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STATUS of TREADMILL :Unfortunately the new deck that was ordered from planet fitness will be delayed several days as this item is on back order. Once the deck becomes available it will be installed. If the deck takes several weeks to become available the Tech Mike communicated to me that the old deck could be used until the new deck comes in. He said that he could actually utilize the old deck temporarily without damaging the new stride belt. All of the other parts that were ordered came in and could be installed soon as his schedule allows. He is optimistic that the deck could be available by mid week next week 10/27.


I contacted Browns Fitness Services LLC on 10-13-21 TREADMILL OUT of ORDER : Scope of work; One of the two treadmills that we have available in the fitness room has shown wear & tear on the walking belt and walking deck. This deck has been flipped once already, which means that a new deck to be replaced when the new sriding belt is installed. There are seat pads and roller pads in need of replacement, I had Mike of BFS asses these worn seat covers and replace accordingly. Everthing was itemized and a written proposal / quote was sent over and the necessary parts were ordered. The authorization to perform this scope of work was granted by our District Manager Jason Showe on 10-13-21, I approved and signed the Estimate / quote per his instruction The treadmill that is OUT of ORDER has been taken out of service and deemed unsafe to operate until the necessary repairs are made. Signage and caution tape have been put into place to keep this piece of equipment from being used, Per Randy McGrath (DFS) Photos of Treadmill OUT of ORDER fitness room

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Nothing to report at this time.


The Clubhouse main front wooden door was evaluated by vendor, and a scope of work was determined on bringing the door back to original condition. The vendor's schedule is full at this time and he explained that he'll be able to perform the necessary conditioning and resealing the weather beaten areas caused by the elements / rainfall / sun damage, sometime within the next 2 weeks he'll handle this task. ASAP.


The Amenity Center (Clubhouse wooden) door STATUS : the vendor is scheduled to be here on Monday September 13, 2021


The fitness room equipment had the quarterly prevenative maintenance today 09-03-21. I made certain that all of the free weights were tightened securely, because they seem to loosen from being dropped to the floor instead of being placed to the floor. The Clubhouse wooden front door is fading on the lower portion of the door, where the Sunlight and rainwater weather beats the door The vendor has been notified and will be out to assess the door to bring it back to the original condition.


The fire extinuishers were checked out and serviced, throughout the Clubhouse by ATP FIRE on 08/25/21 at 3:00 pm. The painter who originally performed the refurbishment work on the Clubhouse front door will be out one day early next week to assess the condition of the door. He will also take a look at the wood on the pool table for recomendations /costs to refurbish .


There were ( 2 ) A/C units recently (1) A/C Unit #3 that services the Clubhouse office ( Had a bad blower motor) (2) Unit #1 that sertvices the Clubhouse fitness room (Needed the A/C coil removed and cleaned). Florida Breeze (vendor) were summoned to take care of both issues. Both A/C units (1) & (3) are operating fine now.


The exterior of front door of the Clubhouse was in need of protection, as the elements were taking a toll on the lower portion of the door frame & door. This was early signs weather beating the doors finish. The door was cleaned with a mild citrus cleaner and soft sponge to remove any dirt that had started building up on the doors finish, making the door to appear dull and dingy. Once cleaned I applied a wood conditioner with a soft sponge on the affected weather beaten areas of the door. I repeated this proceedure several times as the conditioner was absorbed by the wood, giving the door a refreshed finished look. This door had been refurbished about a year ago. There were no instructions given to me on how to care for this door, I delicately treated the doors wood & it's finish to bring back the doors luster without damaging the integrity of the doors finish. All in all, this procedure will probably need to be done periodically as another maintenance item that I will have to adopt going forward.


The vendor Coverall came out today to conduct their normal service and they also cleaned underneath the fitmess equipment. I spoke with James of Coveral about the dirty conditions and how this could ever become allowed to accumulate this much dirt. He explained to me that the treadmills and elliptical machines will need to be shut down completely when they come in to clean. It seems that these machines are very busy when Coverall comes to render their services. They would like to be able to clean underneath these machines without interuption, Recommended that the machines become available while they're is conducting their cleaning service duties. Per Larry Bradshaw (Chairman).


The LAT machine was repaired this week by Browns Fitness Equioment Repairs LLC on 07-20-21 , the mechanical attatchment that threads & connects the stacked weight system to the series of cables strung throughout the machine was refastened and the lock nut assembly was torqued tightly into place. There was also a problem with one of the elliptical machines shutting off, not continuing to stay running. After trouble shooting this issue, it was found to have electrolysis build up on the battery connections not allowing the elliptical to continue and stay running. After cleaning the battery connections free of corroision , the ellipical machine is operating fine now. The Clubhouse is being rented this Friday evening from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm. for a private event 07-23-2021. Please respect the privacy of the fellow residents as they celebrate the life dinner, as one of their own has passed on. Thank you kindly.


