Board of Supervisors

Richard Wellman, Chairman
Areas of Oversight: Amenity Center, Pool Maintenance/Management, Communications, Documents, Contracts, Personnel, City of Satellite Beach contact
Seat 5 | Term Expires: 11/2018

Ed Henson, Vice Chairman
Areas of Oversight: CDD Landscaping, CDD Irrigation, Irrigation Pumps, HOA Liaison
Seat 1 | Term Expires: 11/2020

Tanja GlynnAssistant Secretary
Areas of Oversight: Rules, Regulations, Enforcement, Budget/Financial
Seat 4 | Term Expires: 11/2018

Larry Bradshaw, Assistant Secretary
Areas of Oversight: Pond Fountains, Pond Maintenance, Wall Maintenance, Painting, Gates, Pool Furniture 
Seat 3 | Term Expires: 11/2020

Catherine LeCesne, Assistant Secretary
Areas of Oversight: Street and Low Voltage Lighting, Signs, Streets, Sidewalks, Parking Lots, Storm Drain Systems
Seat 2 | Term Expires: 11/2020

District Primary Staff

Jason M. Showe, District Manager
(407) 841-5524

Ariel Lovera, Treasurer

Michael Pawelczyk, District Counsel

Rey Malave, District Engineer

Randy McGrath, Onsite Amenity Center Manager
(321) 777-9460

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