Montecito Community Development District


The Montecito CDD currently has a vacancy on the Board of Supervisors. All interested residents should submit a resume or letter of interest to the District Manager by June 15, 2018. You can call at 407-841-5524 or for any questions.

2018 General Election Information

CDD Capital Project Survey Results  
Field Manager Report - May 2, 2018 (CLICK HERE), March 2, 2018 (CLICK HERE), February 2018 (CLICK HERE), December 2017 (CLICK HERE), October 2017 (CLICK HERE)  
Facility Attendant Reports - 07/12/18 (CLICK HERE), 06/22/18 (CLICK HERE) 06/15/18 (CLICK HERE), 06/08/18 (CLICK HERE, 06/01/18 (CLICK HERE), 05/25/18 (CLICK HERE), 05/04/18 (CLICK HERE), 04/27/18 (CLICK HERE), 04/20/18 (CLICK HERE), 04/13/08 (CLICK HERE), 04/01/18 (CLICK HERE), 03/24/18 (CLICK HERE), 01/19/18 (CLICK HERE), 01/12/18 (CLICK HERE), 01/05/18 (CLICK HERE), 12/31/17 (CLICK HERE), 12/15/17 (CLICK HERE), 12/1/17 (CLICK HERE), 11/26/17 (CLICK HERE), 11/17/17 (CLICK HERE), 11/3/17 (CLICK HERE), 10/13/17 (CLICK HERE), 10/6/17 (CLICK HERE), 9/29/17 (CLICK HERE), 9/15/17 (CLICK HERE), 9/1/17 (CLICK HERE), 8/25/17 (CLICK HERE), 8/18/17 (CLICK HERE), 8/11/17 (CLICK HERE), 8/4/17(CLICK HERE), 7/28/17 (CLICK HERE), 7/21/17 (CLICK HERE), 7/14/17 (CLICK HERE), 7/7/17 (CLICK HERE)  
Resolution on Requesting Temporary Construction Easement  
Playground Survey Results 2017 (CLICK HERE)  
Proposed Rule Changes (CLICK HERE)  
Pond Update 2017 (CLICK HERE)  
Settlement Summary  
Updated Irrigation Schedule - Revised 5/21/17  
Reserve Study - 2016  
Rules of Procedure 2014  
Parking and Towing Rules 2012  
Amended Amenity Rules, 2015  


CDD Meeting

5 PM
Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Montecito Beach Club

10:30 AM
Tuesday, September 24, 2018
Montecito Beach Club

Montecito Community Development District
Jason Showe, District Manager
Governmental Management Services
Central Florida, LLC
135 W. Central Blvd.
Suite 320
Orlando, FL 32801
Tel: (407) 841-5524 or (877) 855-5251
Fax: (407) 839-1526


Onsite Manager
Randy McGrath, Facility Coordinator
Phone - 321-777-9460
208 Montecito Dr
Satellite Beach, FL 32937

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