I received a phone call this morning 7:30 am. from a resident that the LAT machine was OUT OF ORDER in the fitness room. I posted an OUT OF ORDER sign and wrapped this piece of equipment with caution tape. I contacted the Tech / repairman of Browns Fitness & Service LLC. our vendor that oversees the maintenance of the fitness equipment in the fitness room. The Tech (Mike) explained to me that he's finishing up his vacation this week and will not be available to make the necessary repairs until 07/20/21. I also explained to him that one of our allipticals was not functioning properly and that it was in need of trouble-shooting / repairs. He assured me that he would access both pieces of equipment and make the necessary repairs early next week.


The fitness room was closed today Friday July 9,2021 to remove the exsisting flooring, and to install a new vinyl (water-proof) flooring system. The leg press had a broken cable and Browns Fitness LLC / GYM GURU came out Thursday July 8,2018 and replaced a new clamp end on the cable, Leg press is now functioning properly .


Fitness room Closure : It has been scheduled to replace the exsisting flooring in the fitness room with new water-proof vinyl type flooring on July 9,2021.


The A/C filters were changed out and commercial grade vinigar was poured down the drain pipes to clear the drains of sluge type contaminants. Inspect the float switches for smooth operation and any drainage type issues. All checked out A-Okay.


Cleaned and polished the bike racks with stainless steel treatment spray, around the Clubhouse. (1) in front of the game room entrance in the very front of the Clubhouse, and (1) at the East side gate of the swimming pool, (1) at the West side gate of the swimming pool. (1) as noted in the playground info. just outside of the playground. Per Randy McGrath (DFS).


On Monday 05-24-2021 Browns Fitness Company came to the Montecito fitness room for our scheduled quarterly PM visit. The stationary bicycle was outfitted with a new crank & pedal assembly. While the Tech Mike was doing his normal maintenance check on all of the fitness equipment, he noticed abnormal wear on thr cable to the upper cable (fraying) of the Lat machine. This seemed a bit odd as he was just here a couple of weeks ago and repllaced the upper and lower cables to this Lat machine. Mike made me aware of this fraying issue, and documented this wear by taking pictures of the fraying. He also took a picture of how this machine is to be used with a photo located on the upper side of the Lat machine, He explained that the only way that this type of fraying is caused by improper usage of this equipment. If somone is pulling outward instead of downward the way that this machine was designed to be used. Improper use of this machine will cause this type of wear. He checked all of the free weights and made sure that there weren't any loose weights, the weights sometime get loosened by the weights being dropped to the floor during usage. He made sure all of the weights were tight.

05-14-2021 and 05-21-2021

Continuing / awaiting bids / quotes on the replacement of flooring in the fitness room. preferably a simmulated wood grain look / apperance / waterproof. The quarterly PM will be conducted on Monday 05/24/21. At this time the right crank arm and pedal assembly will be installed on the stationary bike. All of the freeweights will be checked and made sure that the weights are tight and secure. All of the equipment will be inspected for any worn cable assemblies and check all equipment for safe & smooth operation.


On Monday May 3, 2013 Browns Fitness came out to make the necessary repairs to the LAT machine, It was reported of worn cables on this peice of equipment, The Tech / Owner Mike of Browns Fitness LLC checked this issue out and replace the upper and lower cables that have visable signs of wear & tear. The (right) side crank arm and peddle on one of the stationary bikes is in need of replacement, The parts have been ordered and will be installed at the next scheduled Prevenative Maintenance appointment at the end of this month. The (left) side crank arm and peddle have already been replaced several months ago.


Awaiting bids / quotes on replacement of flooring in the fitness room from several vendors. There was an observation of the cable showing wear on the upper cable of the lat machine in the fitness room. This was noted and reported to the Tech of the maintenance personnel at Browns Fitness Center, After speaking with Mike From Browns, He assured me that it was scheduled for Monday morning May 3, 2021 for the cable replacement. a CAUTION note was placed in this piece of equipment for awareness


Nothing to report at this time.


We are presentlly taking bids / quotes on the replacement of the simulated wood flooring on the front side of the fitness room floor. It was discussed at the workshop meeting, and the consensus that the flooring be a simulated wood look, (waterproof) perhaps a vinal type composite flooring to be decided sometime in the future once the bids /quotes have been turned in and presented to th B.O.S. for approval. There were a couple of inhancements that were asked to be considered in the fitness room (1) To install a couple of ceiling fans / corner fans to help with the air cirulation of the high valted ceilings in the fitness room. (2) To install clothing hooks on the walls somewhere in the fitness room for residents to hang up addition clothing while they're working out.


We are still waiting for estimates / quotes for different types of flooring to be installed in the fitness room. A popular type flooring system that would be welcomed is the rubberized flooring system is the one that we already have in place in the fitness room, only continuing this flooring system the whole way through the fitness room including the hallway, including transition pieces the restroom, hallway closet, and where the game room tile meets up with the rubberized flooring system in the hallway. New plant-life was purchased and planted & fertilized in the Clubhouse front planters entrances. East side of Clubhouse Shed area planters as well.


