Capital Improvement Projects

The CDD Board authorizes monies from time-to-time to be spent for improvements to the District out of the Capital Improvement Project Reserves. To see possible future projects, visit the 2018 Capital Improvement Project survey.

2018-2019 Fiscal Year CIP Funded Projects

  • Irrigation System Upgrades & Repairs (Scheduled 4th/1st Quarter)

    Replace Pump Station #1, Repair Suction Line on Pump Station #2, Add Filtration to Pump Station #3, Purchase Maintenance Plan on Pump Station #3, Upgrade Irrigation Controllers for Online Monitoring, Replace Valve Boxes and Repair Sprinkler Heads on CDD Property. 01/19/2019 update all work complete except for replacements for valve boxes and sprinkler heads. This work should be completed shortly. Estimated Costs $146,900

  • Pump Station #1 Undermining (Completed 2nd Quarter)

    Undermining of Pump Station 1 to improve and protect functionality, as the ground beneath has become naturally destabilized and requires repair. Estimated Cost: $10,000. Final Cost: $9,625.

  • Replace Broken Bench (Scheduled 2nd Quarter)

    A bench under one of the pergola’s on Shearwater required replacement. Old bench was removed and disposed of. New bench was purchased and will be installed. Estimated Cost: $1,000; Final Cost $1,058

2017-2018 Fiscal Year CIP Funded Projects

  • Entrance Landscaping (Completed 2nd Quarter)

    All existing landscaping was removed and replaced with new more draught tolerant and visually appealing landscaping that should provide the community many years of enjoyment. Estimated Cost: $45,000; Final Cost $44,940 – $10,000 was provided by developer.

  • Repair Entrance Fountains (Scheduled 2nd/1st Quarter 2019)

    Repairs will be completed to get entrance fountains at both entrances up and running again. Update: Shearwater Fountains are working now. South Patrick entrance fountains are being are still in progress. Dedicated waterline needs to be installed. Estimated Costs: $2,700

  • Replace Broken Bench (Completed 3rd Quarter)

    A bench under one of the pergola’s on Shearwater required replacement. Old bench was removed and disposed of. New bench was purchased and installed. Estimated Cost: $1,000; Final Cost $1,058

  • Replace Security Camera System (Completed 3rd Quarter)

    Security cameras in and around the Amenity Center as well as each entrance gate will be replaced with new hi-definition cameras. Estimated Costs: $14,000; Final Cost $8,795

  • Street Light / Pole Painting (Completed 4th Quarter)

    To bring consistency to the neighborhood signage poles and street lights, older brown painted poles will have rust removed and painted black to match the new poles. Estimated Costs: $3,650

  • Install Storage Shed (Scheduled 1st Quarter 2019)

    Maintenance Supplies need to be moved out of the Amenity Center for risk purposes. A new storage shed will be put in place at the east side of the Amenity Center next to to the pool pumps. The clubhouse golf cart will also be stored in this shed. Along with paints, solvents and other cleaning supplies that should be stored outside of the Amenity Center. The shed will be hurricane resistant. Concrete pad for shed was poured on January 15, 2019: Estimated Costs: $7,000

  • Exterior Perimeter Wall Painting (Scheduled Jan 2019)

    The exterior perimeter walls along South Patrick and Shearwater will have landscaping trimmed back away from the wall. The wall will be pressure washed and have cracks repaired. Two coats of exterior paint will be applied to the exterior side of the wall along with the top of the wall. Estimated Cost: $32,400

2017-2018 Fiscal Year Non-CIP Funded Projects

On occasion there will be some other property improvement projects that will be funded from specific-line item budgets, such as palm tree trimming.

  • Palm Tree Trimming (Completed 2nd Quarter)

    A one-time trimming to be done by Tree Tech Program for palm trees on CDD property. Final Cost $14,960

  • Upgrade Amenity Center WiFi (Completed 3rd Quarter)

    In order to provide more consistent WiFi service in the Amenity Center, the District will remove the Spectrum public WiFi access service, leased access points and their monthly associated costs, saving the District approximately $90 a month. The District will purchase and maintain it’s own public WiFi network within the Amenity Center. Information about the new Public WiFi network is posted in the Clubhouse, Fitness Center and pool area.