries in all of the gate controllers because the operational life of these batteries is about 2 to 3 years. This was preventative maintenance decision and it served us well by checking this battery issue because there were 8 batteries in need of replacement out of 16. We also set the controllers to open and continue to stay open if any set of batteries were to fail. These operators are designed to operate on 12-volt DC power even though they are fed by a 110-volt power supply. The 110-volt feed is there to continue to charge the dry cell 12-volt batteries daily. If in fact the 110 power fails, we have the controllers programmed to automatically open and stay open until such time the 110 power is restored. We have been experiencing issues with the center loop of the entrance gate. After speaking with FDC tech Brad, he explained to me that there is another option that can be installed if indeed the center loop fails completely. Instead of digging up and removing pavers to replace the center loop, they sell a device that will operate as the center loop and could be installed on the gate superstructure column on both sides of the hinge supports. Brad is going to send me more literature on this device / costs ect…


Nothing to report at this time.


Recently made a necessary gate repair at the side pedestrian gate on Shearwater Parkway. Refastened bottom kick board as this takes much abuse of the children ramming the gates with the front tire of their bicycles. All is well now.


The Christmas decorations were installed on all of the entrances and exits gates.


There is a meeting on 11-14-2018 Where the interior and exterior color schemes will be discussed and voted upon. At the last CDD BOS meeting 10-29-2018 it was voted in to having a service contract with Florida Door Control for Maintenance on the entrance and exit traffic gates. The pedestrian gates will need to be painted because of concrete splashing and concrete sawing dust in areas where concrete repairs and replacement took place by BO's Concrete Company


Soon the exterior wall painting project will be kicking off.


Nothing to report at this time.


Recently both of the entrance gates have been acting up, by either not opening or closing properly according to design. The issues that having are due to corrosion on wiring contacts at the loop sensors and the gate travel limit switches. The wires that control the limit switches (micro switches) had broken in half from electrolysis , causing the gate controllers to stay engaged and not shutting off, this problem does not allow the gate halves to identify with each other, therefore shutting down (OUT OF RANGE) The mother controller and slave controller malfunction on what each is doing, therefore causing this mishap. The connections will need to be treated with dielectric grease to protect these connections from the elements.


Recently we were having an intermittent problem with the entrance gate at South Patrick. FDC was summoned here to check this occasional mishap, Originally I believed that there could be an issue with one of the relays not functioning on the mother control board, I thought that it could be malfunctioning because it would heat up and not operate. After investigating this intermittent problem it was found to be that the loop sensor that allows the gate to open had evidence of electrolysis at the connection going into the loop sensor, giving the gate a false reading that there was a vehicle in the traffic passthrough area, therefore not opening. This is a safety feature of the gate system. However after cleaning up the connections and checking the operation of the gate repeat ably, we were unable to see that issue repeat itself. I have been monitoring this South Patrick entrance gate and have not had this issue again. Brad the tech from FDC advised me that if this problem comes back then the loop sensor would have to be replaced. They are going to hold off on billing us for several weeks to see in fact that the loop sensor does not act up again, if so we will not get hit with another service call within that time frame.


The entrance gate at South Patrick has been acting up and not opening . This is an intermittent problem / glitch that does not show itself all the time, I powered down these gate controllers / reset and put back into service. After several attempts of this procedure. It works fine. Then without warning it stops operating all together. I believe that one of the relays on the circuit board heats up and won't allow the operator to function correctly. I have put in a service call to FDC and they will be out next Tuesday 9/25/18 to check this issue out. In the meantime I have the entrance operators shut off and the gates are cropped in the open position.


Nothing to report at this time.


All of the gates hinges were greased this week to make smoother operation and less chattering while in operation.