The A/C filters were changed this week in all (4) air conditioning systems and cleaned out the drain lines and they were flushed with comercial grade vinagar. Used my shop to vacuum the water out of the drainage pans beneath the A/C units if needed. The Fitness room A/C needed this cleaning and a Dehumidifier was needed to extract the moisture from lower intake area of this A/C unit.


We are taking bids to replace the fitness room flooring with the same rubberizes flooring system that we have in place were the fitness room equipment area is . Waiting on quotes


Clubhouse fitness room flooring mishap : On Friday March 12, 2021 I was summoned to the fitness room by Patrick Buckley because there was an issue of the spray bottle being knocked to the floor causing the spray head to come disconnected from the bottle, leaking onto the fitness room floor. I cleaned up the liquid that was spilled, but 4 floor tiles received noticeable water damage. It just so happens that we have 5 floor tiles left from the original installation. I spoke with William about this incident, and he's going to give it a look and determine how we can make this repair. I went to the cameras to try to find the cause of this mishap, and found that the rules signage sign that use to hang on the wall above the table in the fitness room came down on the table and knocked the spray bottle off of the table, onto the floor causing the spray bottle spray head to separate from the spray bottle. This was a freak accident, spillage of the spray bottle contents , damaging the floor.


Nothing to report at this time.


The FIRE alarm system was installed and passed inspection on 03-02-2021 with the Satellite Beach Fire & Rescue Dept. by Tony Mills (Fire Inspector) The Fitness room statioary bike had new pedal & crank assy. installed on the left side with a new strap assy. The right side pedal is in need of replacement, the right pedal & crank have been ordered and will be replaced on the next PM visit. The rope pull attatchment was purchased for the LAT pull down machine. All of the free weights were independenlly checked out for loose weights and tightened if needed


The Clubhouse Chrirtmas decorations on the interior were put out, a special thanks goes out to the Wellmans and their volenteeres for putting out the tree and decorations throughout the Clubhouse. Redwire has been installing the FIRE SYSTEM troughout the Clubhouse this week and shoudd be complete early next week by Monday or Tuesday 12-21-20 or 12-22-20.


Browns Fitness Services LLC came out and made the necessary repairs to the (KNEE PRESS MACHINE) at the Clubhouse fitness room. Evidently the cable connecter end had pulled off from the cable. The tech (Mike) refastened a new cable end fastener into place to cable as needed. He made the proper adjustments to this equipment for smoother operation.


The Clubhouse is now outfitted with all new exterior lock assemblies with new interior crash bars. This scope of work was performed by CDA Solutions, in a professional workman type manner. The leg press machine in the Clubhouse fitness room is (OUT of ORDER) at this time and the tech was notified. This machine will be repaired on Monday October 19,2020


CDA Solutions (locksmith company) has installed 3 new lock assemblies with crash bars on the Clubhouse rear exterior doors. There is only one exterior lock assembly to install with crash bar (CLUBHOUSE MAIN FRONT DOOR) remaining, and all 12 of the exterior lock assemblies with crash bars have been installed. The Clubhouse main front door is going to need a longer crash bar because this door is wider than the other doors . The necessary hardware has been ordered and will be installed when the parts come in on order. All of the EMERGENCY LIGHTING fixtures were tested and all of them are functioning properly as of 10/01/20.


The Clubhouse painting of 8 exterior doors continues and the replacement of 8 lock assemblies and 8 crash bars also has been completed thus far. There are 4 more exterior doors remaining to complete this project. CDA Solutions are the locksmith company doing the installs of the lock assemblies and crash bars for us. The painting has been done by yours truly Randy McGrath (DFS). There are 3 exterior doors waiting to be retrofitted on the patio with new locks and crash bars and the one left to do on the main Clubhouse front entry.


Eau Gallie Electric LLC came out and installed the 3 sets of florescent tubes and 3 ballasts as needed in the fitness room lighting system. Mike Linder of Eau Gallie Electric LLC came out and programed the overhead chandelier type lighting, he installed the correct rated switches/programed accordingly. The switches had to be programed to coincide with the power module rated to handle the load of all chandelier type lighting in the great room. Mike had to contact the manufacturer in order to complete this task. after several hours he was able to have the lighting system functioning properly. All is well now and the lighting system works remotely with my cell phone


The Clubhouse ceiling light fixtures : Eau Gaulle Electric came out and changed out the (36) LED type light bulbs with the dimmable type LED light bulbs. While Eau Gallie was here with their 18' ladder, I had them change out the 48 fluorescent bulbs as needed, in the fitness room There were several not luminating / flickering, so I picked up (@) cases of 25 to replace the florescent tubes accordingly. There are 3 ballasts on order to be replaced when they come in on order, next week. I contacted Mike Linder of Eau Gallie Electric and scheduled the lighting work of fitness room to be completed next week. 07-29-2020. This way all of the high lighting fixtures will have been though rally maintained and this scope of work will not have to be addressed for several years down the road going forward.


