About Montecito Neighborhood & Facilities


Montecito is a 102-acre subdivision established in 2005 within the city limits of Satellite Beach between South Patrick Drive and Highway A1A, just north of Shearwater Parkway.

Montecito is comprised of single-family homes and townhomes. There will be 127 single family homes and 294 townhomes when complete for a total of 421 properties.

Montecito is governed by the following bodies, in addition to City, County, State and Federal regulations:

The CDD maintains all common areas of the community. The HOAs are responsible for maintaining and enforcing all of the covenants, conditions, and restrictions related to the use of each homeowner’s property, including their front yard and back yards.

Montecito Information Guide

A booklet has been developed for residents to provide a quick offline resource for important information for those residing in Montecito. 

Each residence should have one (1) copy of the the booklet. If you don’t have a copy for your residence, you can stop by the Amenity Center Office and sign for a copy.

You can also access the booklet at anytime by clicking on the image to the right or with the button below.

View Montecito Information Guide
Montecito – January 2020

Access Cards & Gate Transmitters

Two (2) Facility Access Cards or Key Fobs will be issued to each residential unit within the District. There is a $25.00 charge to replace lost cards or key fobs. The maximum number of Facility Access Cards/Key Fobs any one unit or non-resident membership can hold at any time is two. If a card/fob is defective and no longer works, then please bring in the card/fob for replacement for a $10.00 fee.

If you received your access cards/fobs from the previous owner, please complete the New Resident Registration process so that we can get these transferred over to your name for security purposes.

If you did not receive access cards/fobs from the previous owner, please complete the New Resident Registration process so that we can get new access cards issued to you. Lost card/fob fees apply.

Also see Renters Privileges of Montecito Amenities.

Gate Transmitters are issued to new unit owners for a fee of $30.00 each. If a gate transmitter is defective and no longer works, then please bring in the gate transmitter for replacement for a $10.00 fee.

Montecito Beach Club Amenity Center

Clubhouse, Pool, & Fitness Center


  • Clubhouse Hours: 8am to 10pm
  • Fitness Center Hours: 5am to Midnight
  • Pool Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Free Public WiFi

As an amenity to Montecito Residents and their Guests, we provide free public WiFi throughout the Montecito Amenity Center, including Clubhouse, Fitness Center & Pool area. The password may change on an period basis but will always be posted around the Amenity Center. The WiFI Network name to connect to is: CDD_PUBLIC_WIFI.


Amenity Center – Clubhouse / Pool Rules
Amenity Center – Clubhouse Room Rental

Also review Renter’s Amenity Center Privileges.

Garbage, Recycling and Yard Waste Pick Up

Montecito has two traffic entrance gates, one off of South Patrick Drive and the primary gate off of Shearwater Parkway.

To ensure a good flow of traffic, at certain times of the day the gates are left open.

  • Shearwater gate stays open from 6am – 930 am and from 3pm – 6pm
  • S. Patrick gate stays open from 6am – 9am and from 3pm to 6pm

To open the Shearwater gate, you must pull up to the white, painted line before pressing the FOB button. Because the Shearwater entrance has the most traffic, the sensitivity is set to ensure the safety of all residents.

Additional gate transmitters are available for sale at the Amenity Center Office for $30.00 each.

Garbage is collected on Tuesday and Friday. Recycling and Yard Waste is collected on Monday. If Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and/or Christmas fall on a regularly schedule Waste Management day, residents will be serviced on the next scheduled collection day.

Monday Tuesday Friday
Recycling (Yellow Bin)
Yard Waste (Green Bin)
Garbage (Green Bin) Garbage (Green Bin)

Please have bins out prior to 7:00 a.m. ​Place cart opposite side of driveway from the mailbox with opening facing the street. Do not mix garbage and garden waste, please bag and tie all waste. All garbage must be placed in the cart for collection.

Put these in your recycling cart

Plastic bottles and containers. Recycle plastic objects shaped like a bottle, jug or tub (such as water bottles, food containers, dish soap, laundry detergent and shampoo). Lightly rinse. Leave caps and pumps on.

Cardboard. Milk and juice cartons, paper towel and toilet tissue rolls, food boxes and flattened cardboard boxes.