An assessment was done on entrance gate at Shearwater Parkway for damages that were done several weeks ago. We are waiting on a report from FDC on the findings of their visit on 8/30/2018


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


The pedestrian gate on Shearwater Parkway had a broker latch assembly. Removed the broken latch and repaired/replaced the broken parts to latch assembly. Painted latch, all functional now Job completed


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Entrance Fountains: The entrance fountains will need the basins to be sealed to hold the fountains reservoir water supply from leaking down. This should be addressed sometime soon, perhaps next week. Waiting to hear from the fountain vendors schedule.

Gates: The gates are operating fine at this time. Nothing to report.


Gates: All of the gates are operating fine at this time, However. I will continue to monitor the South Patrick entrance gate for intermittent issues of not opening after a storm. I believe every time this happens I have to reset this gate. All is well at the present time.

Gate Fountains: The fountains at the entryways/exits are being worked on and will be in service very soon. I worked with the tech Dennis from Spies fountain repairs finding the water supply situation figured out. The irrigation zones in the entry's / exits are how these fountains are fed the water needed to operate. Dennis, Spies tech informed to me that the one pump he had working the last time he visited us, had quit operating. (BAD PUMP). He explained that they will have to send a proposal to replace this particular fountain pump.


Nothing to report at this time.


Entrance gate for Shearwater having a intermittent problem on the open cycle. Reset 'powered down these openers. Tighten down the cam and yoke assembly. Reengergized both MASTER and Slave openers after putting the Operators back in sync with one another. It seemed as if the operators had lost one another. I'll monitor these gates for repeat issues / problems, If the gates get forced open in any fashion, it win throw a code and I'll be able to distinguish if the operators have been abused by force.


The gates at both entrances and exits are working fine. There was a mention that the entrance gate at South Patrick would not open. I checked this out and could not get this problem to repeat itself. All is well at this time; however, I will keep monitoring this gate for any glitches.


The entrance gates at Shearwater Parkway and South Patrick had issues with gates staying open. After checking the operation of these gates, they were found to be out of sync with each other. The master opener I stave operator simply had lost one another. J powered down each operator for five minutes With the gates in dosed position. I then powered up and reset (energized) both operators.. Checked operation of each set of gates continuously. approximately ten times to try to locate any chances of this problem happening again. The Shearwater Parkway entrance gate opening against the slave operator. Made adjustments to the am at the top of the operator and installed a stop pin In plate to stop the gate travel. I checked operation, all is okay (good). Applied grease to all Zurek fittings on gate hinges to stop chatter.


The gates are turned off and cropped open during the Montecito Landscaping Enhancement project taking plate both of the entrance and exit areas. Once the scope of work is completed the gates will be put back into service. Please use driver safety while this work is being completed. Thank you kindly.


All the gates are functioning fine at this time, nothing to report.


Entrance gate a S. Patrick has been acting up (NOT CLOSING) after the open cycle. Florida Door Control (FDC) has been here and tightened up the North photo-eye. I have requested replacement of this part due to repeated problems. I have asked about a no-charge for this last call due a repeat of the same issue. I met with the FDC tech and asked him to install lock nuts to prevent this repeated problem. Again, I questioned the service call charge because they should have fixed it the first time


The entrance gate on South Patrick has been acting up and sporadically opening and not completing its close cycle, and on occasions not opening at all . After troubleshooting this problem I found that the electric eye sensor had been out of alignment with the other corresponding eye. Realigned both sensors to work in unison with each other. Checked operation
repeatedly, all is working fine at this time.


South Patrick exit gate is now functional once again. FDC fabricated and installed a new gate leaf (south) exit side of gate. I just need to get new reflective decals put in place on new section to match northside leaf.


The damaged gate was removed uy FDC on 1/11/2018 and taken away. The fabrication of the new gate has begun and should be installed next week some time. It was reported to me by FOC that the hinges that t he gate swung on were bent (damaged) as well and that the post that supports this gate leaf would need to be beefed up and new hinges would have to be installed too.


The South Patrick exit gate was damaged by a delivery truck on 12/12/2017 and FOC has given us a proposal to replace the leaf that was damaged and they have started fabricating the new section of gate. When completed they will be here to install the new section, and make the exit gate functional once again.