The front entryway door of the Clubhouse has been stripped of paint, to be able to bring the door to its original finish. This is a vert tedious and time consuming process, and we appreciate everyone's patience by using the other entrances to enter the Clubhouse.


The rear emergency door, side patio door from fitness room to patio, had a new crash bars / lock assemblies installed by CDA Solutions. These were in need of replacement because the elements simply destroyed the exterior finish of these locking mechanisms.


At the present time the Clubhouse is in process of a brand new landscape theme. Brevard Lawn & Irrigation are working diligently on creating a new look here at The Montecito Community Development District (Montecito Beach Club). Out with the old and in with the new approach. This undertaking will add a fresh new appearance to the Clubhouse


Sonitrol / Redwire will be installing our new security & FIRE ALARM systems on Monday 06-01-20 This will include 2 access point card readers (1) at the rear patio door next to the kitchen door entrance. The other access point will be the West side frontal door next to the game room door of the Clubhouse GREAT room. We believe that this will make the Clubhouse more versatile, especially when there are events / functions going on in or around the Clubhouse. The work on the exterior doors continues, cleaning and painting the doors as needed and all that are in need of refurbishment.


The Clubhouse East office entrance had new crash bar and lock assembly installed by CDA Solutions recently 5/20/20. The West entrance to the Clubhouse great room was also fitted for a new lock assembly and crash bar installation. Scope of work was also completed by CDA Solutions. The Clubhouse is scheduled to have the new access points installed on Tuesday next week 5/26/20 The West great room entrance door and the rear patio door next to kitchen door will be outfitted with access card readers to make the Clubhouse more versatile on different type options that will become available for different functions. The FIRE monitoring system will also be installed as part of a package type bundle that we've contracted with Sonitrol / Redwire. Again this will make the Clubhouse much more versatile in the different options that will become available to us once this system is installed.


The work continues as the LED lighting gets changed out on the Clubhouse patio and pool deck. The Clubhouse doors are getting painted where needed as I continue to work on each door one at a time. there are several done and several left to be completed..


The Clubhouse office and office hallway were the last areas to be out-fitted with the remote (ON-OFF) hardware. So the complete Clubhouse is now operable by remote activation if necessary. We are also contemplating the installation of replacing the light bulbs in the fixtures high up in the Clubhouse Great Room to LED 40-watt (DIMMABLE) type.


The Clubhouse was recently outfitted with an automated ON-OFF system, to have the capacity to operate all of the lights throughout the Clubhouse remotely from my Cell phone. In the event that lights were left on for some reason, they can easily be turned off with the touch of a finger.. Saving the CDD a countless amount of electricity / wear and tear on the dimmable type LED lighting bulbs.


The Amenity Center (Clubhouse) was CLOSED until further notice as of 3/28/20 at 12:00 Pm. The EMERGENCY lighting lights were installed this week by William V. We were 3 shy when ordering these lights, so the remaining 3 will be installed when the lighting fixtures become available. The lock assemblies on two Clubhouse doors are in need of replacement, These particular type locks with the crash bars were ordered and will be installed by CDA solutions (LOCKSMITH) services. They are a commercial grade locksmith specialists who come highly recommended for their expertise in the commercial locks industry. These doors and locks are getting cleaned up / painted / and serviced as needed. These are approximately 12 or 13 years old and have held up really good over the years, but things do wear out, especially with the elements of this area and salty environment we have here at Montecito.


Due to the fact of the Corona Virus situation, there have been several health preclusions implemented here at the Montecito Clubhouse. There have been sanitation wipes distributed in the fitness room, in the Clubhouse great room. and hand sanitizer in the Clubhouse office. Antibacterial hand soap is available in all of the Clubhouse restrooms, even in the restrooms at the pool restrooms. off of the patio area. We ask please that the hand wipes are not be used to wipe down the fitness room equipment, and continue to use the spray bottle with antiepic and use paper towels to wipe the equipment down with. The wipes are for hand wiping only. All 4 of the A/C filters were recently changed on o3/19/2020 and the A/C drains were flushed with Commercial strength vinegar to clean out any by fungal growth manifesting in the condensation trays below the A/C coils. We have taken special precautions to do our part in assuring any possibilities of air born activity in the Montecito Clubhouse. We ask that residents do their part in the helping prevent any transfer of germs by wiping down any piece of equipment that they've personally used in the fitness room. Thank you for helping us in this battle of the Corona Virus.


Masked off the East side exterior door near Clubhouse side door by office entrance. Cleaned and painted this door as needed. Prepared the door hardware cleaned / wire wheel / sanded /wiped down with mineral spirits. Ready to paint the hardware door handle / hinges / ect… I will prepare several other doors on the front of Clubhouse at the Game room & Fitness room door / Great room side front door (Clean prep / paint these doors as needed accordingly. These doors are accepting the paint well, as long as the surface is though rally and properly prepped there should not be peeling issue going forward.


