Montecito Clubhouse

The Montecito Clubhouse features a grand community room, kitchen, restroom facilities and is home to the District Facilities Supervisor's Office. The clubhouse is available for rental for for various meetings, classes, events, etc. Please see the Clubhouse Rental page for more details. Our clubhouse will comfortably accommodate up to 75 guests and has a complete kitchen.


Available for use 8AM to 10PM daily.

Eligible Users

Patrons and Guests sixteen (16) years of age and older are permitted to use the Clubhouse during designated operating hours. Anyone under sixteen (16) years of age must be accompanied by a Patron in the Clubhouse.

Highlighted Rules

  • All Patrons and Guests using the Amenity Facilities are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible, courteous and safe manner, in compliance with all policies and rules of the District governing the Amenity Facilities. All Patrons and Guests are expected to and shall clean up after themselves when using the Amenity Facilities. Violation of the District’s Policies and/or misuse or destruction of Amenity Facility equipment may result in the suspension or termination of District Amenity Facility privileges with respect to the offending Patron or Guest.
  • Smoking, the use of tobacco products, vaping, and the use of illegal drugs are not permitted at any of the Montecito Amenity Facilities or lands.
  • Patrons and their Guests shall treat all staff members with courtesy and respect.
  • Events/Performances/Classes at any Amenity Facility, including those by outside entertainers, must be approved in advance by the District Manager or the District Board of Supervisors.
  • Unless permitted otherwise per these policies; alcoholic beverages are not permitted at any District owned facility or property at any time.
  • Commercial advertisements shall not be posted or circulated in the Amenity Facilities. Except as may otherwise be permitted by law, petitions, posters or promotional material shall not be originated, solicited, circulated, or posted on Amenity Facilities property unless approved in writing by the District Manager.
  • The Amenity Facilities shall not be used for commercial purposes unless such facilities have been rented pursuant to these Rules and the adopted rental policies of the Amenity Center and provided that such rental is undertaken and effectuated in accordance with all other terms and provisions of these Rules and the Amenity Center Policies. The term “commercial purposes” shall mean those activities which involve, in any way, the provision of goods or services for compensation.
  • To the extent not pre-empted by the laws of the State of Florida, firearms or any other weapons are not permitted in any of the Amenity Facilities.
  • The District Manager reserves the right to authorize all programs and activities, including the number of participants, equipment and supplies usage, facility reservations, etc., at all Amenity Facilities, except usage and rental fees that have been established by the Board.
  • Loud, profane, obscene, or abusive language is absolutely prohibited
  • Music/video playing devices are not permitted, unless they are personal units equipped and utilized with headphones (except in connection with an approved Amenity Center rental)
  • No wet bathing suits, towels, or clothing are allowed in the Amenity Center rental room or when using the furniture.
Adopted Rules, Policies, and Fees for the Montecito Amenity CenterPlease Review Full Set of Rules


  1. Patrons who have a Guest are responsible for any and all actions taken by such Guest. Violation by a Guest of any Policies as set forth by the District could result in loss of that Patron’s privileges.
  2. Each Patron may bring no more than five (5) persons, on a per residential unit basis, as guests to the Amenities at one time unless the Patron has reserved a room at the Amenity Center and has paid the required usage fee. In the event the Patron has rented a room at the Amenity Center, the number of Guests shall be limited by the room or pavilion policies.
  3. Patrons must be present when their Guests are using any of the Amenity Facilities.

Please note that the Amenity Facilities are unattended facilities. Persons using the Amenity Facilities do so at their own risk. Additional staff members are not present to provide personal training, exercise consultation or athletic instruction, unless otherwise noted, to Patrons or Guests. Persons interested in using the Amenity Facilities are encouraged to consult with a physician prior to commencing a fitness program.

Emergencies: After contacting 911 if required, all emergencies and injuries at or in the vicinity of an Amenity Facility shall be reported to the office of the District Manager.

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