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REMINDER: The above Rules are only for the CDD and are not the HOAs Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs). Please visit the Leland Management Portals and/or links below to access your CC&Rs.

Montecito Information Guide

A booklet has been developed for residents to provide a quick offline resource for important information for those residing in Montecito. 

Each residence should have one (1) copy of the the booklet. If you don't have a copy for your residence, you can stop by the Amenity Center Office and sign for a copy.

You can also access the booklet at anytime by clicking on the image to the right or with the button below.

View Montecito Information Guide
Montecito – January 2020

Renters Privileges of Montecito Amenities

Renter – shall mean any tenant residing in a Resident’s home pursuant to a valid rental or lease agreement of 12 months or more.

(1) Property Owners who rent out or lease out their residential unit(s) in the District shall have the right to designate the Renter of their residential unit(s) as the beneficial users of the Property Owners Amenity Facilities privileges.

(2) In order for the Renter to be entitled to use the Amenity Facilities, the Renter must complete the Non Resident user application and sign the accompanying agreement. The Annual User Fee will then be waived for the Renter. A Renter who is designated as the beneficial user of the Resident’s membership shall be entitled to the same rights and privileges to use the Amenity Facilities as the Resident.

(3) During the period when a Renter is designated as the beneficial user of the Property Owner’s privilege to use the Amenity Facilities, the Property Owner shall not be entitled to use the Amenity Facilities with respect to that property.

(4) Property Owners shall be responsible for all charges incurred by their Renters which remain unpaid after the customary billing and collection procedure established by the District. Property Owners are responsible for the behavior of their respective Renter.

(5) If such individuals reside with the Property Owner, the Property Owner shall be required to add, to the Amenity Center Registration Form, the names of all individuals who reside in the Property Owner’s home, whether as a result of a rental agreement, lease, or any other agreement, and the Property Owner shall be held financially responsible for any and all damage to District property caused by any of the individuals who reside in the Property Owner’s home. Such individuals will not be issued additional Facility Access Cards.

(6) Renters shall be subject to such other rules and regulations as the Board may adopt from time to time.

Unauthorized Use of CDD Property

No personal property is permitted to be on CDD property. This includes satellite dishes, hammocks, home drain features, plants or trees, and other items. Additionally, any vendors that provide service to your personal property are not permitted to access CDD property, without a properly executed Temporary Access Agreement. Temporary Access Agreements are available to apply for by contacting the District Manager. They can only be issued after you have received ARB approval for your project and paid the $300 fee to draft the document. Staff will then review the application and if approved, there will be temporary access granted.

On-Street Parking

On 06/22/20 the CDD Board approved updated District Parking & Towing Rules. The only change in the rules were to explicitly prohibit any parking on the streets between the hours of 11pm and 6am. This has no impact on residents since they are prohibited for parking on the street at anytime. This should only impact guests past 11pm nightly. Guests should obtain other valid parking alternatives.

On 10/29/18 the CDD Board approved new District Parking & Towing Rules. The new rules prohibit residents from parking on the streets. However, residents’ guest’s and visitor’s vehicles can park on the street for a maximum of 6 continuous hours. This is a major rule change. Hence, this email serves as advance notification to allow ample time to prepare for compliance. The rules allow for one warning; further violations by the same vehicle may result in towing at the owner’s expense. In addition, policy violations could result in the issuing of warning stickers, revoking of amenity privileges, and/or the towing of vehicles at the owner’s expense.

The enforcement of these rules will start on 2/24/19. Please note the Board may refine this enforcement policy at subsequent District Board meetings.

Image of Parking Violation Sticker
Image of Towing Sign at Gate Entrance
Close Up of Towing Sign at Gate Entrance

Parking FAQs Regarding District Parking and Towing Rules

Below contains a summary of frequently asked questions by residents in regards to the District Parking and Towing Rules. The FAQs below do NOT constitute a replacement of the actually policy, they are used as a means to provide further clarification in regards to the rules. Please review the District Parking and Towing Rules in addition to the FAQs listed below. These questions do NOT address Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) for any Homeowners Association within the District. 

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