At the last BOS meeting on February 24th 2020 it was brought to my attention that the EMERGENCY lighting light were not functioning. Even though the small red light was on the lights were not working. It was mentioned to me by William V. that the batteries needed to be changed. I purchased the batteries and found that the fixtures were in need of complete replacement. I returned the batteries that were purchased and contacted Florida Bulb & Ballast and was able to purchase new LED emergency lighting light fixtures for $23.88 each. There are 17 fixtures that will need replacement. I ordered the fixtures and they arrived last Friday February 28th 2020. They are here in my office awaiting instillation. The replacement was cheaper than the new batteries, the batteries went back to LOWES and we received full credit for them. We'll have all new emergency lighting with LED performance.


Recently the past few weeks, the vendor Anchor Painting had the scope of work to pressure wash and stain the ceilings on the back patio and both ceilings of the front main entrance / game room / fitness room ceilings. This task was a difficult one as the weather conditions during this time frame were windy and rainy on and off. Even though this did not hamper these employees, they did a superb job in the completion of this task. The ceilings look great and even though the card reader for the game room received water damage from the pressure washing, this was a job well done.


The Clubhouse is in the process of (cleaning and painting) the exterior doors/door handles and replacing necessary hardware (hinges) if needed. The following ceilings of the Clubhouse are in the process of pressure washing,(staining & sealing). Both front ceilings at the main entrance, the game room fitness room entrances, and the patio ceiling at the rear or Clubhouse near pool deck. All of the efface moldings will be repaired and painted accordingly. The emergency exit door will be addressed / repaired, cleaned and painted as needed.


The main front entrance way of Clubhouse was in dire need of clean-up by removing the insect webbing and dirty walls above and around front door. The large hanging lighting fixture at front door area needed lowered to ground from it's fixed hanging position and clean up from dirt, dead insects, and bird nesting and bird droppings gathered since the last cleaning back in late 2018. When this light was cleaned last I left an eye-bolt and pulley were left in place in order to be able to lower and clean this particular lighting fixture in the future. The fixture was lowered and though rally cleaned and painted as needed and reinstalled back to it's regular position. The front door was in need of a repainting also, so I masked off the first half of the front door and painted the door from brown to the correct color dark bronze to match the rest of the doors at the Clubhouse. The other half of the front door will be masked off and completed on Monday February 3,2020. I purchased the paint needed to paint the door & window bands color ( brown ). I will continue painting the raised banding around front door and around both front windows of the entry way of Clubhouse after I complete painting the front door. This scope of work should brighten up and give the entrance a fresh clean appearance. I will start cleaning and painting all of the other doors and door handles of the Clubhouse as needed, All of the doors that have the worst weathered appearance will be done first.


The Clubhouse will be updating the Fire Protection monitoring system as well as updating the fire distinguishers as needed. The fitness room equipment has recently been lubricated for smoother and quieter operation. CDA Solutions sent over proposals to install exterior cover plates over existing cover plate s around the exterior lock assemblies already in place around the Clubhouse door assemblies. Proposal to rework double door lock assy. doors exit of game room door onto the porch area of Clubhouse as a separate cost. Install lock to match all the other keys between game room and fitness room. and to match all other locks in Clubhouse


The one elliptical machine in the fitness room has recently been repaired as bushings and other components has reached their working life-span. These machines are approximately 15 years old and parts sometimes wear out. While the tech from Browns fitness was hear I had him lubricate some of the other machines as we have had complaints of squeaky appraises. All is well now.


On Christmas Eve, one of the elliptical machines has came apart internally within it's exterior cabinet. This happening caused a noisy operation and therefore this machine was deemed unsafe for use. Caution / danger tape, and (OUT OF ORDER) signage was posted on this piece of equipment. Browns Gym equipment services inspected this equipment and rendered it unsafe for use. The necessary parts were ordered and should be available sometime next week for repairs. The rear emergency door only was inspected by vendor CDA Solutions and the recommendation for Commercial type door be installed in place of the residential type door that is place now. The game room patio access door will also need to be reworked to have the double door to be able to keep one side of the door in a secured locking position, and to leave the free door to be fully functional with crash bar exiting. By reworking these double doors will allow us better control of the securing of this exit onto the patio area. All ten doors that exit the Clubhouse will need new cover plates installed, replacing the existing covers that are in very worn and corroded condition. The new vendor CDA Solutions will be quoting us the costs of this much needed maintenance on securing the Clubhouse here at the Montecito Beach Club. All of the A/C filters were changed on December 24,2019, These filters are changed every 3 months as needed.


The final preventative maintenance (PM) on all of the fitness room equipment took place this week on 12/10/19. I also had the tech make extra sure that the free-weight dumbbells' were tightened correctly /secure because there are still residents that make a practice of dropping the weights several inches from the floor. This causes the weights to become loose and may come apart, potential health risk / .landing on someones toes or feet.