Aluminum, steel and tin cans. Includes clean aluminum foil and food pans.

Glass bottles and jars.

Paper. Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, paperback books, office paper, junk mail, envelopes, telephone books and paper bags.

Do not recycle these items

Plastic bags, straws, thin plastic “clamshells” such as strawberry containers, scrap metal, greasy pizza boxes, oven cookware, drinking glasses, ceramics, rope, clothing, hangers, Christmas lights, paper towels, prescription bottles.

Also, do not bag recyclables: Plant workers are instructed to grab and discard bags as they scoot by on the conveyor belt.

More information can be found at: Brevard County Solid Waste Management Website.

Yard Debris

Refrain from putting yard waste on any part of the community’s grass. If yard waste cannot fit into your green-lid recycle container, please place it on the curb in front of the grass or on your driveway next to your recycling bin. Yard waste is picked up on Monday’s only.

  • Tree limbs and palm fronds must be cut in a four-foot (4) length.
  • Tree limbs shall not be more than 12″ in diameter.
  • Trimmings, leaves, pine needles, shrubs must be in a container.
  • Piles exceeding six (6) cubic yards (equals two (2) standard pickup truck loads) requires bulk garden waste – claw truck service.

More information can be found at: Brevard County Solid Waste Management Website.

Irrigation & Landscaping

The current contracted landscaping company is with Paradise Landscape. In addition, as of January 2019, Irrigation Insights is additional vendor contracted to monitor the irrigation system and report issues to the landscaper for correction.

There are multiple landscaping contracts within Montecito.

  • The first contract is with the CDD for district-owned properties. Paradise Landscaping mows lawns, cuts bushes, trims limbs up to 12ft, treats with pesticides, and appropriately uses fertilizer for all common areas, including the strip of land between the street and the homeowners’ driveways. They are also charged with repairs and maintenance on the master irrigation system.
  • The second contract is with the Townhome HOA. Paradise mows lawns, cuts bushes, trims limbs up to 12ft, treats with pesticides, and appropriately uses fertilizer for the front and backyard. They are also charged with maintaining the sprinklers in the front and backyards.
  • The third contract is with the Single Family HOA. Paradise mows the lawns, treats with pesticides, and appropriately uses fertilizer.

The master irrigation system
The system is comprised of three (3) pump stations and is separated into five (5) irrigation controllers. The irrigation system is supplied water from the onsite lakes.

Montecito uses an industry standard two-wire decoder system.

HOA Violation Letters

Communities that enforce rules are more likely to maintain their value and are more desirable to potential buyers. Violation letters are written based on the Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions that govern each of the HOAs. Only the Townhome HOA and the Single-Family HOA have violation policies.

A representative from Leland Management performs two site visits per month to perform inspections of the physical appearance and condition of the homeowner’s property.

Leland Management also follows-up on complaints of violations and maintenance issues received from residents, association members or the CDD Board.

Both Associations send three letters to the homeowner; the first is a reminder. Please contact Leland Management with any questions regarding a violation letter received or to report an HOA violation.

On Street Parking

On 06/22/20 the CDD Board approved updated District Parking & Towing Rules. The only change in the rules were to explicitly prohibit any parking on the streets between the hours of 11pm and 6am. This has no impact on residents since they are prohibited for parking on the street at anytime. This should only impact guests past 11pm nightly. Guests should obtain other valid parking alternatives.

On 10/29/18 the CDD Board approved new District Parking & Towing Rules. The new rules prohibit residents from parking on the streets. However, residents’ guest’s and visitor’s vehicles can park on the street for a maximum of 6 continuous hours. This is a major rule change. Hence, this email serves as advance notification to allow ample time to prepare for compliance. The rules allow for one warning; further violations by the same vehicle may result in towing at the owner’s expense. In addition, policy violations could result in the issuing of warning stickers, revoking of amenity privileges, and/or the towing of vehicles at the owner’s expense.

The enforcement of these rules will start on 2/24/19. Please note the Board may refine this enforcement policy at subsequent District Board meetings.


Please review the complete parking and towing rules.

Parking & Towing Rules PDF | RTF


There are six named lakes within the District. No swimming, wading or boating is allowed in the lakes at any time.