The Ladies of the Community came and conducted their magical skills of Christmas Decorations in the Clubhouse. 12/4/19. and they did a beautiful job doing so. I'm working on installing the exterior Christmas decorations (STARTED) today 12/7/19 and completed early next week. The PM program for the fitness room equipment will be done on Tuesday December10, 2019. Per Mike Brown Owner of THE GYM GURU


The bike rack in front of Clubhouse / Fitness room entrance was drilled and anchored to new concrete pad.


There are 2 bike racks installed recently at the West and East ends outside of the pool gates. There are 2 more bike racks yet to be installed as the concrete finishes curing, they will be put into service in front of the fitness room area in front of Clubhouse, and one to be installed just outside of the playground area.


The concrete pad was poured on Tuesday October 22,2019 for area in front of Clubhouse / Fitness room entrance.


On 10/12/19 at approximately 8:00 pm. received a phone call from a resident explaining that the ( knee press ) a piece of equipment in the fitness room was ( OUT OF ORDER), the cable had snapped and this piece of equipment was deemed unsafe to use. I was at dinner at that time, so after dinner I went to assess the situation. I arrived at the Clubhouse fitness room at approximately 8:45 pm. and installed caution tape on and around this piece of equipment and signage on this piece of equipment (LEG PRESS),that it was not to be used until the necessary repairs could be made. On Monday morning October 14th,2019, I contacted Mike Brown the owner of Browns Fitness LLC. our vendor whom does the maintenance on all of the equipment in the Clubhouse fitness room. He explained that he would be out to make the repairs on Thursday October 17th,2019. Mike Brown made the necessary repairs on 10/17/19 at 3:00 pm. and all is well now.


The Bike Racks for the Clubhouse Pool areas came in on order yesterday October 10, 2019 and will be installed in place East and West side of swimming pool gate / sidewalk areas early next week 10-15-19


Nothing to report at this time.


The preventative quarterly maintenance of fitness room equipment was conducted yesterday 9/26/2019. All of the dumb-bells / free weights were inspected and tightened as needed accordingly. There were lock pins missing the cords that keep them attached to the equipment, This is not a safety concern but new pins were ordered and will be installed when the parts come in on order.


William V. and I met with the Concrete vendor and discussed where we need concrete pads for the bike racks playground / front of Clubhouse fitness room / game room / around the area of existing bollards near mail boxes on Redondo Drive. The concrete sidewalk from shed to side entrance of Clubhouse door sidewalk pad. We are waiting for the proposal going forward.


Soon we will be pouring a concrete pad for the new bike racks that have been ordered for the Clubhouse. They will be installed in the front of the Game room entrance (right) side area. Of the Clubhouse Game room.


The transition strip was installed in the fitness room where both floorings come together.


The emergency exit door is in need of weather proofing, (small leak) allowing rain water to breach the interior floor in the area of this door. I contacted a vendor A-1 Glass and Door Company to inspect this problem and make the necessary repairs. I am awaiting his proposal early next week. I also asked him to give us a price to install an EMERGENCY DOOR (crash bar) more appropriate than the one that we have in place now.


The old carpet was removed from fitness room floor and a new rubberized floor system was installed. although a majority of the scope of work has been completed, the vendor has to come back and install a transition strip to isolate the two separate flooring systems. The floor mats that were used underneath some of the fitness equipment were cleaned and utilized in other areas of the Clubhouse. such as in the front door entranceways and on the pool deck shower area


The fitness room will be periodically shut down next week for several days due to the removal of old carpet and installation of new rubber flooring system. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause anyone, but this is a necessary and important time frame needed to accomplish what we are trying to achieve. To offer our residents a clean safe environment to exercise in, and to be able to breath normally without smelling the remnants of the old carpets Oder. Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding during this transition period.

Addendum for Irrigation 08-02-2019 from Paridise Lawn & Irrigation

Nothing to report at this time.


The signage was posted today at the entryways of South Patrick & Shearwater Parkway announcing the upcoming B.O.S. meeting August 7, 2019 at 5:00 pm. to ?

Addendum 07-26-2019

Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


The A/C filters were changed in all the A/C units today 07/19/2019. The Clubhouse patio Ladies restroom sink faucet (cold water) on-off valve and stem was replaced as needed due to normal wear and tear.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


The Clubhouse has a booking this Saturday June 15, 2019 from 1:00 pm. to 6:00 pm. (A Baby shower)


The painting of the exterior walls of Clubhouse shed was completed. The roof of shed will need to be painted (brown) to match the trim and doors. I will need to rent some scaffolding in order to complete this task safely.


The signage explaining to NOT crop doors open in the fitness room was installed several weeks ago. Evidently this ticket was not closed out, The painting of the exterior of the shed continues, the exterior walls are nearly completed, but the roof will need to be done. In order to complete the painting of the roof I will need to pick up scaffolding needed to complete this scope of work safely.


Painting of the exterior of shed continues the East side of Clubhouse.

05-20-2019 Addendum Irrigation Report

Nothing to report at this time.


The exterior painting of the shed continues as I find the time to accomplish this task. The rain and love bug situation has made this project very challenging to say the least..


: I contacted Mike from Browns Equipment to get a quote to break down and move the fitness equipment to be able replace the carpet in the fitness room. William V. has also contacted another vendor who does this service too, and to give us recommendations on different flooring options / costs breakdowns on these different options. This other company will be here this Tuesday April 23,2019 to give us their quotes and ideas.


: Measurements were taken by William V. for evaluation of replacement cost of carpeting in fitness room. This will incur having to moving the fitness equipment from their positions, replacing specialty carpeting specifically designed for fitness room applications, and re-positioning of equipment. I put in a call to Browns Fitness Room & Equipment Services to get a bid to break the equipment down and moving the equipment and re-poisoning / placement of the equipment.


: The EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY door at the rear of the fitness room has been re-activated for alarm to sound off if this door opened or breached in any fashion. The signage was posted on this door to be visible from both sides of this EMERGENCY EXIT DOOR ONLY.


: The rear door of the fitness room is an (EMERGENCY EXIT DOOR ONLY) we ask the residents that are using this door as a regular exit to please refrain from doing so. The alarm will sound and the Management will be notified when this door has been (BREACHED)! So please, this door is for EMERGENCY EXIT PURPOSE ONLY! Sonitrol will be here on Monday April 1,2019 to activate the siren, in the meantime until then, the Management Randy McGrath will be contacted immediately when this door has been BREACHED.. The Shed job continues between the other duties that I’m taking part in.


. The Shed project continues as mulch was installed in the pool equipment / shed to make this area more appealing. The electrical rough in passed inspection so I can go forward with finishing the interior aspect. There was NO CHARGE for the mulch Public relations is still good. The re-route of the downspout was installed this week also. I was able to get this done with just a couple of fittings and several cans of spray-paint. The 21’ section of 4” pipe was a gift as I found it on the side of the road of South Patrick. I stopped and picked it up. Thanks to whomever lost it. Amen. : There have been complaints of the odder in the fitness room. I don’t believe that cleaning this carpet will help. The fix is to replace this carpet with a flooring carpet suitable / designed for fitness centers, I will call around and research this product / replacement flooring options


: Nothing to report at this time:


The new foot pedal stirrups were installed recently on the stationary bikes.

Clubhouse: Work continues on the SHED project and patio enhancement project


: The Browns Fitness equipment specialists came and installed the hew cables needed for the equipment in need of worn cable replacement. The foot straps that they brought out to replace were the wrong ones. They ordered the ones needed for the stationary bikes in need of foot pedal straps and they will install the new ones when they come in on order.


Nothing to report at this time.


: The quarterly fitness room maintenance was conducted today 02/08/19 and there were worn cables on several pieces of equipment pedal straps were damaged and torn. Due to the fact the tech did not have the cables to replace at this time, he will come back next week and replace cables then. There are absolutely no hazards with the cables now they are still functional; the plastic coating has worn off due the regular usage of the equipment. The same thing with the pedal straps, they will be replaced next week upon his return. They will order the new pedal straps needed. Recently, there has been someone opening the windows in the fitness room and leaving them open. I must remind anyone doing this that this will cause the A/C unit to freeze up and quit operating causing damage to the A/C unit. So please discontinue this practice of opening the windows completely. Thank you kindly.: The cleaning / pressure washing continues on the columns of the patio porch area rear of the Clubhouse. This is a very time-consuming task although the results are positive and looking good.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


The utility shed project is underway as the pad was formed up last Friday 1/11/19 and the concrete was poured on Tuesday 1/15/2019. The conduit from the pad to the power supply source inside the pool pump housing. We have enough room left on the electrical power panel to supply 2 circuits assigned for the shed s power needs. The re-route drain system was also installed to redirect the rain water from the downspout along side of sheds slab to the open area for drainage. The shed was ordered upon the completion of the pad being poured. All of the necessary paperwork was filled out and submitted to the City of Satellite Beach for permitting and for building codes compliances.

Nothing to report at this time.


All of the Christmas decorations were taken down off of the gates and exterior of Clubhouse.


Clubhouse: The 2 palm trees and shrubbery were removed on the South side of the Clubhouse to make way for the concrete pad needed to place maintenance shed on. We are in a holding pattern until Brightview caps off and relocates some of the irrigation heads that are in the immediate area of pad location. Once Brightview has completed their task we are ready for Don ho’s concrete to form up concrete pad and pour it.


Nothing to report at this time.


Recently both toilets in the Clubhouse needed (TANK & BOWL) gaskets replaced. I made the necessary replacement of the hardware kits needed, NO leakage now. jobs complete.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


The contract to service and maintain all of the fitness equipment quarterly was renewed recently. This was awarded to Browns Fitness Equipment Company, the same company that has been overseeing our equipment maintenance in the past.


Nothing to report at this time.


We signed another quarterly maintenance agreement with Brown's Fitness Equipment Co. for one more year. They are due to come again in September 2018 to continue their maintenance program, to be done every 3 months per their contract.


The Clubhouse WIFI is up and running, the shelving for the WIFI modems were started today 8/17/18 and should be completed early next week. This should make the WIFI signal much stronger as the modems will no longer be closed up in the Clubhouse closets, and will be in a more open area making the signal more accessible to our residents at the pool or in the fitness room also. There are two access points one at each end of the Clubhouse for better coverage.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


I have been continuing the light fixture restoration project by removing the fixtures that are in need of refurbishment, cleaning off the corrosion / loose paint with wire brush and wire wheel. wash off fixtures, dry, prime and paint. Reinstall each fixture as they are completed. I use this work as filler work, on rainy days and such. Working under the cover of the patio I am still able to get things done. Also at our last workshop on 07-17-2018 there was an power surge that damaged our security system with Sonitrol . The motherboard had been struck by lightning and every door sensor had to be replaced because this caused an issue with every access point would not allow the system to arm up automatically. Due to this factor each and every door contact needed replacement. For several nights after July 17,2018 the Sonitrol system would not arm up and central station would call me out to go and arm up system up manually from the keyboard access point in the fitness room. It was then I made the determination that we needed tech to come out and assess our alarm system damages. Sonitrol made the necessary repairs and the alarm is okay now. A service technician has been dispatched to your location and should arrive shortly. Please note a trip charge and any other applicable service costs will be invoiced to you shortly after the request has been completed.
We will be addressing your Integrated Intrusion & Access Control.
Service Description: Door Issues
Quality service will be performed today by:
Tech Name: Carlos S.
Carlos has been with Sonitrol for over 2 years now.
Dispatch Info: 7/20/2018 9:40:00 AM


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Nothing to report at this time.


Continuing light fixtures on Patio.


Nothing to report at this time.


Clubhouse: The lighting fixtures on the rear patio of Clubhouse are in dire need of refurbishment. It seems that the elements are taking Its toll on these fixtures. t recommend removmg these fixtures and wire wheeling and cleaning these fixtures up/priming and painting as needed and re-installing them accordingly.

GYM: We just had our quarterty maintenance done on all of the fitness equjpment on 05/31/2018. I also instructed the tech Mike from Brown's Fitness LLC to tighten all of the free weight dumb-bells. It seems that these pieces of equipment loosen up from being dropped on the floor while people do their work outs. They are all tight and safe now.


Nothing to report at this time.


GYM: Nothing to report at this time.
Clubhouse: Continuing replacing LED type bulbs as I find the time.


GYM: All equipment is operating fine at this time, nothing to report.


Gym: All equipment is functioning safely and there is nothing to report at this time.
Clubhouse: Patio lighting is continuing, replacement of old style bulbs with the long~life LED type.


GYM: Nothing to report at this time, all is well in the fitness room.
Clubhouse: The lighting on the rear of Clubhouse Patio has started. All new LED bulbs have been purchased and the installation will begin on Monday 4/16


GYM: All of the equipment is in safe operating condition. The motor for treadmill #1 that was changed out because of noise, has been taken to be repaired (new bearings) will be installed and this motor will serve as a back up motor if or when needed.


Gym: On 3/22 Brown Fitness Services came out and installed the safety shut-off switch as needed on treadmill #1.
Clubhouse: On 3/13 CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning came out and cleaned the carpets in the gym and office area as well as the furniture and rug in the main room.


Gym: The carpet in the fitness room has been scheduled to be cleaned, deodorized, and properly dried. All of the fitness equipment recently was checked out and all necessary adjustments were made for smooth and safe operation
Clubhouse: I continue to improve the Clubhouse , I have also scheduled for all of the Clubhouse furniture be treated and cleaned professionally, deodorized as well. this also includes thoroughly cleaning and deodorizing the throw rug underneath the Clubhouse living room furniture. The process will leave the fitness room, Great room and the Clubhouse Office with a
refreshing citrus aroma. I am certain that this will enhance and refresh the Clubhouse immensely.


Clubhouse: Nothing to report at this time, because the painting of raised banding was put on hold due to cold temperatures. Can't paint in temperatures below 70 degrees.

Gym: Awhile back, maintenance was done on the fitness room equipment. A motor on one of the treadmills was changed out because of noisy operation I want to take the noisy motor to be repaired (replace bearings) if at all possible, to have as a spare for usage down the road. I believe that this motor is salvageable and will be fully functional when needed.


All 4 restrooms were outfitted with new soap dispenser"), filled these 4 restroom dispensers with antibacterial type hand soap. The ladies room at the pool; the toilet tank bolts gave way causing both restrooms to filled as the two restrooms are only separated by a divider wall. Turned the water supply off, mopped up the water, removed the toilet tank, and installed new toilet tank hardware as needed. Air dried the floors with floor far. until dry most of the day.

Gym :AII is well in t he fitness room, nothing to report at this time.


Continuing the painting of the raised decorative band around the windows on the front of the Clubhouse. The window sills will be weather-tite where needed and textured/painted complete. Gym: There is nothing to report at this time